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Stoneham Dental Care provides the community of Stoneham, Massachusetts, with the high-quality dental service. Part of a dentistry tradition that spans more than three decades, the practice maintains an ongoing commitment to the oral health of patients of all ages. Under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Fitzgerald DMD and Dr. Mary Petrelli, Stoneham Dental Care delivers healthy, sparkling smiles, while also minimizing the potential stress and pain provoked by treatments. The dentistry professionals at Stoneham Dental Care have found that anxious patients frequently forgo regular check-ups, putting their teeth and gums in jeopardy. To counteract this problem, Dr. Daniel Fitzgerald utilizes sedation dentistry to promote a relaxing, stress-free experience. Whether a patient is undergoing a routine treatment like having a cavity filled or a cosmetic procedure like whitening, sedation proves ideal in many situations. Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Petrelli, and their friendly associates understand the social and professional benefits of a beautiful smile. The office offers an array of cosmetic and restorative services that utilize the most advanced techniques and materials. Patients make choose to brighten their smile with whitening treatments, restore chipped teeth with bonding or ultra-thin veneers, or replace metal fillings with natural-looking composite resin alternatives. Stoneham Dental Care also emphasizes the critical role that preventive measures play in oral wellness. The dentists encourage clients to schedule regular cleanings and examinations every six months. Besides conducting check-ups, the practice features an assortment of services intended to defend patients’ teeth and gums, such as scaling, root planning, and sealants. For more information about the practice, please visit

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