-Developing Test Systems                                    -C/C++, Java, C#.NET

-Surge Protection Technologies                           -Expertise in Labview

-Analog and Digital Circuit Design                       -PCB design using PADS

-Telecommunications Standards                        -MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project

-Planning and Organizational Skills                    -Ansoft HFSS

-Problem Solving                                                     -NI Multisim   

-Meeting Deadlines                                                 -Filter Design using Nuhertz Filter Solutions  

-Research/Report Writing                                      -Network Analysis             

-Embedded System Design                                  -Assembly Language


Self-motivated and dedicated Electrical Engineer seeks to add value to company’s bottom line by using a wide range of skills and knowledge in both electronics and computer fields


Work experience

Work experience

Summer Engineering Intern


Tested complex embedded microprocessor circuit boards. Diagnosed solid-state boards to component level, soldering and replacing parts as needed.

Key Accomplishments

  • Worked in a team to program (in C using CVI/LabWindows), document, and present a virtual instrument program that interfaced with radar systems. Military personnel used it to monitor and present data and any errors storing for diagnoses.
Sep 2002 - Aug 2012

Electrical Engineer

TII Network Technologies, Inc.

Performed all phases of new product development, existing product modification, and troubleshooting, successfully and on time, from initial electronics design and simulation, to prototyping and initial testing, to PCB layout design and fabrication, to final testing in a custom made test system. Quickly emerged as company’s resident RF testing expert from rookie status through experience and self-directed study utilizing network analyzer and specialized telecom equipment and custom designed circuits and setups. Consistently produced well-written test procedures and technical reports in a timely manner, which contributed to engineering, sales and management personnel formulating more accurate long- and short-range plans. Also, helped develop new and innovative line of embedded microcontroller telecommunications switches, which assists telecom providers in provisioning new network installations remotely and save on truck rolls. These products have made millions for the company since. 

Key Accomplishments 

Apr 2002 - Jun 2002

Test Engineer

Firecom Inc.

Installed, learned about, and programmed a mock-up version of a large microcontroller driven distributed fire alarm system utilizing an Echelon network to accurately simulate its operation in high rise buildings.

Key Accomplishments

  • Was instrumental in developing a test program, using National Instrument's Labview, to test various boards in-system quickly and in large quantities (QC).
  • Wrote test procedures to test the firmware in some of their circuit boards (QA).


Sep 2003 - Sep 2007

Bachelor of Science

American Sentinel University

Graduate studies toward Masters degree in Computer Science. Professional development includes extensive training in software engineering while employed at TII Network Technologies, Inc. Course work in computer networking has rounded out my background.  Completed coursework in Software Engineering, which has significantly contributed to my expertise in Labview software development.

Coursework included:

Basic and Intermediate Programming Techniques using C++, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Hardware, Software Engineering, Visual Basic Programming, Java Development, C# Programming, Programming Language and Compiler Design, Computation Theory, Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems Design, Artificial Intelligence, Database System Design, Computer Networks, Web Page Development, also took two courses in Game Design from another school that was work with my school called Digipen Institute of Technology out of Seattle, WA.

Pursuing a degree in:

Masters of Science in Computer Science

Sep 1997 - Dec 2001

Bachelor of Engineering

State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Senior Design Project- E-commerce Web Design and Performance Measurement

Excelled a wide array of courses, which demonstrates my love and ability to learn new things and versatility of knowledge and skills.

Coursework included: 

Base Courses in Math:   Advanced Algebra, Trig, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics

Base Courses in Physics and Chemistry:   Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetics, Modern and Solid State Physics

Engineering Courses:  Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Digital Systems and Design, Signals and Systems, Power Systems EM Waves and Transmission Lines, Optoelectronics, Communications Theory, Control System Design, Analog Electronics Design, Embedded Microprocessor Systems, VHDL,  PLD,  FPGAs,  Micro-Fabrication Techniques and Computer Architecture Design, Digital Signal Processing

Lab-work included: 

Classic Circuits in Circuit Theory, Electronics, Digital Systems, Embedded Microprocessor Systems, Digital Signal Processing Systems, Programmable Digital Devices and Systems Use of Essential Instruments and Experience in Write Reports

Software Training and Experience:

Pspice, Multisim, Matlab, Assemblers and Debuggers, DSK tools, C/C++, Assembly, and VHDL

PCB Layout Design

xDSL Mockup Test System

Test System Design/Reports

Configuration App Modification

Key Products Developed



Jan 2012

PADS Suite Training

Mentor Graphics
Jun 2010

Labview Associate Developer Certification

National Instruments
Feb 2005

A+ Certification