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Work experience

Jun 2009Sep 2011

Licensed Massage Therapist

Premier Salons and Spas
  • Treated clients with mobility injuries and neurological disorders, such as muscular sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

  • Worked with healthcare professionals such as doctors and physical therapist.

  • Extensive experience working with mens' and womens' collegiate track teams.

  • Forged strong professional relationships with hundreds of clients, working with them consistently until they reached full recovery.

May 2006Jan 2007


Walt Disney Corporation
  • Further developed and honed my time management skills and masterd advanced sanitation practices.

  • Displayed dependable leadership skills, by leading a custodial unit at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Aug 2005May 2006

Resident Advisor

The University of Alabama
  • Mastered conflict resolution skills between diverse groups of incoming freshmen.

  • Organized several programs for incoming freshmen, displaying my flawless logistical skills.


Aug 2008Apr 2009

Massage Therapy

Birmingham School of Massage
Aug 2003May 2008

Bachelor of Arts

The University of Alabama


Dana Levenberry

Renee Tucker


Mar 2009Present

Swedish Massage

Birmingham School of Massage
Mar 2009Present

Neuromuscular Therapy Massage

Birmingham School of Massage
Jul 2009Present

Active Isolated Stretching

Aaron Mattes
Mar 2009Mar 2013


National Certification Board for Theurapeutic Massage and Bodywork



I am a very physically active person, who enjoys spending time at the YMCA.  I will play any sport, but primarily play tennis, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and pick up games of basketball.  I enjoy playing musical intruments, mainly the bass guitar and drums.  I am very concerned with overall wellness.  To me this means not only nutritionally providing energy, but also indulging in daily physical activity.  Combining these two aspects allows both the athlete and non-athlete alike an overall better well being. 


ADA (American Dietetics Association)


AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)


I am a meticulous disciplined Individual, with an relentless work ethic. I am a licensed massage therapist who is active in the health care industry, but would like to take my experience beyond massage therapy and into the realm of dietetics.  Currently a student at The University of Alabama, pursuing a degree in food and nutrition as to become a registered dietitian. 

            My goal is to become a leader in the field of sports nutrition and preventative healthcare. Developing nutritional and physical regimes for athletes is a passion. By providing an athlete with the correct nutritional intake, supplemented by superior stretching and strengthening programs, will allow an athlete to perform at their maximum potential. Taking these steps will not only provide an athlete with healthy daily energy, but will also reduce the risk of injury dramatically by developing physical strength and flexibility. I have significant experience working with collegiate track and field teams as a licensed massage therapist. I can personally attest to the benefits of developing proper flexibility among athletes through my work, and  wish to take the next step in becoming a registered dietitian so as to integrate both worlds.