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Sep 2005May 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Southern Connecticut State University

I attended Southern Connecticut State University from September 2005 till May 2010 where I graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.81 overall gpa) with a Bachelors of Arts (English) and a Bachelor of Science (Elementary Education).

Work experience

Sep 2003Present

Certified Pharmacy Technician

S&S Pharmacy
Mar 2010May 2010

Student Teacher

Beecher Magnet School

Beecher Magnet School was the second location in my student teaching semester and since I had already had the opportunity to build up and practice classroom management, I took on greater responsibilities and controls from its onset.  Beecher was an urban environment with a very diverse student population and a high incorporation of students with special needs into the general classroom.  I had the opportunity to work under a wonderful teacher named Alyssa Lockwood and had first-hand experience dealing with special needs students, extremely violent students, unmotivated students, drug/liquor using parents, and had to on a daily basis act as a mediator between energetic students.  This environment provided me an unique experience to demonstrate my knowledge of classroom management that was not as necessary in the Cheshire classroom.

Jan 2010Mar 2010

Student Teacher

Highland Elementary School

During the Spring semester of 2010, I took part in the final portion of my education: student teaching.  Highland Elementary was the first of two locations I attended for my student teaching experience and this location provided me the opportunity to work in a suburban environment with a variety of technology available.  Highland was a K-6 elementary school and I was placed in Eric Brinkman's 6th grade classroom.  In this setting, I slowly took over the classroom until I was entirely running every aspect of classroom from planning to implementation.


Communication Skills/Customer Service
Developed and enhanced conversational and written abilities via higher education and customer service necessary in my job.  I have learned and developed superior customer service during a decade of customer-driven work and in the classroom managing young students, peers and parents.     English (General) - Bachelor of Arts degree Certified Pharmacy Technician - Requires constant and immediate deflation of escalating circumstances. Above and beyond customer care.  
Computer Programming/Construction
I have a comprehensive background in all ranges of computer products in both the physical and software categories.  In high school I gained experience in Cisco network administration then had to garner high proficiency in all Microsoft Office products to aid in data analysis at my pharmacy and to provide unique and exciting presentation styles to my college career.   Technology Experience:   Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, and Max/OS X Microsoft Word, Excel, Office, PowerPoint, Publisher Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Web Page Design  Computer construction, repair, and maintenance    


I am seeking an entry-level managerial position as I complete my Masters in Business Administration.



  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Soccer
  • Computer editing and programming
  • Chess

Lesson Examples


Aug 2010Aug 2013

Elementary Education K-6 (013)

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