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Stinky Couture diapers pamper babies’ bottoms with the best fit, style, efficiency, and environmental sustainability that cloth diapers can offer. Stinky Couture offers a continually expanding line of environmentally friendly fabric materials. Stinky Couture having a strong commitment to the environment insists that its organic fabrics are tested and/or certified to meet standards and expectations of eco-conscious parents.  Stinky Couture cloth couture diapers play an instrumental role in eliminating the 3.4 million tons of trash produced each year from disposable diapers. Stinky Couture holds a steadfast position in its commitment to the earth. In addition to shopping, customers can also find Stinky Couture products on Hyena Cart ( and Etsy, venue websites that offer select shops with eco-friendly, handmade qualities and boutique charm. Additionally, customers can visit with Mia on facebook:  Stinky Couture furthers its connection with customers by creating limited quantity products that are as unique as the babies who wear them. One of the many options that Stinky Couture offers is the Stinky Couture QUICK Fixx, similar to the Stinky Fixx, though instead of twelve custom cloth diapers the SC QUICK Fixx offers three custom cloth diapers; therein lies the name Stinky Couture QUICK Fixx. With a long customs list that is now near impossible for customers to get on, customers clamor to acquire the Stinky Couture QUICK Fixx and the Stinky Couture Stinky Fixx as it is their only way for the time being to get Mia's undivided attention. Mia M.'s exquisite eye for color and fashion is what makes every Stinky Couture cloth diaper an uncompromising statement. With the inner lining fabric of a cloth diaper being what's most important for a baby's skin, Stinky Couture chooses not to compromise and only uses organic and sustainable fabrics for that facet. Fabrics include organic cotton, organic cotton and viscose of bamboo blends, as well organic cotton and hemp blends. When it comes to custom cloth diaper orders, parents may choose the outer style from Stinky Couture’s rare, boutique, and classic fabric prints for a unique set of cloth diapers. All the while, extreme attention is given to address a parent’s individual needs for their baby. Parents are well aware that Stinky Couture's cloth diapers are known for their superior absorbency, backsides that hug your sweet baby's curves, and a generous range of adjustability in the waist with adjustable hidden side snaps and perfectly contoured low-rise waistlines. Stinky Couture cloth diapers are hand sewn using premium organic, sustainable, and natural fiber fabrics with the incorporation of boutique, out-of-print, hard-to-find, and rare prints. In addition, technologically advanced performance fabrics are incorporated in many Stinky Couture designs. Stinky Couture does not limit itself to being an all-organic company, as it refuses to sacrifice performance or quality in order to "greenwash" its brand. Some Stinky Couture fabric favorites are organic cotton, organic cotton and viscose of bamboo blends, as well organic cotton and hemp blends for addressing what is best for your baby, including maximum comfort and protection with minimal environmental impact.

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Nestled in an idyllic village outside of Boulder in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, all of our products are created with care and concern for environmental impact. We use only premium, boutique quality fabrics while incorporating organic and natural fibers. After years of hands-on experience in cloth diapering we are mindful of the significant investment that is made in pampering our babies’ bottoms.  We create all wares with only the best materials and stitchings for maximum durability. Each and every item is hand made with the same exuberance that we have for life.