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• Skilled at motivating individuals and teams in reaching challenging organizational objectives and business demands. • Experienced in streamlining operations and processes to increase productivity, quality and efficiency. • Lauded by Senior Leadership as a gifted leader with extraordinary interpersonal skills. • Proven ability in managing and prioritizing to consistently meet tight deadlines and achieve performance objectives on schedule and within budget.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Master Sergeant /CENTCOM J4-Plans/Logistics Automation

•    Provide overall analysis of multiple government projects; made recommendations to General Officers, and Coalition Officers improving technology as well as decreasing costs as needed.•    Streamline logistics implementation for current and future planning affecting the strategic, operational, and tactical level reporting programs.•    Beta-test future programs (Logistics Common Operational Picture) for Department of Defense to be utilized in current and future operations.  •    Provide customer support with direction and training for newly implemented programs and policy.•    Establish operating agreements between major commands and subordinate commands.

Jul 2005Present

Wireless Consultant

Cingular Wireless/AT&T

(Corporate Store converted into Authorized Retail Agent; position eliminated)Provided Customer Service, reviewing and explain bills to customers.  Analyzed customers bills, recommending products and services to meet customers along with AT&T business objectives.  Prepared bank deposits nightly for deposit.  Increased revenue for Cingular by selling new service plans, phones, aand accessories to new Cingular subscribers.  Exceeded monthly goals and objectives set forth by AT&T.

Jan 2006Feb 2009

Technical Sergeant/E6 CENTCOM Headquarters Commandant Supply Branch Chief

Directed and supervised Logistics teams in developing and implementation of warehouse operation center.Responsible for the direct control of millions of dollars in supplies and equipment utilized in stateside training and real world operations throughout Central Command’s Area of Responsibility.  Coordinated numerous air movements of equipment and supplies supporting 27 countries, Joint Inter-Agencies, and Non Government Agencies (NGA) for OIF/OEF.Eliminated obsolete standard operating procedures; replaced with changes to streamline ordering, issuing and inventory procedures.  Trained personnel to research parts for Joint Service Agencies with logistics programs.Facilitated help-desk, resulting in work orders completed for 8 buildings.

Mar 2000Dec 2005

Logistics/Supply Non Commissioned Officer

United States Air Force Homestead AFB

Revamped Supply Section; Organized all equipment and supplies associated Air Force Service Agency..  Primary Equipment Custodian of pilferable computer equipment.  Planned and established Wireless Access Points and Network Info Structure utilizing Wi-Fi 802.11B frequency for members during multiple Air Force Exercises.  Additional duty involved training members on Air Force Policy with computer usage (Information Assurance), Microsoft Office products and First Aid.  Expedited for Homeland Security urgent high priority shipment of MRES (meals ready to eat) for hurricane victims of Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne utilized in Palm Beach, Broward, Dade and Monroe Counties of Florida.  Tracked and ensured proper maintenance performed on multiple accounts of equipment for servicing sensitive aircraft tools.

Jul 2000Jul 2004

Customer Service Supervisor

Adelphia Communications

•    Supervised team of Customer Service Sales Representatives to ensure resolution of customer issues and/or escalate to the appropriate functional area.•    Acted in Liaison capacity between subordinates and Human Resources; resolved insurance questions, FMLA, recruitment, interviewed potential employees, employee relations, and performance management.•    Performed Quality Assurance Management; completed reviews and coached employees monthly to ensure quality standards are maintained.•    Improved morale and customer service throughout company.  Assisted development and implementation of an electronic information center.•    Provided training, coaching/mentoring of personnel in technical training, troubleshooting over the phone, and customer service.



John I. Leonard