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Work experience


Registered Nurse

Baylor University Medical Center


General Nursing Skills
Hand Washing Isolation Feeding a patient Range of Motion Vital Signs Pt. position/ Restorative aides Pt. transfer/ Assist(bed-chair,amb) Bed bath Showering a patient Making occupied bed Making unoccupied bed AM care (oral,hair,shave,etc) I & O Enema Pain Assessment Shift Assessment O2 administration & treatment Blood Glucose Monitoring Sterile Gloving Wound assess/ wound care Foley Catheterization PO meds IM injection Insulin injection Subq injection Intradermal injection Topical medications Lovenox IV Push IV piggyback IV Insertion IV Tubing management Peripheral IV Site care Central Line/PICC line site care Naso/Tracheal suction Trach care NGT/Gastrostomy insertion Tube Medication Administration Oral/pharyngeal tube insertion Nasal Trumpet insertion Ambu bag demonstration IO placement


Kevin Powers

LaDonna Hill

Dayna Davidson

Clinical Instructor


To become a skilled, competent, safe, and culturally diverse nurse by enhancing my knowledge acquired through education with the skills and competencies gained from working collaboratively at the hospital.


I am very hard working person. I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals. I am very dedicated to being a good nurse. I love the profession, and enjoy helping others. I am willing to learn, and work on my skills. I am a perfectionis; I am very particular about how things are done. I ave a good family for support. I am very nice to people, I am easy to talk to. I am a team player, I can work with most personalities.



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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

American Heart Association
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Basic Life Support (BLS)

American Heart Association