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Oracle Peoplesoft
4th Dimension
git and svn
Ruby on Rails

College Programming Courses

Basic, C, C++, Java, Visual Basics, Oracle 8i - 1997 - 2000


I play soccer and tennis and I enjoy playing the piano.

Work experience

Dec 2012Present

Senior IT Systems Engineer


I have lead different System Integration and Migration Projects of legacy systems.  Some of the projects that I was heavily involved are listed below.  I was also assisting other teams in getting their questions answered or assist when needed for applications that I have written or have a deep understanding of the system.

Projects that I have lead from the legacy system team are

  • Professional System Integration and data migration.
  • Support System System Integration.  
  • HR Systems Data Migration. 
  • Financial Systems Data Migration.

I have also identified systems that can be used as part of the new systems and set requirement for those applications and implemented features to make it work with the new infrastructure.

Maintain legacy applications to conform to the requirement of enterprise level applications. 

Oct 2007Dec 2012

Senior Information Systems Engineer

OPNET Technologies, Inc

I have implemented and maintained a lot of the business applications that is being used by OPNET.  To name a few:

  • The revenue calculator system which does everything from orders to pushing the revenue to JE in People-soft using custom CI on the People-soft side.
  • The Human Resources Management System that is an effective dated system that tracks all aspects of staff Management.  The system reads data from People-soft gives reports that People-soft was not able to support, sends encrypted data to benefit vendors via their choice of data and transfer format.
  • A Commission Calculator system that enables users to see their commissions as the orders is fulfilled and for Finance to track, approve, report and pay sales team based the data the system provides.
  • Automated process for sending data to HR PS from various internal apps. Like the personal data, job and position data.
  • Worked with team members to moving OPNET's internal applications to a colocation facility with minimal downtime.
  • Implemented an automated Badge Printing system for our biggest annual conference to be used onsite on demand.
  • Managed one site fully of the two sites we have for our biggest annual conference for over 8 years.
  • OPNET develops all business applications in-house and I have gone in and modified features, added  functionalities and created reports for majority of the applications that were written by me or team mates.  For e.g  the review system, leave system, calendar system, recruiting management system, Order Management system, Quote creation and approval system, product license tracking system and etc
Dec 2001Oct 2007

Information Systems Engineer

  • Implemented the Software Problem and Suggestion tracking system, which is what all of OPNET's engineer use to develop opnet software.
  • Implemented Professional Service staff and revenue forecasting, actual revenue calculator and project management system.
  • Term sheet system for sales and consulting teams.
  • Implemented a lot of the  OPNET's first generation Sales and Customer Management System.
  • Implemented a Real Time Revenue view for CEO that aggregated revenue and forecast data from different systems.
  • Created an automated Survey System for attendees at OPNET's annual conference and for Session Surveys system that also has a great reports to be used by sales and engineering team.
  • Contributed on our OPNETWORK system over a period of 12 years that is used to run OPNET's biggest annual conference.
  • Wrote a Survey System for Marketing department that allows them to do everything end to end, from creating the questionaries to getting it published to getting a report. 
Jul 2000Jul 2001

Information Systems Engineer -Intern

  • Wrote a Survey System for Marketing department that allows them to do everything end to end, from creating the questionaries to getting it published to getting a report.
  • Wrote a Purchase Order system, an Assets management system, Hard File Management system, Software Tracking  and Auditing system which work in conjunction with each other.


Jan 2000Jul 2001

Master of Science in Information System Technology

The George Washington University
Sep 1998Dec 2000

Bachelor of Science

The George Washington University
Aug 1993Jun 1996

Bachelor of Arts

Pune University