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Life Coach, Trainer, and Speaker (Change Agent)

Devoted to assisting others reach their peak potential by providing valuable workshops/trainings but more importantly coaches those to get from where they are today to where they want to be in life and offering a proven track record of highly praised performance from coaching clients and peers across the United States, with a passion for teaching others and a commitment to optimizing success.

Core Competencies

�Certified Professional Life Coach

�Certified Group Leader

�Curriculum Development

�Domestic Violence Counselor

�Supporting Fathers Involvement Certified

�Bullying Prevention

�Peak Performance Expert

�Peer Support Counselor


Stewart Joseph’s knowledge in leadership, peak performance, grief, and mental health services was enhanced over the past ten years (and counting) with the work he has done as an advocate for Child Abuse Prevention and Youth Leadership Development, overcoming his own personal battles as an at-risk youth, Stewart’s sales and real estate background, and for the past six years Stewart has studied everyone and everything that spoke to personal strength, personal growth, peak performance, leadership, overcoming grief, and empowerment. Stewart then integrated that information with his own experiences and developed a common sense approach for addressing life’s challenges, and utilizes this information to conduct effective group courses, seminars, workshops, one on one coaching, and the growth of the Future Leaders, our Youth program.

Key Contributions:

�  -Developed and produced a Youth Leadership Workshop at CMACHY at the age of 16 years old which has resulted in Youth in Mind’s statewide growth as a national organization.

�  -Developed innovative approaches for coaching clients going through grief which is now the model standard for Mindful Change Advisors, LLC.

�  -Creator of the Transitional Age Youth Success Coach Program, which is designed to help create better mentors for At-Risk Youth and help our youth accomplish things they only dreamed of accomplishing.

�  -Consistently commended for his passion to create change and help At-Risk Youth become the Future Leaders they were born to be!!

�  -Served on committees and taskforces focused on Domestic Violence, Bullying Prevention, Addiction, and everything in between as it fits to Child Abuse Prevention and helping our At-Risk Youth.

Education, Credentials, & Awards

San Diego Youth Services Youth Leadership Program — 2002

Court TV Nancy Grace Show Time to Take Action Video Project — 2002

Youth In Mind Youth Leadership Academy — 2002

San Diego City College Business — 2003

Family & Youth Roundtable Pathways to Partnership — 2008

Fowler Wainwright International Certified Professional Life Coach — 2009

Fowler Wainwright International Certified Group Leader— 2010

International Coaching Federation Coach U Training — 2010

From Heartbreak to Happiness Grief Coaching Workshop — 2010

Bullying Prevention Train the Trainer— 2010

CCYF Star Awards Child Abuse Prevention Nominee — 2010 & 2011

Strategies Supporting Fathers Involvement Train the Trainer— 2011

Nora Gerber Train the Trainer— 2011

Mindful Change Advisors Certified Master Coach — 2011


“In our society today there are few people who can reach at-risk youth. Children are literally dying to be heard. I truly believe this is why Stewart Joseph upholds his cause! He is determined to teach at-risk youth about their true potential giving them the ability to make better choices, the ability to choose a better life, and the ability to recognize their future! Stewart will be a person to remember for future generations!”

Mark Blackshear

Youth Leadership Trainer for Mental Health Systems, inc. San Diego, CA

"Stewart Joseph is a kind, compassionate, loving man, who is a powerful force for positive change!"

Harry E. Shade

Voice of Marvelous Monday’s with Harry & Phil on Vivid Life Radio Network

“After working with Stewart Joseph in just one session I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and how my actions were holding me back from accomplishing my goals now I am the first in my family with a High School Diploma and I am heading to college to earn a degree in social science!”

Marcus Feely (18)

Youth Coaching Client