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Personal Statement

As a highly-motivated and results oriented business owner within the entertainment sector, I have a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to a broad range of guests, including VIPs and high-profile individuals. A business studies and Information Technology student from the Huntingdonshire Regional College and Newham College of Further Education. I have skills and knowledge essential for managing key areas of an organisation and the problem solving skills needed in demanding support roles. I am looking for a responsibility post in customer service, administration or executive assistance where I can deploy my strong multi-tasking management skills.

I have undertaken several job roles within leading organisations such as McDonald's, AG Aylward Ems, HRC and Hilton Meats. These roles have enabled me to develop not only specific support industry experience, but also valuable and transferable skill set in this fast-paced sector.

What I can bring to the table

For example; During study with Huntingdonshire Regional College, I worked within the communication department contributing to projects such as the successful WWF Charity campaign and managed my own research, liaised with various departments, formulated reports and participated in group project meetings utilising excellent communication skills, I developed and maintained successful working relationships with both internal and external staff.

My Career aim

I am looking to secure a position in a solid performance organisation with future projections, where I can bring immediate and strategic value and develop current skill set further.


  • Singers inspire me to manage stress
  • I love exercise like I love my food and tea
  • I like meeting people socially and proffessionaly
  • A good story can take you where you would never consider traveling in reality
  • Charity is a task I try to maintain because its the most powerful force on earth 
  • I like technology - especially the gadgets that have made human life easier 
  • I am an aspiring keynote speaker, and I relish any opportunity to serve a soul
  • My dad taught me to play the piano by ear, my spirit is grounded in family values

Work experience


Live Music Assistant

SteveStSoul Instruments

Overall Objective

Assist with the smooth running of the studio duties by providing support to composers, recording artists, producers and engineers.

Organisational Relationship

Working with the production engineer by undertaking all sorts of jobs and mundane tasks from setting up the studio to recording tracking material for live performance gigs. I reported direct to the Producers and Engineers.

Main Duties

  • Set-up and break-down sessions
  • Assist with mastering and editing of recorded vocal material
  • Provide analytical feedback when reviewing recorded material
  • Organise blank recordable media ready for use
  • Construct a system for organisation and deployment of cabels
  • Receive and process deliveries and stock monitoring
  • Assist with maintaining digital file systems by syncing play-lists
  • Monitor location of both studio and mobile devices
  • Assist in the collating and archiving recorded materials
  • Assist with engineering for music and radio productions
  • Assist with live shows and other essential duties as required
  • Maintain regular and predictable attendance for live acts
  • Keep up-to-date with music and pop culture events to capitalize on these events

Purchasing Assistant

Aylward EMS (Kimbolton)

Overall Objective

Assisting with smooth running of the purchasing administrational duties, by updating and mainting file systems in a chonological order.

Organisational Relationship

Working within the purchasing department, alongside the Stores manager and liasing with other departments. Ireported direct to the Purchasing Manager.

Main Duties

  • Issued requisitions for faulty equipment
  • Trainer - given responsibility for new staff
  • Customer liason, managing complaints and queries
  • Ensuring delivery timeframes are managed and kept
  • Building relationships and maintaining links with suppliers
  • Chased purchase orders for the shortest lead-time possible
  • Working and negotiating with others to achieve maximum results
  • Ensuring products are dealt with correctly and by the correct department
  • Dealt with demanding customers on a daily basis meeting diverse needs

Production Assistant

RGE Engineering Injection Moulding

Overall Objective

Contribute fully to the production team for a range of injection mould white goods.

Organisational Relationship

Working within the production office with other Production Assistants, Planners, Shop Managers and Departmental staff. I reported direct to the Production Manager.

Main Duties

  • Follow up and locate missing stock
  • Issued  requisitions for faulty equipment
  • Processed and dispached goods for export orders
  • Trained new and current staff for possible upgrades
  • Re-worked rejected goods and recorded scrap levels
  • Chased purchased orders for the shortest lead-times possible
  • Monitored schedule and maintained stock levels on a weekly basis
  • Deal promptly with all aspects of customer care of my given account
  • participated in shortage meetings with customers on a weekly basis
  • Acted as line supervisor prior my promotion as Production Assistant
  • Prioritised workload to work within tight time scales due to urgent requests

Administration Assistant

The Huntingdon I.T Center

Overall Objective

Support the administrative organisation for a range of computing and information technology.

Organisational Relationship

Working at the Huntingdon Training Center with other Tutors, College Staff, Center Manager and external agencies including inspectors and verifiers. I reported to the Center Manager.

Main Duties

  • Managed all incoming and outgoing mail effectively
  • Adhered to the policies and procedures of Huntingdonshire Regional College
  • Carried out the administration for a range of vocational programs in computing and I.T, ensuring all paperwork is in order (completed by both students and staff) and up-to-date
  • Followed up overdue fees and missing information, i.e. fees for deposits and assessments, proof of benefit, staff and student signatures on forms, etc
  • Handled customer contacts (walk-in, telephone, or correspondence) and provided encouragement to students
  • Maintained a list of prospective students ready for induction
  • Monitored the phone and fax at all times dealing with questions and enquiries myself or by passing them on to the appropriate people

Counter Assistant


Production Assitant

Hilton Meats LTD


Six GCSE passes including English grade C, Maths grade C and Science grade C

Little Ilford School


Huntingdon Regional College

L2 Financial & Administrative Support

L2 Recording Financial Information

L2 Communication

L2 Organisation & I.T

L2 Copy Typing Skills

L2 OCR Administration

L2 OCR CLAIT for I.T Users 



Newham College of Further Education

Using Information Technology

Organisations & Information Technology

Communications & Information Technology



Leadership - Project leader for our Live performance booking, where my planning and organisational skills came to the fore, have found "active listening" a very useful skill when working in a group.   Sport - I believe a healthy body is the key to a focused mind in today's hectic society. Enjoy a range of body building arts which require a high level of dedication and motivation.   Living Life - We only get one shot out of this life so I am to get the most out of it. I love the thrills of playing football, basketball, racing cars and athletics. I am looking forward to the athletics here at home in England.
Technology, Communication and Qualifications
Proficient with Microsoft Office Software including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint Digital & Analogue Audio Production Techniques MIDI & Sequencing / Cables & Adaptors Pro Tools Recording Software Drum Machines & Electric Keyboards Mac Operating Systems Able to work successfully with team across departments, handling multiple projects and meeting tight deadlines Proven strong organisational skills and a strong eye for detail Demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving abilities Excellent written, verbal communication and presentation skills Demonstrated strong self-starter who can immediately recognise tasks and execute accordingly Strong intuitive understanding of the interplay between management and assistance Comfortable working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven department Able to remain calm and composed under pressure or in difficult situations Proven ability to be resourceful and organised Able to communicate with tact and diplomacy at all times and present myself professionally Able to manage conflict effectively I am dependable, take direction well and able to manage time effectively in a multi-tasking environment