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Work experience

May 2007Oct 2009

Programmer Analyst


Perform Data Analyst and Business Process Redefinition tasks for DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service)

  • Perform Analysis on tables and fields and modify when required
  • Create and/or modify monthly and quarterly reports for DFAS and OSD
  • Create database / spreadsheet models to facilitate improvement in business process definition for data cycles required from DFAS / OSD.
  • Modify existing models to extend functionality and to eliminate as much user intervention as possible.
  • Assist junior peers in complicated MS-Access models when necessary to solve complex business problems.
Nov 2008Mar 2009

Data Analyst


Perform Data Modeling tasks for FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

  • Create Entity and Attribute names according to established data naming standards
  • Report on Entity and Attribute names to various representatives for verification
  • Establish new data standard names as necessary when existing data naming standards do not accommodate model
Dec 2006Feb 2007

Programmer Analyst

Redesigned an Access Database to perform User Acceptance Testing for a major rollout of a mortgage processing system for Fannie Mae.

  • Perform Analysis on tables and fields and modify when required
  • Modify code to properly test known conditions for UAT and track proper usage of conditions in the UAT process.
  • Write new modules to extend the functionality of the existing system for proper performance
  • Develop forms as needed to facilitate data entry used to generate expected results for UAT
Apr 2004Dec 2006

LAN Mgr / Programmer Analyst

ISC² Services

Designed and developed an automated marketing engine in MS-Access.

  • Developed code to normalize data from known patterns and analyze new data for establishing new patterns
  • Developed code to create new structures and adjust legacy structures to accommodate external repository
  • Designed an automated process for importing different structures into a common repository for lead generation
  • Designed an automated process for mass email for targeted marketing blasts based on content of repository data

Designed and developed an automated statistical analysis engine for an offsite partner repository

  • Designed an automated process to map dissimilar data structures to a common repository and adjust repository automatically to accommodate new system components and new data structures
  • Reengineered modules of code from lead generation system to work with external data repositories by adding a series of parameters to common function calls

Manage Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and associated Servers

  • Create new tape rotation scheme and design and implement automated backup routine for LAN drives
  • Establish client policy and procedures for various LAN based activities for a small group of salesmen
Jul 2003Jan 2004

Programmer Analyst

KForce / MCI

Participated in the definition, development, and maintenance of an HR database designed to support deployment activities for a large contracting agency.

  • Re-Designed an Access database to take advantage of the features native in a relational database engine
  • Assist process managers and business owners with implementation of proprietary corporate business models in an MS-Office 2000 & XP environment (Access, Word, Excel, and Outlook)
Aug 2001Aug 2002

Programmer Analyst


Developed an underwriting tool in Access 97 to assist an insurance provider establish pricing for dental insurance products.

  • Designed "Black Box" modules of code that perform the actual quotation rating which I then integrated into the existing database objects (forms, reports, modules, etc.)
  • Created functionality for dental procedure and fee schedule adjustments to be applied at different geographic areas and groupings allowing additional flexibility in the rate
  • Created functionality for quotations to be based on any combination of population, age, weight, gender, income, occupation, geographic location, and many other demographic factors
  • Contributed on the writing of the procedures manual and operating procedures for the system delivery
Nov 1999Apr 2001

Programmer Analyst


Provided analysis, programming, implementation, and support for the Commercial Billing Systems (CBS) at MCI, WorldCom

  • Re-Engineered the Access97 Commercial Billing System for new data warehouse provider with more detailed data feeds
  • Implemented and deployed the Y2K multi-product audit and High Speed Frame Relay (HSFR) audit
  • Maintained existing audits as necessary to accommodate changing data sources

Provided Access97 and Visual Basic programming to support a registration system developed in Access97.

  • Created and maintained database forms and reports as modifications were defined
  • Contributed to the VBA development of the Documentation Automation Tool as required to complete tasks
Apr 1999Oct 1999

Programmer Analyst

Norrell / Fannie Mae

Developed a prototype property investment project-tracking tool in Access 97 and ArcView 3.1 (GIS).

  • Conducted interviews and reviewed existing materials to define requirements and create logical and physical data model
  • Created Tables, Indexes, Relationships, Queries, Forms, Reports, and Modules in Access97
  • Implemented integration of Access97 and ArcView GIS systems and trained staff on usage of system
Oct 1998Apr 1999

LAN Mgr / Programmer Analyst

DMR Consulting

Provided software development and local area network (LAN) management and monitoring services in support of a telecommunication company in VA.

  • Developed an in-house production tool for recording problem tickets in Access97
  • Developed an in-house production tool for recording various business metrics for management review in Access97
  • Monitored and reacted to servers in the server farm to ensure billing agents have a reliable platform for billing products
  • Developed file system utilities to automate telecommunications switch data collection and reporting
Nov 1995Sep 1998

Programmer Analyst

Tessada & Associates

Redeveloped a Contracts Management System in Access '97 to run on a Novell Netware LAN.

  • Added multi-user capabilities to existing single-user system
  • Modified forms, reports, and code to implement software enhancements
  • Assisted in installation, configuration, deployment, and support of a Lotus Domino Server and an existing Notes database system

Participated in the design, development, deployment, and support of a geographically distributed Inventory Management/Stock Control System developed in Visual Basic, MS Access, and C. Assisted with management of 3 Novell networks, an IBM RS9000 mainframe, 25 portable data terminals (PDT), and 3 stand-alone sites with asynchronous communications to Primary Novell Network Server.

  • Established configuration management baseline for client machines and continued to test new versions of Arabic Windows and Arabic Office
  • Co-Designed, developed, deployed, and trained users on Arabic Access2 (initial version)
  • Created and deployed versions and managed release notes and bug tracking
  • Performed data modeling as necessary to be able to implement new product features confidently
  • Resolved radio frequency (RF) and local area network (LAN) configuration issues
  • Assisted in resolution of radio frequency (RF) antennae issues and assisted in site surveys as necessary
  • Supervised the code for the handheld units and the language conversion implementation for the RF units
  • Assisted with Mainframe LAN integration to existing RS9000 and performed initial data load

Developed a Radio Frequency (RF) communications server in Visual Basic using an Intermecs serial port radio frequency (RF) controller to implement tracking and processing of parts moving through a metal plating facility. Assisted with management of a local area network (LAN), portable data terminals (PDT), and PCs.

  • Developed, tested, and debugged radio frequency (RF) controller in Visual Basic 3.0
  • Resolved radio frequency, LAN, and hardware issues during deployment or staging of new clients
  • Trained groups of users on software usage and hardware features and shortcuts
  • Established baseline parameters for clients and servers on a Novell Netware LAN and an (RF) network
  • Established Wide Area Network fail procedures and testing interfaces to ensure the maximum data availability
  • Performed ongoing support of software and hardware
Jan 1995Nov 1995

Programmer Analyst

Universal Automation Labs

Assisted in the development of an MS Access 2 record keeping system driven from a customization module where the farmer chooses the commodities, assets, and liabilities that apply to their specific farming operation.

  • Assisted with requirements analysis to create logical and physical data model
  • Created technical documentation portraying the new system and create first version in Access 2
  • Created and modified forms, reports, and code as required by software change requests
  • Tracked technical changes to database to facilitate formal submission of new software builds

LAN Tech / Programmer Analyst

Atlantic Resources Corporation

I supported four different LANs in the Washington Metro Area as well as providing programming services for contracts

·Developed an Activity Monitoring System (AMS) for the Agency of International Development in Jerusalem, Israel in Paradox 4.0 intended to improve the quality of life for under developed regions of the country.

·Developed an electronic survey under Clipper 4.2 / 5.1 to emulate a five page survey that goes to all the chemical addiction treatment centers around the world.

·Designed and maintained a database in Paradox 3.5 for the Barbara Bush Foundation for literacy

·Maintained servers, workstations, user accounts, and security for WAN as necessary to minimize downtime


LAN Tech / Programmer Analyst

McDermott, International

Assisted in the support of a LAN and a phone system as well as providing programming for internal IT efforts.

  • Developed a Contact Management Tool in Clipper 4.2 for tracking congressional contact information and legislation
  • Co-Developed a spreadsheet based budget forecasting tool providing predictive forecasting based on simple trend analysis of historical data
  • Maintained servers, workstations, user accounts, and security for the LAN as well as programming support for the digital key telephone system
  • Develop and document Directory Structure for the LAN and create appropriate technical and user documentation

LAN Mgr / Programmer Analyst

Quetel Corporation

Managed the internal LAN and provided programming for various clients in the Washington Metro area.

  • Co-Developed Fixed Assets Control Tracking System (FACTS) for Fairfax County in FoxPro LAN and assisted in directing the physical inventory of all equipment deemed valuable
  • Maintained a generic version of Fixed Asset Control Tracking System (FACTS) in Clipper 4.2 and assist in customer specific implementation during installation
  • Rewrote generic versions of stand-alone Clipper systems to allow multi-user access on a LAN
  • Installed, configured, and maintained the internal LAN and it's associated user accounts and directory structure

Database Technician

I provided technical librarian skills for an Informix database and co-developed a deficiency tracking system.

  • Performed ad-hoc searching and reporting for the database administrator for an SDIO contract
  • Co-wrote a deficiency tracking system in Rbase System V designed to track and report status on contract related activities, meetings, outstanding issues, and milestones
  • Wrote a utility to send output from the deficiency tracking system to intended recipients
  • Performed hardware maintenance and configuration management as necessary

Data Processing

Various Temp Agencies

Provide administrative support to contracts

  • Performed word processing, data entry, data manipulation, graphics manipulation, desktop publishing, spreadsheet manipulation and document cataloging in various environments


United States Navy (Active Duty)

Configured various Naval communications systems in support of fleet activities.

  • Assigned to USS Bradley FF-1041 home ported in Long Beach, CA from 1984 to 1986
  • Assigned to Naval Communications Area Master Station (NavCAMS), Westpac, Guam from 1982 to 1984