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Steve Wilson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Lamar University and continued with graduate studies for Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas. Mr. Wilson holds 4 US patents and 30 years of computer engineering and programming experience. He has held software development and architectural positions with both startup and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Wilson has been a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as well as contributing member to open-source projects. He is now actively involved in developing Web business applications. Mr. Wilson is experienced with more than 10 programming languages but currently enjoys programming with Ruby and JavaScript. He hangs out with the Austin on Rails development group when he gets the chance and can be spotted at the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin, Texas.




University of Texas at Dallas

Pursued graduate studies in Electrical Engineering



Lamar University, Beaumont Texas

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


B.S.E.E., IETF, ANSI, Patents,

Assembly, BASIC, Bash, C, C++, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rails,

TCP/IP, SCSI, Fibre Channel,

Apache, Mongrel, Passenger, Unicorn, Nginx, Puma,

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Resque, Redis

Vagrant, NFS, AWS S3, Linux, Xen,

Emacs, Vim, Virtualbox, VMWare, Capistrano, Git,


Work Experience


Ruby on Rails Developer

National Institute of Building Sciences

Development of RFP and Project management system in Ruby on Rails which facilitates all building development contracts for the Navy coordinated out of Washington, D.C. 


Ruby on Rails Developer


Developed APIs to integrate Uncommon's fulfillment process with Motorola, Shutterfly, and Zazzle for the printing of custom iPhone and iPad cases.


Ruby on Rails Developer

Security Cameras Direct

Developed e-commerce application based on the open-source Spree rails project. Heavily extended the Spree libarary to provide many extra features such as related products, recommended products, accessories, product promotions, CMS, custom layout and stylesheets, etc. Integrated e-commerce site with Mail Order Manager (FoxPro DB) using custom built ETL process.


Ruby on Rails Developer

Principals Market

Completely revamped the commercial real estate site with brand new design (stylesheets and JS). Added many new features to the site including enhanced navigation, javscript search filters, RSS feeds, and LinkedIn integration for inviting new members.


Ruby on Rails Developer


Developed an inventory management system based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Greatly improved business work flow, accounting, and productivity through the application. The application models some larger inventory management systems and leverages hand held wireless devices, images, and modern search technologies. The application is designed to handle a large number of concurrent users and is performant. Integrated Salesforce API for their RMA and Sales teams.


Ruby on Rails Developer


Worked on a site to help indie filmmakers manage their projects. Flowing in some of the designs. Implemented search technology to search through data models on the site. Setting up credit card payment gateway, user role permissions, uploads, etc.


Ruby on Rails Developer


Wrote and enhanced web crawlers used to aggregate data from sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Google, and other to collect music artist media and information. The crawlers imported this data automatically into a database and S3 cloud. Setup deployment scripts and background processes needed to run these crawlers and index the database. Fixed up some CSS and did major work on the administrative panel used to manage the site.


Ruby on Rails Developer


Developed a trading application in Ruby on Rails. This application features an automated trading engine programmed in Ruby to match users’ haves against users’ wants and facilitate trading of these items between users. This list of users’ haves and wants includes a picture and a description of each item. The site requires users to purchase credits with a credit card to be able to engage in a trade however, no purchase is required to register as a user or to view potential trades.The site features a trading dashboard that allows users to track status and progress of each transaction.


Ruby on Rails Developer


Developed a reverse auction application in Ruby on Rails.This application facilitates the procurement of supplies needed by first responders in the event of an emergency or disaster. Vendors register with the categories of supplies they carry and first responders place orders, which are then bid on by the vendors. The first responders then accept or decline these bids and schedule delivery of these supplies. Communication is via text and email messaging. The application also makes extensive use of Google Maps to allow first responders to show vendors where the delivery sites or drop zones are located.


Ruby on Rails Developer


Developed a conference management system in Ruby on Rails. This application allows conference owners to manage the process flow of an upcoming conference. This includes calls for papers, review, scoring, and approval of papers to be presented. It also allows the presenters to search for opportunities to present at a conference. The conference owners purchase a subscription with a credit card that allows them to start submitting calls and begin the conference building and organizational process.

Software Engineer

AMD Corporation

Worked on Linux open-source XEN project. Fixing bugs in XEN open-source code that is AMD-specific to the 64-bit quad-core processor.Also developed Apache ANT XML build server scripts for automated testing in India of XEN source code.

Software Engineer

Music Oven Network

Developed distributed audio network web application and audio receiver for Linux platform. Designed and coded custom mp3 jukebox, pullcast driver, and automated software update program. The audio network is managed through a web application. 

Software Engineer

Camelback Web Architects

Developed Linux PHP/DB2 database connector to IBM AS/400 DB2 database server over SSH tunnel. A web application on a Red Hat server captured customer orders and dumped the data into an IBM DB2 database.

Software Engineer

System Fabric Works

Contracted to port Infiniband protocol stack and build environment from Linux to Windows 2000 using the Cygwin/MSVC development environment.

Software Engineer

System Fabric Works

Developed Boot-Over-Infiniband BIOS for Linux. This allowed for diskless Linux servers to boot over Infiniband from a remote Fibre Channel hard disk.

Software Engineer

Interphase Corp

Finished writing FCP layer for Solaris and Linux Fibre Channel HBA device drivers.

Software Engineer

Crossroads Systems

Author of Crossroads’ 3rd party copy architecture, which included extensions to the SCSI protocol to implement server-free backup within storage area networks. Responsible for introducing this Extended Copy command for inclusion into T10 SPC-2 draft standard.

Primary inventor for several patents issued with regard to router technology developed at Crossroads. Principal designer and implementer for multi-channel SCSI device driver on Crossroads Systems storage router. 

Software Engineer


Fixed AT&T NDIS2 100Mbps Ethernet driver. Buggy source purchased from AT&T. Fixed major bugs in the AT&T driver. Worked a little on a SCO token ring driver.

Software Engineer

Dell Computer

Developed RAID array management firmware for intelligent disk subsystem embedded controller. Firmware was written in C for the Power PC 603e processor. Wrote API specification for the RAID controller prior to code development. Wrote NT 3.5 device driver for Dell’s previous generation DSA RAID controller. Ported Dell’s Safesite network management software from NT 3.0 to NT 3.5.

Software Developer

Interphase Corporation

Worked on development and testing of SCSI device driver for Pyramid Computing disk drive adapter with multiple SCSI interfaces for proprietary bus technology for Pyramid supercomputer. Found and diagnosed critical bug with bad opcode on bus by ASIC.

Software Engineer

Interphase Corp

Responsible for SCSI diagnostics and firmware maintenance for high-performance 68030-based SCSI-2 disk controller. Firmware was developed in 608030 assembly and C using GNU 68k cross-compiler on Sparc 10. Debugged using GNU remote debugger (GDB) and Tektronix Prism emulator. Other projects include upgrading and maintaining other 68030 VME SCSI-2 controller firmware, and making patches in assembly.

Telecommunications Consultant

MicroTel Communications

Consultant for a communications firm focusing on architecture, integration, cost analysis, and implementation of high-speed digital communications systems. Design of multiplexed digital interfaces for integration of voice and data networks, i.e., T-1, DDS, and standard 3002 private lines. Design solutions for the interconnection and interoperability of LAN/WANs based on TCP/IP and SPX/IPX over IEEE 802.3 Ethernet.

Hardware Engineer

Digital Switch Corporation

Responsible for several digital and analog designs from spec through development. Job duties included system architecture, hardware design, PAL programming, prototype development and debug, interaction with software dept. through to release. Projects required a working knowledge of telecommunications standards including CCITT (now ITU) specifications, D4 and ESF framing formats, ADPCM, Time-division and M.24 subrate multiplexing standards, DS0-DS3 signal formats, and serial communications protocols. Designs were based on Motorola 68000 family processors.