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Team Leadership
While project managers manage projects, project managers lead people!  Team members need to respect the project manager, believing that the project manager is respectful back to the team members.  Team leadership involves sharing a high level of commitment towards the completion of the project.
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation skills are important to keep checks and balances in place during the duration of the project.  Negotiation is the process of identifying the mutual needs of all parties involved and the setting of guide lines governing the project.
Project Organization
Project organizational skills rely on the vision to understand the necessary tasks involved with the completion of the project, and the tools used to monitor and track progress through milestones.  Close observation and the fore planning of contingence actions are needed to manage any project on time and on budget.
Budget Management
Strong Financial Management skills honed from years of budgeting & evaluating financial statements including cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets.  Excelled in all areas of managerial accounting and finance, both in the educational environment and the real world.
Communication skills are the most important skills used in project management.  It has been said that project managers spend up to 90% of their time communicating.  An expert in both formal and informal communications.

Work experience


Substitute Teacher

Nye County School District

Nye County School District educates the students of our home town.  I am one of the most requested substitute teachers in the district.  I am certified to teach children in grades ranging from K - 12.  It's all about connecting with the children, earning their respect and attention, and providing a proper environment for learning.  I have been recently asked to take over the teaching responsibilities for the Honors Physics and Geology classes at the high school.


Sales Accociate

Walmart #5101

Director, Technology Solutions

Harrington & Reed

Harrington & Reed was a small company specializing in coaching executives looking for work in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The current corporate structure was limited on the number of Resource Partners that could be helped at one time.  My position with Harrington & Reed was a temporary one, developing a project plan to use technology to expand the scale of the business.  The owner has passed away the company has been closed.


President, Project Manager


BiiBPX was a startup company developing a web hosted, virtual business environment providing a global sales reporting service to the entire wine and spirits industry.  The organizational structure of BiiBPX was Projectized, with the parent project existing over subprojects.  I lead the parent project team from a formal position of authority, also managing subprojects outsourced to multiple vendors.  I was responsible for Strategic Planning, Project Management, Product Specification and Corporate Management.  Some of the projects are detailed below:  

Parent Project / Publish Web Site with first generation BiiBPX – Rent a dedicated server, set up server administration functionality, set up access to the web, upload web site files.  I provided the strategic plan and the product specifications for BiiBPX.  I would test the new system everyday to ensure that the deliverables matched the expectations.  We were using an outside vendor for the coding of BiiBPX, and I would work with the vendor daily to receive and publish the BiiBPX solution created with Visual Studio.

Sub Project / Set up Corporation – In this case, I used an outside vendor to process all the paperwork with the state, create corporate records including all the meeting minutes, by laws and stock certificates.  This same company helped us navigate the financing options available through local banks.  The corporate name was Steve Reiser Consulting, Inc.

Sub Project / Publish Demo Web Site – Rent a hosted website that allowed us to quickly publish a website at  This website was designed to promote the company to potential investors, introducing our services and providing a business plan and a working demo system.

Sub Project / Create Database for Demo Web Site– Since this was a hosted site, we had access to a shared SQL Server database provide for the entire server.  The database that had been created in a local computer environment was recreated on the hosted database.  We were able to remotely connect to the database and create demo data to be used by the BiiBPXdemo website.

Sub Project / Create Database for BiiBPX Web Site– This database was our own SQL Server database sitting on our own server.  This allowed us complete control, and we built the first production version of the BiiBPX database (alpha test).  We used different set up strings to correctly access the database whether in a local computer environment or in a public internet environment.


Contract System Analyst

Winery Exchange / TradePulse

Winery Exchange purchased Reiser Reports in 2001, creating a team to develop and operate a new division of their company called TradePulse.  TradePulse is a multi source web hosted report repository targeting medium to small size suppliers in the wine and spirits industry.  I was contracted for six years to be a member of both the development and operations teams.  The organizational structure of TradePulse is Weak Matrix.  While TradePulse has a development team, that development team may require the services of members of the operations team.  The project manager must coordinate with the production managers to ensure that development projects are completed without the undue interruption of production.  I was responsible for providing Industry Knowledge & Expertise, Database Knowledge & Expertise, Product Specifications and Operational Support to the TradePulse teams.  I was a senior member of the teams, providing leadership to the teams even though I was not in a formal position of authority.  Some of the projects are detailed below:

Project / Create the TradePulse database – Worked with Winery Exchange's technology team to create the new TradePulse database.  Using the old Reiser Reports' database as a starting point, we created a new SQL Server database incorporating new fields and tables used to manage the expanded scope of the project.  I was able to export from dBase all the historical data that I had received from Southern Wine & Spirits.

Project / Create the TradePulse report set – I worked with the report developer contracted to build the TradePulse version 1.0 report set.  The reports were developed using the Crystal Reports development software.  This software operated very much like R&R Report Writer, the development tool that I had used with Reiser Reports.  The TradePulse version 1.0 was an on-line version of the original paper reports that were used at that time.

Project / Collect data from distributor partners of Coppola – Each new distributor partner required a detailed data request defining each element of data required to produce reports for Coppola.  Once the distributor had furnished the data dump file, we had to create a map for the data and a programming package to be executed to read the data dump file and create new data records in the production database.  Each new distributor partner was considered a new, unique project.

Project / Code all Coppola products in the system – For each new distributor partner, we were required to properly code each distributor's product codes into product groups as defined by the supplier, Coppola.  It was my job to verify that the coding work was done correctly.

Project / Implement all Coppola reports in the system – The process of implementing each new market for Coppola was very time consuming.  The set of report templates was copied, and each report within the report set had to be modified in the parameters section.  Based on my feedback of the process and my proposal for change, this was a manual procedure that was modified in subsequent report releases. 

Project / Breakout National Account Reporting – In response to the advancing needs of the clients, we needed to expand our system's functionality.  Our clients wanted to better manage their relationship with the major national restaurant chains.  Our answer was to create National Account groups within TradePulse.  I lead a team of temp workers that we contracted to clean up and code existing retailers into National Account groups.

Project / Combo Code Conversion – Some distributors use combo codes to sell and deliver a variety of products for suppliers.  This created issues within the supplier when individual components of the combo are not combined with the standard product codes.  We needed to develop SQL code that could maintain a count of combos sold, yet also report the components with the proper products.  I supplied the database technical expertise and knowledge needed to develop the processes, I implemented the processes, and I verified that the code operated correctly, manually checking the results.


Entrepreneur / Project Manager

Reiser Reports

Reiser Reports was founded as a business providing sales reports to wine and spirit suppliers, compiled and printed from data provided by Southern Wine & Spirits of California. The organizational structure of Reiser Reports was Projectized.  I lead the project team from a formal position of authority.  I was responsible for Innovation, Project Management, Systems Development and Sales & Marketing.  Some of the projects are detailed below:

Project / Create Company – The hardest part of creating this company was the process of presenting this company to Southern Wine & Spirits of California, and receiving Executive Management's approval to operate within the SWS structure.  The legal business structure was sole proprietor.

Project / Create Database – The database in use back in the DOS environment was dBase III+.  I am a database expert, able to create all databases and programming code needed to process and organize the data for use in printed reports

Project / Create Reports – Created a set of template reports that could be used to populate customized report sets for each supplier client.

Project / Create Distribution Grid – Dan Heller, Vice president of Saint Michelle Wine Estates requested a stop light report giving him a visual view of his distribution in key accounts by distributor teams.  I created the databases and programming needed to provide the requested information, and that report became a favorite of every supplier client, as well as TradePulse.


Bachelor Science

California Lutheran College

Master Science


Project Management Professional


Project Scope Management

Project Scope management is the ability to get the required work done, and only the required work, to complete the project.  The project scope defines what work is needed to complete the project objectives, what is included in the project, what work is not needed to complete the project objective and what is not included in the project.  Many people confuse project scope with product scope.

Quality Management

Low Quality is always a problem, but low grade may not be.  Depending of the requirements, low grade may be completely acceptable, but low quality never is.  The Quality Management Plan addresses three things about the project and the project work: Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.

Human Resource Management

Project human resource management is multifaceted.  It is the ability to lead, direct and orchestrate the project team, the customers, project partners, contributors, and other stakeholders to achieve the desired results for the project purpose.  Project human resource management relies on the following skills: Leading, Communicating, Negotiating, Problem Solving and Influencing.

Risk Management

Risk is everywhere!  Within a project, risks are unplanned events or conditions that can have a positive or negative effect on its success.  Risk Management is the process used to identify project risks, analyze and rank the risks, and determine what actions, if any, need to be taken to avert these threats.

Cost Management

Labor plus Materials and a portion of Equipment cost is equal to Project Costs.  Many factors influence Cost Estimating.  Once Cost Estimating has been completed, we need to analyze the Cost Estimating results.  After refining the cost estimates, we need to complete the cost budgeting and implement cost control.

Time Management

We start with the WBS, a collection of deliverable orientated components and an activity list is created.  The activity list ensures that all of the deliverables of the WBS are accounted for and that the necessary work is mapped to each deliverable defined by the WBS.  The next step is Activity Sequencing, and there are many different diagramming methods to choose from.  From the Activity Sequencing, the Project Schedule is created.  It is important to manage the critical path.  Many factors influence the Project Schedule.

Procurement Management

Projects routinely require procurements.  Projects need materials, equipment, consultants, training, and many other goods and services.  Procurement management is the process of purchasing the products necessary for meeting the needs of the project scope.

Integration Management

Integration Management is made up of day to day processes used by the Project Manager to oversee the project.  This includes Developing the project plan, Executing the project plan and Managing change control. 


- Extensive experience creating and evaluating Financial Statements

- 22 years as a Technology Expert in Communications, Computer Software and Hardware

- 20 years of Business Intelligence experience

- 15 years of Project Management experience

- 10 years working in a fast-paced, team oriented structure

- Decisive and organized manager with excellent communication and presentation skills

- Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

- Master's Degree in Computer Information Systems

- I will meet or exceed any and all of your expectations


The following is part of my assessment generated by based on standardized psychological instruments that have been validated through many years of research to accurately capture key personality traits:

  • Successful at learning and complex problem solving
  • Prefer seriousness and formality
  • Deeply caring about the task at hand
  • Bounce back from frustration quickly
  • Handle job pressures well
  • Excels at quantitative reasoning
  • Very high ability to process and evaluate numeric information
  • Very communicative
  • Thrive in a formal work environment and deal with high levels of stress
  • Good manager of time-critical deadlines and projects
  • Reassuring and encouraging of others
  • Very warm, positive and friendly
  • Very conscientious and open to input from others
  • Care deeply about the tasks to which I am assigned, and can manage situations that require both self-sufficiency and external guidance
  • Possess many character traits that make me effective in a work environment

Communications Management

Communications Management includes generating, collecting, disseminating, and storing communication.  Successful projects require successful communications.  Communication is the key link between people, ideas and information.  Communication Management includes four processes: Communication Planning, Information Distribution, Performance Reporting and Administrative Closure.