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Dynamic, results-driven, and multifaceted General Manager with 21+ years of success and leadership experience across Production, Cost Control, Quality, Maintenance, Sales, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management across plant and general management roles in the glass products and robotics manufacturing sectors. Consummate change agent, consistently delivers process, culture, & operational improvements that result in impressive profitability growth.

Demonstrated capacity to drive employee development and maximize individual performance using a collaborative and open-door approach to leadership and an enhancement-driven management style infusing LEAN, Kaizen, 5S, and Kanban philosophies to revitalize underperforming business units.  Wields an adept sales and account management acumen, with a career history defined by capabilities in performance management and process standardization across all functional departments in high-energy environments. Brings a consistent commitment to occupational health and safety, as well as employee engagement at all hierarchical levels to build and cultivate high-productivity cultures with clear expectations, values, and objectives. 

Work experience


General Manager (GM)

Guardian Industries Canada Corporation

Engaged by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of float glass and fabricated glass products to fulfil a pivotal leadership mandate as General Manager with oversight of the company’s Rexdale and Tillsonburg facilities staffing 120 and 150 employees respectively. Took on accountabilities spanning operations, finance and accounting, sales and account management, procurement, HR, production management, maintenance, quality, and facilities management. Led the implementation of mission critical standards, process improvements, and equipment enhancements in order to drive profitability growth.

  • Tapped to assume authority for the Tillsonburg plant in recognition of key successes within the Rexdale location, with a mandate to optimize labour headcount, overturn discipline and motivation issues, and put in place key practices to restore profit.
  • Implemented visual factory for both the Rexdale and Tillsonburg facilities, initiated and implemented employee, departmental and positional competency matrices, and put in place standardized work flows for all positions including management.
  • Enabled clearer role and performance expectations, increased throughput and process flow, and enhanced customer satisfaction by introducing a formalized Performance Management Program into the Guardian organization.
  • Repeatedly recognized for contributions and improvements in safety, improving both facilities from 'worst performer' to 'silver award winner' status, and executed the substantiation of a $12M CAPEX to enhance building and plant facilities at the Rexdale location.
  • Integrated the values and methodologies of a LEAN mindset into the core fabric of the Guardian business culture, securing employee engagement and buy-in, implementing 5S as well as Kaizen and Kanban process for production and load levelling.      
  • Instituted various employee cross-training plans to promote a more flexible work force and address volatility and variance in production demand, while maintaining an overall direct labour headcount.
  • Spearheaded an environmental sustainability program realizing double-digit improvements in waste diversion and recycling.
  • Reduced utilities costs, and delivered inventory reductions of 40% at Rexdale and 45% at Tillsonburg.
  • Introduced control rooms to both facilities with quantified KPIs and metrics governing all functional departments, while bringing on board a capacity and sales real-time monitoring system and a Maintenance TPM program to reduce downtime by 21-27%.


  • Led massive cost reductions beginning in 2005, reducing the labour cost for second shift by 10%, driving material cost reductions through review of supply chain, pursuit of transfer pricing, rationalization of supplier base, and renegotiation of contracts.
  • Reviewed and strategically moved away from non-profitable customers through cost and sales analysis to identify bottom-line friendly strategies and pursued a more profitable customer base, applying similar analyses across all company operations.
  • Pinpointed key inefficiencies in downtime resulting from antiquated equipment, securing approval for and leading a $12M capital project to expand the original Rexdale facility by 25,000 square feet, delivering completion within budget and timeline.
  • Developed annual budget, and established a standardized set of improved budgeting and expenditures processes to stabilize the organization, while driving continuous process improvements through regular reviews of operations and labour costs.

Sales & Account Management

  • Brought on board a regional Canadian Sales Representative to lead sales in the area, implementing a 67/33 split for sales in Canada and the US respectively, and reviewed the customer base, profitability, and cost analysis to reduce profit losses.
  • Developed sales plans and forecasts to meet challenges from supplier/competitors and migrated sales to focus on Canadian customers to reduce freight spending while actively supporting the sales process in order to close lucrative deals.
  • Shifted into more profitable accounts by investigating different niches of business supply and value-added products underrepresented on the market to command top-dollar value across sporting applications and other niche markets.

Logistics & Purchasing

  • Executed a major push on sustainability and environmental programs, analyzing the products for recycling potential and saving $25K per month in waste elimination costs, in addition to rationalizing suppliers to achieve substantial cost savings.
  • Re-analyzed freight strategies to focus more intensely on the Canadian market and reduce freight costs stemming from shipping to the US, reducing total freight-related costs from 12% to 7% within a two-year period.


  • Installed a total predictive maintenance program to ensure the availability of the right products to support the equipment, reducing maintenance costs and improving maintenance downtimes by better coordinating the formalization of efforts.

Human Resources

  • Cultivated an improved productivity culture through an ABC review of personnel, putting in place formalized time control programs, and establishing strategic leadership development programs to improve succession planning.
  • Partnered with IT to develop LCD screens to monitor throughput and capacity in real time, formatted onto 42" screens situated in the office and the production floor to provide for easy viewing and updates in real time at five minute intervals.

 Production Management

  • Conducted daily review meetings amongst the Production, Inside Sales, and Logistics Managers to ensure customer commitments were met, and to meet the key objective of managing throughput and flow for all functional departments.
  • Introduced a bonus program, analyzing throughput, quality, and punctuality impacts on individual personnel in comparison with wage rates, and conducted market analysis to increase wage rates and focus hiring on a higher-capability demographic.                
  • Drove pivotal initiatives in leadership development to improve the quality of production by implementing LEAN manufacturing programs and a pull system to instil a stronger customer focus along with continuous process improvements.
  • Underwent multiple Kaizen events for continuous improvement and put in place 5S for the plant, in addition to supporting Kanban for maintenance and ensuring the availability of the right products for production.
  • Conducted extensive reduction of inventory and reduced glass product holding by 800 tons to free up cash, space on the floor, and improve on key safety issues, and formalized the scheduling program for cut off times, drawings, or packages with a key control function.
  • Centralized the quality department and quality specialists within the production group to monitor the floor in addition to measuring and driving down the number of necessary re-cuts and putting in place root cause and corrective action metrics.

Facilities Management

  • Put in place a Total Quality Management scenario and orchestrated a full overhaul of various pieces of equipment, in addition to implementing visual quality controls regarding equipment and accountability for the operators. 




University of Toronto