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Command of the English Language
If I had to pick when I really took English by the horns, I would say that I managed language proficiency during my Junior year in High School. This was when I took my AP Lang and Composition course. The teacher worked with us to annotate certain prose and widely-known documents such as the Declaration of Independence for masterful and flowing sentence structure. This was a time period in which I feel as though my command of English diction and syntax really started to blossom and thrive.
Computer Networking
During my Junior year in High School, I completed a Cisco certified course which taught us the ins and outs of how to build, maintain, and benefit from computer networks, whether in a small LAN, or a WAN, such as The Internet.
Computer Hardware
During my Senior year in High School, I took a Cisco certified computer course entitled, IT Essentials: Microcomputer Technologies. In this class, we were introduced to basic computer hardware components, their functions, and how these components fit together to make a computer what it is. We also learned computer care, inside and outside.
Microsoft Office
When I was a student at Seneca Valley, I was widely known in my World History class for being a master at creating Powerpoint presentations. The key to a great slideshow is to make the presentation informative, yet not too dry so that the audience loses focus.  


~ Peg Patterson Award- Excellence in Social Studies

~ Germantown Historical Society Scholarship

~ Outstanding 11th Grade Social Studies Student

~ Eagle Award: Boys Varsity Tennis

~ Volunteer Recognitions

~ Several Honor Roll Accomplishments


Ayaan Hirsi Ali~Women's Rights Activist

Aldous Huxley~Author


~ Immense Learning

~ Traveling

~ Coin Collecting

~ Music: Trombone!

~ Meeting New People

~ Putting Smiles on Other People's Faces

College Clubs

- Youth Outreach Worcester

- Debate Club


Music is a huge part of my life.

~First chair Trombone player in the Jazz Band, Concert Band

~ 3 years of Marching Band.

~Jazz Band and Concert Band at Clark.

Aesthetic Perspective 


~ Hosted 2 separate French Exchange Students- gained enormous insight into how other people lived, even outside of the US or our own realm of comfort.

~ October 2012- Traveled to France as part of the French Exchange program. Was educated even further into how people, who live so far from us, can do most of the same things we can.

      Global Perspective

~ Varsity Tennis Player

Work experience

Jun 2011Present

General Employee

L&L Music-Wind Shop, Inc.

I gained several skills from working at L&L which can be applied in any scenario. These skills include positive peer collaboration, intelligent money management, and rewarding client relationship techniques. I soaked up all of the experiences this job had to offer me, and I have performed to my personal gold standard.


Aug 2013Present

Political Science

Clark University

I am currently a Freshman starting at Clark University, looking to pursue an eventual Master's Degree in Political Science. The classes that I am taking this Fall are Introduction to International Relations, Chinese 101 (Elementary Chinese), Citizenship in a Global Society, and Land and Water Resources. I will Major in Political Science and Minor in International Development and Social Change.

While at Clark, I plan to jump into the college scene, starting with the Jazz Band; at the end of the first year, I plan to apply as a tour guide for Admissions. In doing so, I will watch other prospective students walk the campus, as did I not too long ago. By doing this, I will reflect on the progress I have made as an individual and the maturity I have gained as an adult.

Aug 2009Jun 2013

High School Diploma

Seneca Valley High School

Graduating from Seneca Valley with a 3.5 GPA, I left with 2 AP credits under my belt, and 4 years of gained knowledge and maturity.


Alison Kobey

Steven Loeb