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Highly skilled and proficient in software and hardware across all major OS environments (Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS), I find ways to collect, process, and present historical and real-time data in ways that permit both day-to-day operations and senior management oversight. A fast on-the-job learner who has self-taught proficiency in increasingly challenging positions.

Recent Work History


Operations Data Analyst & Sales Administrator

Helios Settlement Solutions
  • Responsible for extraction and processing of relevant data from production databases for use in monthly, quarterly, and ad-hoc reporting to executives and clients, using Excel, SQL Server, SSRS semantic models and direct T-SQL queries.
  • Since September 2012 provide support to sales team through preparation of price analysis requests and proposals and reporting from database. 
  • Use Microsoft Office VBA to design and implement report workflows, solutions, and production tools to increase process efficiency.

Blogger, Electronic Musician, Writer, Vlogger, Multimedia Content Creator

Active since 1990 producing content for blogs, music, video, and other online outputs. Currently content covers technical topics including AppleScript, Google Apps Script, and VBA examples, data play, and life in general.


Legacy Reporting Specialist (QA/M&P/Process Manager)

AT&T Global Network Services, LLC
  • Provided support for primary metrics packages for AVTS, Managed Security Services, ANIRA, NetGate™, MDNS, and GMIS for senior leadership and middle management teams, produced and delivered within published timeframes on monthly and weekly basis.  Reports document metrics points such as volume, on-time performance, backlog, pipeline, and in-process metrics domestically and internationally by geography, type of service, and service endpoint.
  • Produced ad-hoc metrics reports for various time periods as needed.
  • Provided recommendations with substantiation to accelerate monthly metrics reporting cycle time, reduce manual effort and improve accuracy of results.
  • Performed any necessary follow-ups to verify any possible anomalies in the underlying data.
  • Ensured all processes were thoroughly documented and maintained in a measurements process manual.
  • Telecommuting position in Lakeland, Florida; reported to supervisors in Philadelphia, PA, and Alpharetta, GA.  Frequently attended teleconferences involving personnel from the U.S. and Europe to respond to on-the-spot inquiries and offer suggestions and recommendation relating to anomalies or outliers in published results.
  • Also assisted as needed with service readiness testing for AT&T CallVantage VoIP service and VPN access on the Mac OS X platform.
  • Subject matter expert in administrative procedures and company policies.
  • Position required experience and familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Access SQL, IBM Job Control Language (JCL), generic SQL, Decision Support Services (DSS), extraction and combination of data across multiple sources, and ODBC linking between Excel and Access.  Utilized familiarity with Excel Array Functions to streamline the spreadsheet generation process.

Secretarial Administrator

AT&T Global Network Services, LLC
  • Provided secretarial support to eleven (at one time up to sixteen) first-line and second-line managers in Global Customer Installation & Enablement Support, and Help Desk areas along with their staffs (over 150 persons). 
  • Provided backup support for other secretaries, their managers and staffs as needed.  
  • Assisted measurements and cross-platform support group with preparation of monthly measurement and metric reports and visual presentation of metrics data for monthly presentation to business unit management.  
  • Responsible for organizational ordering of supplies for Tampa facility.
  • Subject matter expert in Microsoft Office and administrative procedure. 
  • Position required expert familiarity with the entire Microsoft Office Professional suite, as well as proficiency with multi-line telephone and AUDIX voice mail.

Administrative Secretary

AECOM (formerly Holmes & Narver, Inc.)
  • Reported to officers of the company and multiple project managers and engineers in day-to-day administrative responsibilities including preparation of correspondence and reports, coordination of meetings and assignments with clients and subconsultants, and organization of presentations by the QA/QC Task Force.  
  • Provided construction support administrative services for numerous construction projects valued in excess of $75 million, including processing of hundreds of RFIs, submittals, and contractor change orders that were critical to the daily progress of large projects.  
  • Assisted MIS Department in minimizing virus damage to computer workstations and portable systems and provided end-user technical support for MS Office applications.  
  • Conducted research and special projects as needed, and assisted marketing representatives in preparation of graphics and proposals.  
  • As procurement specialist, maintained complete subcontract records, tracked subcontract execution, and maintained current subcontractor insurance records and SBA quarterly reports.

Project Secretary for Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach Projects

AECOM (formerly Holmes & Narver, Inc.)
On loan from Lynn E. Capouya Landscape Architects

Reported to Project Managers in Orange and administrative staff in Newport Beach. Similar responsibilities to above position with Holmes & Narver, except on matters relating to specific projects for which Lynn Capouya worked as a subconsultant.



Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in Religion

Vanguard University of Southern California (formerly Southern California College)
Concentration in pastoral ministry with emphasis on early Christian origins and modern spiritual disciplines.

French, Religion, and Computer Studies

Coastline Community College