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Aug 2003May 2008

Bachelor of Business Administration


• A positive attitude: Always looking for the positive in every situation, Optimistic and Enjoy encouraging co-workers. 

• Enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over: Face to face communication.       

• Researching for results: Research previous history to understand and overcome current obstacles. 

• Adaptable to change: Modify to meet the demands of the environment. 


Gallup’s Strengths Quest Profile:

Positivity: A positive attitude: Always looking for the positive in every situation, Optimistic and Enjoy encouraging co-workers. 

You are generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation. Some call you lighthearted. Others just wish that their glass were as full as yours seems to be. But either way, people want to be around you. Their world looks better around you because your enthusiasm is contagious. Lacking your energy and optimism, some find their world drab with repetition or, worse, heavy with pressure. You seem to find a way to lighten their spirit. You inject drama into every project. You celebrate every achievement. You find ways to make everything more exciting and more vital. Some cynics may reject your energy, but you are rarely dragged down. Your Positivity won't allow it. Somehow you can't quite escape your conviction that it is good to be alive, that work can be fun, and that no matter what the setbacks, and one must never lose one's sense of humor.

Woo: Enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over: Face to face communication.       

Woo stands for winning others over. You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like you. Strangers are rarely intimidating to you. On the contrary, strangers can be energizing. You are drawn to them. You want to learn their names, ask them questions, and find some area of common interest so that you can strike up a conversation and build rapport. Some people shy away from starting up conversations because they worry about running out of things to say. You don't. Not only are you rarely at a loss for words; you actually enjoy initiating with strangers because you derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection. Once that connection is made, you are quite happy to wrap it up and move on. There are new people to meet, new rooms to work, new crowds to mingle in. In your world there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet -- lots of them.

Context: Researching for results: Research previous history to understand and overcome current obstacles. 

From your vantage point the present is unstable, a confusing clamor of competing voices. It is only by casting your mind back to an earlier time, a time when the plans were being drawn up, that the present regains its stability. The earlier time was a simpler time. It was a time of blueprints. As you look back, you begin to see these blueprints emerge. You realize what the initial intentions were. These blueprints or intentions have since become so embellished that they are almost unrecognizable, but now this Context theme reveals them again. This understanding brings you confidence. No longer disoriented, you make better decisions because you sense the underlying structure. You become a better partner because you understand how your colleagues came to be who they are. And counterintuitively you become wiser about the future because you saw its seeds being sown in the past. Faced with new people and new situations, it will take you a little time to orient yourself, but you must give yourself this time. You must discipline yourself to ask the questions and allow the blueprints to emerge because no matter what the situation, if you haven't seen the blueprints, you will have less confidence in your decisions.

 Adaptability: Adaptable to change, modify to meet the demands of the environment. 

You live in the moment. You don't see the future as a fixed destination. Instead, you see it as a place that you create out of the choices that you make right now. And so you discover your future one choice at a time. This doesn't mean that you don't have plans. You probably do. But this theme of Adaptability does enable you to respond willingly to the demands of the moment even if they pull you away from your plans. Unlike some, you don't resent sudden requests or unforeseen detours. You expect them. They are inevitable. Indeed, on some level you actually look forward to them. You are, at heart, a very flexible person who can stay productive when the demands of work are pulling you in many different directions at once.


Relator describes your attitude toward your relationships. In simple terms, the Relator theme pulls you toward people you already know. You do not necessarily shy away from meeting new people -- in fact, you may have other themes that cause you to enjoy the thrill oftuming strangers into friends -- but you do derive a great deal of pleasure and strength from being around your close friends. You are comfortable with intimacy. Once the initial connection has been made, you deliberately encourage a deepening of the relationship. You want to understand their feelings, their goals, their fears, and their dreams; and you want them to understand yours. You know that this kind of closeness implies a certain amount of risk -- you might be taken advantage of -- but you are willing to accept that risk. For you a relationship has value only if it is genuine. And the only way to know that is to entrust yourself to the other person. The more you share with each other, the more you risk together. The more you risk together, the more each of you proves your caring is genuine. These are your steps toward real friendship, and you take them willingly.

DISC Profile: Demand: 6, Influence: 7, Social: 4, Consenteness: 2


  • Business Owner: Operated a retail shoe business August- May 2007-2008 
  • Wireless Lifestyles (Sprint Retailer): Employee of the month eight months with in the year.
  • Bryan College: Redesign the enrollment presentation in PowerPoint instead of the Manuel book form.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase: With the first Month out of Training I lead in top in Blueprint registration on my team.
  • Created a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for the Blueprint Calculation for my team to use as a selling tool. 
  • Created a Microsoft Excel Tracking tool for team to use for Sales tracking with the team and general information.


President: P.R.I.D.E (Providing, Racial, Integration, and Diversity at Evangel University) 06-08.

  • Increased seating expectation by 40% for the groups’ Annual event “Jammin Coffee House”.
  • Fund raiser (2006 raised enough to provide 22 Bikes for Missionaries in Cuba).
  • Fund raiser (2007 donated money to a Bible College in Samoa).


While serving as the President of an on-campus diversity organization I have developed and utilized key skills in:

Planning strategic events, improve brand awareness, budgeting, meeting deadlines, identifying and developing core strengths in individuals, face to face communication and delegating authority.


Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Financial Services Advisor

JP Morgan Chase
  • Using analytical and problem solving capability capabilities to re-engaging with card member who have little or no activity their accounts.
  • Demonstrating strong time management while aligning the card members need to the correct products and ensuring business needs are met by performing excellent communication skills resulting in building lifelong relationships with JP Morgan Chase card members.
Mar 2010Present

Co- Founder Business/ Operations Manager

Jump Start Learning and More! LLC
  • Created business and operation plan for the business.
  • Assembled policy guidelines for client, while using company service.
  • Composed contract services for clients.
  • Constructed Company Logo.
Jan 2010Jul 2010

Home Loan Originator

TeleTech Holdings
  • Collect appropriate information from each applicant and deliver loan package in the time frames set by management
  • Manage a pipeline for all originated loans through initial approval process.
  • Communicate with underwriting and/or applicants while providing timely updates and progress reports.
  • Maintaining high levels of customer service while managing each applicant’s and support staff’s expectation.
  • Maintaining knowledge of Company’s policies and procedures and maintaining knowledge of available loan products, processing procedures, and underwriting and general departmental guidelines.
Dec 2008Jan 2010

Member Service Representative

TeleTech Holdings
  • Processing transactions accurately and efficiently.
  • Correcting problems or discrepancies concerning customers' accounts.
  • Identifying customer needs and refer financial products and services to consumers.
  • Promoting bank products or services such as cashier's checks, CDs, checking.
Jul 2008Sep 2008

Admissions Representative

Bryan College
  • Conduct phone inquires and convert to School visit appointments.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Director monitor meet to distribute the use of funds for advertisements.
  • Organized Presentations in College Fair, and varies other locations.


T.J. Appleby

It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to highlight the professional and moral character of Steve Sanon. I've known him now for more than two years, and he has shown himself to be an upstanding gentleman with a solid moral, ethical, and professional focus. He consistently presents a very pleasant disposition, and he sets an excellent example for his peers. Steve is a faithful member of Timmons Temple Church of God In Christ, and he actively participates in church affairs with a special emphasis and talent for teaching Sunday School. He has a keen interest in the development of youth, and he possesses a wealth of "world" knowledge and experience which can facilitate youthful awareness. Additionally, I believe that Steve would be a real asset in any position or assignment he pursues. Professionally, he maintains a keen focus, and does not allow time-on-task to be hindered by trivial distractions. I have the utmost confidence in Steve's skills and abilities, and I know that he can always be counted on to accomplish any task he is given


T.J. Appleby

Pastor Timmons Temple 

David Bundrick

I am writing to recommend Mr. Steven Sanon for employment with your business or organization. I have known Mr. Sanon since he matriculated at Evangel University in August 2003, and can attest to his good character, leadership ability and completion of his Bachelor of Business Education degree conferred on May, 2, 2008.

Evangel University maintains high standards for student character and conduct, and Mr. Sanon has been exemplary in complying with these expectations. I believe this reflects well on him personally and will serve him well professionally in your organization.

During his enrollment at Evangel University, Mr. Sanon demonstrated fine teamwork as a member of the varsity basketball team, and provided excellent leadership for two years as the president of a student organization that promoted racial integration and diversity within the university community. This organization thrived under his leadership as indicated by increasing multicultural awareness, participation in events, and fund raising.

I believe his academic, athletic, and leadership experiences qualify Mr. Sanon for consideration as an employee, and serve as an indicator of his potential success as a member of your team. Please contact me if there is any further information that I may provide.


David R. Bundrick, PhD

Vice President for Student Development