University of Connecticut

Ph.D. in History, U.S./European fields, December 2005

Dissertation Title: The Burning of HMS Gaspee and the Limits of Eighteenth-Century British Imperial Power

Advisor: Dr. Richard D. Brown, Harvard, 1966


Ten years of experience as a designer and administrator in WebCT and Vista (now Blackboard 8)

·Used WebTutor supplemental material to enhance WebCT

·Trained 60 students each year in WebCT basics (from Campus Edition through Vista)

·Continue to manage a Help Desk/Call Center that provides 1sttier support to 28,000 students for Blackboard 8

Nine years of experience with PeopleSoft’s StudentAdmin module in versions 7.6, 8.0, and 9.0.

·Trained 330 new students each year in StudentAdmin basics

·Conversant in student, instructor, and advisor roles

Nine years of experience developing and managing relational databases in MicroSoft Access

·Designed ten different databases and trained other staff to utilize them effectively for reporting and analysis

·Populated these databases through a FOCEXEC Program called STUBIO and then (after May 2002) through the StudentAdmin Data Mart.

Served on the University of Connecticut’s E-Portfolio implementation and training team

Six years of experience designing and supporting the Undergraduate Programs Office website in the School of Business (MS FrontPage and MacroMedia’s Dreamweaver 8)

Eight years of experience with the StudentAdmin Data Mart using BRIO Insight 6.0 and Hyperion 9.

·Developed 88 reports for the School of Business (making them available over the Intranet)

·Trained School of Business faculty and staff to utilize BRIO QuickView to run reports

Professional Activities - past and present

  • Co-Editor of Maritime Mission Studies, an international, refereed, academic journal
  • executive committee, International Association for the Study of Maritime Mission
  • member, Organization of American Historians
  • member, Phi Alpha Theta
  • member, International Maritime Economic History Association
  • member, University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association (UCPEA)
  • member, National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)
  • member, British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS)
  • member, New England Historical Association
  • liaison, Data Warehouse Services (StudentAdmin Data Mart) University of Connecticut
  • member, E-Portfolio implementation and training team University of Connecticut
  • member, Software Licensing Group University of Connecticut
  • Chair, Data Information Services Workgroup University of Connecticut
  • member, Student Organization Advisor Resources and Support University of Connecticut
  • member, Academic Advisory Council University of Connecticut
  • member, Learning Commons Council University of Connecticut


Maritime History of the Atlantic World - charette, Mystic Seaport exhibit on Sinister Seas

11 January 2011

SiGMaster for "Data Warehousing and Extraction: Meeting the Reporting Needs of Your Campus," at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut,  6 June 2011.

Other Honors

  • Elected President of History Graduate Students' Association
  • Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society
  • Elected President of National Honor Society Chapter
  • Eagle Scout
  • Wheaton College Dean's List


Book Review: The Culture of Piracy, 1580-1630, Jowitt, Claire. (Ashgate Publishing Limited: Surrey, England, 2010)  reviewed in The Nautilus: A Maritime Journal of Literature, History, and Culture, Spring 2011.

“Ports” entry in Encyclopedia of New England (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005).

Book Review of Lisa Norling, Captain Ahab had a Wife: New England Women and the Whalefishery, 1720-1870 in Connecticut History, Vol. 40 No. 2 (Fall, 2001).

“'Three Sheets to the Wind:' Marine Temperance in Antebellum Nineteenth-Century America,” International Journal of Maritime History, Vol. XIII, No. 1 (June, 2001), 137-149.

“Good Havens!' Confronting the Nineteenth-Century American Merchant Mariner with Domestic Ideals,” Maritime Mission Studies, 2 (Spring, 2000) 9-17.

“Bethels” entry in An Encyclopedia of American Literature of the Sea and the Great Lakes, ed. Jill B. Gidmark (Greenwood Press, 2000).

“Verbeck, Guido Fridolin” entry in The American National Biography (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999).

“The Christian Herald and Seaman's Magazine: Portraying the Mariner as the 'Worthy' Spiritually Poor,” Maritime Mission Studies, 2 (Autumn, 1995), 11-18.

“'The Ship Without Liberty': Mutiny and the Clipper Contest,” The American Neptune, 55 (Spring, 1995), 123-134.

Online Publications

Professional Presentations

"Pirates of the Caribbean," was presented at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Connecticut, Waterbury, CT, September 2011. 

"Maritime Piracy," was presented at The Williams School, New London, CT, September 2011.

"Collaborative Technologies and the 21st Century University: Knowledge Creation and Exchange for the Next Generation," was presented at Collaborative Technologies for Teaching and Scholarship at a NorthEast Regional Computing Program SIG, Norwood, MA, May 2011.

"The Gaspee Affair," was presented to Tales of Cape Cod, Olde Colonial Courthouse, Barnstable, MA, August, 2010. 

"The End of Privateering: The Peace of Paris and the American Civil War,"  was presented to The North American Society for Oceanic History, Council of American Maritime Museums, National Maritime Historical Society, The Steamship Historical Society of America, and The Society for Nautical Research Conference, University of Connecticut, Groton and Mystic Seaport Inc., Mystic Connecticut, May 2010.

"Dual Boot Macs in Classrooms and Labs: The Best of Both Worlds," was presented to the NorthEast Regional Computing Program SIG, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, March 2010. 

"The Gaspee Affair," was presented to some of the staff of Mystic Seaport, Inc. at their Maritime Lunchure, Mystic, CT, February 2010.

"The Gaspee Affair," was presented to Leisure Learning in East Greenwich, RI, October 2009.

"Customs Enforcement, Piracy, Smuggling, and the Patriot Cause: Rhode Island's Gaspee Affair of 1772-1773," was presented at the Maritime Conference of the Humanities, Buzzards Bay, MA, October 2009.

"Supporting 1.0 Students in a 2.0 World," was presented at E-Learning 2.0: The Next Generation of Online Education Conference, Storrs, CT, September 2009.

"The Gaspee Affair," was presented to the Friends of Cranston Public Library, Cranston, RI, May 2009.

“Assessing Computer Technology Competency Among Incoming Students” was presented at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) Educational Technology Conference, Baltimore, MD, July 2008.

“Interpreting the Gaspée Affair” was presented at the Pawtuxet Village Association General Meeting, Warwick/Cranston, RI, June 2008.

“Opening up Comprehensive Media to a Wider Student Population” was presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries/New England Chapter conference on Media and Popular Culture: Effects on Academic Libraries, April 2008.

“Managing Over-Enrollments and Overrides” NERCOMP Poster Session, Worcester, MA, March 2006.

“The Burning of HMS Gaspee” was presented at UConn’s Avery Point Campus as part of their lecture series “The American Experience” in Groton, CT, October 2005.

“The Legacy of Rhode Island’s Gaspee Affair, 1772-1773” was presented at the New England Historical Association Fall Conference as part of a session titled “Ideology and Property in the Era of the American Revolution” in Kingston, RI, October 2005.

“Managing Over-Enrollment and Overrides” presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) in New York City, March 2005.

“Doing Historical Research in a Digital Age” – presented to the Department of History, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, March 2005.

“‘Fire in the hole!’ The burning of HMS Gaspee and a longer view of colonial maritime resistance” presented at The British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) 34th Annual Conference at St Hugh's College, Oxford, UK, January 2005.

“Using BRIO® Quickview to run StudentAdmin Data Mart (SADM) reports” presented at Chaplin Training Center, University of Connecticut Depot Campus, Storrs, CT, October 2003.

“'Tending the Vineyard:' Maritime Religion on Martha's Vineyard 1824-1978” presented at the Cape Cod Maritime History Symposium, Hyannis, MA, May 1999.

“Using STUBIO to create and run reports from the Student Records System in FOCEXEC” presented to the Council of Associate Deans of Resident Instruction, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, July 1998.

“Academic Advising and Emerging Technologies” - helped to organize and participated in a presentation for the Northeast Regional NACADA Conference in Portsmouth, NH, March 1998.

“'Good Havens!': Domesticating the Nineteenth-Century American Merchant Mariner” - presented at the New England Historical Association Fall Conference as part of a session I organized with fellow scholars titled “Maritime Philanthropy” in Storrs, CT, October 1997.

“'Three Sheets to the Wind': Marine Insurance and Temperance in the Nineteenth Century” - presented at the International Association for the Study of Maritime Mission Conference in Mystic, CT, April 1997.

“Creating the Electronic Lecture” - presented to the Department of History, The University of Connecticut, Storrs, December 1996.

“Rough Waters: Life at Sea in the 19th Century” - presented at the South Street Seaport Museum Conference in New York City, October 1995.

“The Christian Herald and Seaman's Magazine: Portraying the Mariner as the 'Worthy' Spiritually Poor” - presented at the International Association for the Study of Maritime Mission 1995 Conference in Liverpool, UK, April 1995.


Six-month educational leave granted by the Provost, University of Connecticut 1/05-7/05

University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, 8/95-8/97Graduate Assistant - Editorial Assistant

·Prepared, edited, and proofed manuscripts for publication in the Oral History Review

·Coordinated the referee and reviewing process of articles for the editor

·Compiled a computer data-base of survey results received from 183 members of the Oral History Association

University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, 1/95-5/95Graduate Assistant - Teaching Assistant

·Prepared review sessions for class examinations

·Assisted students during weekly office hours

·Evaluated student progress by grading examinations and papers


University of Connecticut, Avery Point and Storrs campuses, Connecticut, 1/00 - presentInstructor

Taught writing - intensive classes that require many revisions and editing on a 15-page research project

Utilize a campus-wide learning management system to enhance instruction and communication with students.


  • United States History to 1877
  • United States History since 1877
  • Modern Western Traditions (1500 to present)
  • America and the Sea
  • The Maritime History of the Atlantic World
  • Colonial America: Native Americans, Slaves, and Settlers, 1492-1760

First Year Experience:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean (honors and non-honors sections)
  • History of Religion in America
  • University Learning Skills

Interdisciplinary classes that incorporate history, economics, archeology, and literature

  • Introduction to Maritime Culture (in person and fully online)
  • Ports of Passage

The Master's School, West Simsbury, Connecticut, 8/89-6/92History Teacher-Secondary Grades

  • Taught 25 classes per week in history (U.S., Russian, Ancient and Modern World), geography, and contemporary issues
  • Advised yearbook staff of 18 students in layout and photography for production of 80-page yearbook
  • Advised outdoor club of 12 students in planning trips and fundraising activities

Work History

Work History
Oct 2005 - Present

Program Manager, Learning Resource Center
  • Hire, train, and supervise 11 Student Educational Technology Assistants (SETAs) each year to provide help desk support to 28,000 students.
  • Manage a state-of-the-art computer laboratory and collaborative learning center within a Tier I public research library
  • Teach or co-teach 14 different workshops to undergraduate and graduate students each semester
Aug 1997 - Oct 2005

Academic Counselor/Coordinator

Academic Counselor/Coordinator – given positions of increasing responsibility with 2 upgrades/reclassifications (1999 & 2004)

  • Advised approximately 5,600 undergraduate students regarding curriculum planning, major selections, career opportunities, and graduate school
  • Designed, implemented, and managed ten dynamic, relational databases of more than 21,000 students generating information for scholarship selection, school and department reports, mass e-mail distributions, and traditional mailings.
  • Coordinated the reporting needs of the School of Business utilizing data warehouses and web-based applications
  • Worked with 37 student leaders on the Student Leadership Council to plan and implement programs that benefited their organizations and the school
May 1987 - Mar 1989

Assistant Camp Director

  • Planned and implemented staff training, family camps, youth camps, retreats, and conferences year-round
  • Made changes in staff recruitment among college students to increase applications by 50% in one year
  • Supervised a summer staff of 18 college students
  • Developed and reorganized camp program areas to increase their capacity by 25% in one year