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I play hockey and softball.

I regularly play the piano and sing, primarily pop music.

I have been an avid reader, but less than I'd like these days.

I regularly go to Ottawa Swing Dance Society and Swing Dynamite swing dances. I am passionate about swing dancing, particularly Lindy Hop and Balboa/Bal-swing.

I've been a regular attendee of the National Arts Center and Ottawa Symphony Orchestras for over a decade. I regularly attend music concerts in many genres.

I can, and like to cook.

I am diligent at fitness.


Project manager with expertise managing projects in software development, telephony and RF/electronic engineering.

Excellent consensus building, teamwork, and team leading skills, and superior writing and speaking skills, honed from:

- seven years of project management for DRS EW & Network Systems and Nortel.

- a year and a half as the chairperson for design integration weekly forums and product carrier grade weekly forums, and two years as an employee satisfaction (ESAT) prime for a 100 person directorship

- five years of experience leading small software design teams

Software development and development life cycle expertise developed from: 14 years as a software designer, all in real-time applications


I would like to continue to use my skills at Project management. My expertise and experience has been in high-tech, both in software and hardware development.


George Ghanem

George was the director for the Succession program at Nortel, a new product that ported the DMS switch software to an Internet Telephony base.

I worked directly under him on several of the early releases of the product before commercial deployment.

George now works for Microsoft in Seattle.

Jim Rose

Jim co-hired me in 2002 for my Project Manager role at DRS, and was always my superior, sometimes directly.

Jim is now :

Director, Programs

at Ultra Electronics Telemus

Jim was the RF technical expert in the flagship simulator product before entering management.

Marwan Osman

Marwan was a senior R&D manager in the maiden Voice Over IP project for Nortel at the turn of the millenium, and I was an integration and release manager for him. Previously, I had run a small design team project for him when he was a manager in Advanced Intelligent Networking for the DMS Telephony switch.

Work experience

Sep 2002Feb 2008

Project Manager

DRS EW & Networks Systems (Canada) Ltd.

Project Manager for software and hardware Electronic Warfare radar threat training systems.

Day-to-day management of typically a half dozen concurrent projects with tasking focus on:

  • contract review/negotiation/adherence

  • setting, management and tracking of budget

  • scheduling of labour, tasking, and milestones

  • customer liaison and progress reporting

  • personnel management and tasking coordination

  • project documentation

Sole project management responsibility for full simulators delivered to, amongst others, the Australian military, US Army, United Arab Emirates Navy and Canadian Forces, affording experience in dealing with a wide variety of customer styles and processes. These projects typically use the services of the entire EWNS engineering team, are in the million dollar range, and are performed in roughly a year.

Demonstrated multi-tasking abilities by assuming project management responsibility for all of the company's software projects during my tenure, and about half of the RF simulators.

Improved tracking of both expended and budgeted labour costs by active role in replacement of cumbersome labour recording process via the incorporation of TimeSheet Professional with Microsoft Project.

Regular contribution to proposal work consisting of labour allocation, pricing determination, requirement compliance and proposal letter writing, include the prime role in the winning proposal for the largest software project for the company this decade.

Successfully managed one of the company's most difficult projects: two contracts in the United Arab Emirates, where the contract style and business culture are quite different from the West. In addition to coping with the medium and time-zone challenges of communication, made three separate solo trips to Abu Dhabi to address contract technicalities with customers, governments and banks, and successfully obtain payments from a challenging, process-heavy business culture.

Jan 1999Jun 2001

Integration Release Prime

Nortel Networks

Software Release Prime and Integration Prime for an IP/ATM telephony product

(CS2000 in Succession) based on the DMS, Nortel’s flagship telephony switch, and making

use of several hundred software developers.

  • Recruited and organized primeship to represent functional deliverables and design integration

  • Chaired weekly status and issue resolution conference calls and organized and chaired a director-level weekly conference on carrier grade assessment and development

  • Assigned and tracked actions in both forums above

  • Determined areas of design and integration concern, and facilitated resolution planning

  • Organized and reported on program status to director level

  • Developed, implemented, and evolved a new integration process to meet more complicated integration needs of the project

  • Received Nortel Gold Pride Award from the IP Cable Succession department director for

“…strong dedication and commitment…(which) made a tremendous difference to the overall Succession IP program”


Feature software designer

Nortel Networks

Feature software designer in Advanced Intelligent Networking (AIN)

and Toll-free services on the DMS switch.                                                      1995 - 1999

  • Designed, implemented, tested and supported customer revenue generating software for:

  • 8xx toll-free dialing, Local Number Portability (LNP), and Advanced Intelligence Networking

  • Received Nortel Networks Award of Merit for “Customer Satisfaction for development/introduction of Local Number Portability.”

  • Received Stentor trophy and recognition award recognizing software design contributions to the introduction of888 (Toll-free expansion), and Nortel Certificate of recognition for “significant contributions to the successful delivery of 888 Toll Free Service.”

  • Addressed product use knowledge gap with an evolving on-line data fill repository

  • Managed code development and evolution while maintaining quality standards as architect and code-owner for toll-free services software

  • Screened and interviewed new-hire candidates, and mentored new staff

  • Maintained process adherence and prepared team for successful ISO audits as group ISO prime

  • As Employee Satisfaction (ESAT) prime for directorship, leading a team of ~10 local ESAT primes for two years, led the introduction of a new model of operation for ESAT and department process improvement, resulting in significant changes to department culture and improved ESAT.

Software designer in Generic Services Framework software evolution project. 1993 – 1995

  • Designed and implemented an object-oriented TCAP signaling encoder-decoder as part of a four person team


platform software developer

CAE Electronics

Software developer in the Computer Systems Engineering Department that was responsible for computer platforms, tailored operating systems and tools for CAE’s flight simulation engineering.

  • Designed, implemented, tested and supported the following field proven software packages:

  • Asynchronous I/O – package providing device and file I/O done asynchronously in real-time, with features such as file locking, asynchronous trapping and blocking/non-blocking read/writes.

  • Central Error Logging and Abort handling – Package trapping error signals generated by programs, producing debugging traces of the cause of abort and logging results to files/screens/printers through a central server.

  • a package linking computers so that the peripheral computers can receive and send console messages through a central computer, primarily for system-wide shutdown and reboot.

  • Portable control Unit I/O – A network package used by application software to communicate with a hand-held portable control unit. The package communicated through either RS232 or Infra-red, using a self-designed network protocol.

  • tailored Ethernet I/O packages

  • Received NASA group achievement award “in recognition of extraordinary achievement for the design, development and integration of the Crew Station Research and Development Facility.”

  • Instrumental contributor in selection of new computer platforms for simulators, through the individual evaluation of new computers and products for proposals.

  • Improved rigour of software development process and quality as key player creating and introducing a software quality process to Computer Systems Engineering Department, including design review process, documentation standard, and code inspection process.



Bachelor of Science

Accepted at Queen's University in 1997 with a Tri-colour scholarship.

Completed three years of a Biochemistry degree and then changed majors to Computer Science.

Acquired Bachelor of Science in Computing in 1984.

Worked for a year in the Computer Science department on an advanced language compiler.


software development tools & skills
  As a software developer for roughly eight years each at Nortel and CAE Electroics, I used the following:   Programming Languages - C, Ada, standard and object-oriented Protel (Nortel proprietary language), Fortran, college JAVA course Operating Systems - real-time UNIX (IBM’s AIX, Harris’ CX-UX, SGI’s IRIX), VAX VMS, and Nortel’s SOS     Additionally, I have experience in the following:     Expertise – software development life-cycle, real-time applications, telephony applications – AIN, LNP, SS7, TCAP Training – Internal ISO auditor
Project Management tools
For the 5 1/2 years that I worked as a Project Manager at DRS, I used Microsoft Project, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. I also used TimeSheet Professional and customized macros for labour finance management.


Jul 2009Jul 2012


Project Management Institute


CAE Electronics

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