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Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Multi-disciplined marketing executive skilled in brand building and new business development.

Proven performance as a pioneer in digital technology, harnessing social media strategies to develop meaningful and relevant content that consistently delivers results. Outstanding leadership skills with the ability to build and guide top performing teams.  Adept at communicating with management, vendors and internal departments to coordinate overall marketing strategies that lead to sales increases.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Consumer Insight
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Team Building & Management
  • Innovative Marketing & Promotions
  • Dealer Interaction
  • Results/Measurement Oriented

Work experience


Senior Account Executive

Venu Interactive

Managed integrated branding and communications firm, helmed by leading creative and digital experts who specialize in brand launches and rejuvenations. Lead teams in successful retail and digital brand integration, branded content development and social media.

  • Rebranded Nike's Air Jordan including identity, product, retail, packaging and branding.
  • Created and launched Southern California Edison's A/C Quality program. Conducted marketing focus groups, created marketing plan, developed campaigns for online and print campaigns. Designed and built multiple websites including a fully integrated dealer extranet with online marketing portal for online print ordering and promotional materials.
  • Developed Facebook, Twitter and WordPress Blog strategy for A/C Quality Dealer Network.
  • Rebranded EDP Legal Services and created new product offering "One Touch" Legal Services including naming, identity, website, advertising and direct marketing campaign.

Executive Vice President of Sales

Cenveo/Anderson Lithograph

Internationally recognized leader in the commercial printing industry best known for printing high quality automotive and fashion catalogs and annual reports. Anderson was also recognized as one of the countries most sustainable manufacturing plants.

  • Managed a national sales force with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas and Minneapolis.
  • Responsible for 40 sales people and $160 million in revenue.
  • Developed innovative sales strategies resulting major account acquisitions.
  • New business development.
  • Presented companies sustainability program to clients throughout the country.
  • Represented company at regulatory meetings and sustainability conferences.

Vice President, General Manager

Sea Recovery

Spearheaded the development of innovative and intuitive desalination systems for marine consumers and luxury boat builders around the world. With a customer-first philosophy, Sea Recovery is the #1 water making company in the world.

  • Responsible for all aspects of the companies operations including manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing and advertising.
  • Launched innovative products worldwide.
  • Formed OEM affiliations.
  • Managed international distribution/dealer network.
  • Developed and negotiated international manufacturing agreements.

Vice President Sales & Marketing/Managing Partner

Insync Media

Created a professional services, and sales, and marketing company that worked with top entertainment and agency customers. Spearheaded the development of a customer-focused philosophy centered on excellence, innovation and agility. Developed and deployed industry defining digital asset management solutions across several industry verticals including media & entertainment, broadcasting, advertising & marketing as well as print & publishing.

  • Built a forward thinking, digital asset management company
  • Develop pioneering technology solutions in video management, brand management, marketing automation, multi-channel media publishing, news and broadcast automation, and print services automation.
  • Created to a dynamic work place where top digital engineering staff challenged and encouraged our team to exceed personal and professional goals.
  • Managed merger and acquisition projects.
  • Developed key strategic alliances.
  • Lead the company through its greatest growth period -- boosting sales revenue (300%) leading to 3 of the company's most profitable years in business.


Ross Patrick

Steven is a true believer in new media and the connection between retail and digital. His ability to identify trends, develop strategic marketing solutions and shape successful product development is a reflection of his keen creative marketing sensibilities.

Mark Durkin

“I had the pleasure of working with Steven for five years during his tenure at Cenveo. During our time together, the printing industry was besieged with requests for information about sustainable printing operations, which Anderson Lithograph was undoubtedly the nations premier sustainable print provider. Steven’s approach to any request for information from any prospect, no matter the size of the company, was met with enthusiasm and innovative thinking. This ultimately was always met with, “tell me more” from the prospect. Steven has the rare ability to captivate his audience with straightforward talk and shies away from industry jargon that sounds memorized. I was always impressed with Steven’s ability to engage the prospect or customer in a discussion that ultimately enabled us to utilize the information so that we could provide a presentation that far exceeded their expectations and ultimately distanced ourselves from our competition. Steve possesses a broad scope of knowledge about his industry. He always maintains a positive attitude while making the customer feel as though they are old friends. He is always able to offer solutions backed with any pertinent data and options so that the customer has a solid base for their decision.” February 11, 2011

David Spector

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Steven Henry's vision and commitment to making manufacturing more sustainable is truly inspiring. Through Steven's leadership, the Anderson plant became a self-sustaining dynamo that produced some of the finest printing on the planet with little to no environmental impact. I will always be proud of the work we produced there together. Most important, Steven does not keep his knowledge to himself. He is a true teacher and advocate. He eagerly shares with colleagues, clients, even competitors. I always feel that it's a privilege to partner with Steven. I come away a little smarter, a little more aware. And always with something wonderful for my Clients.” December 23, 2010

Andy Kennelly

“Steven is a true visionary and natural leader. I reported to Steven several years ago and he always seems to be one step ahead of the competition. He has a great understanding of the industry and he is an amazing communicator. Steven is highly motivated, has great client relationships and is very good at business development. I highly recommend Steven Henry!” February 9, 2011

Allen Phillips

“I've had the good fortune of working for Steven twice in my career and learned a great deal each time. Steven's vision, passion and leadership were key components of my success. He's the kind of leader that critically questions the thoughts and actions of those around him — and in doing so, taught me how to realize the best results from my peers, colleagues, and even management. For over two decades Steven has been my "go to guy" when a tough business question arose. More often than not, rather than giving me the answer, he worked with me to discover the answer for myself. By emulating Steven's leadership, I was better able to serve our clients and the companies who entrusted their marketing to us.” February 4, 2011

Chuck Bellatti

“I have known Steven as a competitor and a colleague. Steven has the ability to quickly see into the heart of the matter and respond with an outstanding solution. Steven's experience, skill and professionalism make him an outstanding resource.” February 24, 2011


Cleveland State University - Ohio State University

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio

Mechanical Engineering

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Business & Marketing