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Steve Nguyen, Ph.D.

Leadership Advisor & Talent Development Consultant


Steve Nguyen, Ph.D., is a Leadership Advisor & Talent Development Consultant. A self-directed, enthusiastic, strategic problem-solver, he advises senior leaders on ways to make people and organizations more effective and is involved in developing and implementing key initiatives, training, and programs to create and sustain a high-performing organization.


  • 10+ years of experience in Leadership & Talent Development, Training/Learning & Development, and Organizational Development.
  • 3.5 years of leadership/talent development/organizational development consulting and corporate training experience in a Learning and Development organization.
  • 7.5 years of experience facilitating training for adults in a classroom environment.
  • 4 years of experience facilitating learning for adults in a virtual environment.
  • Program Manager of a Corporate University/Academy.
  • DISC Certified Practitioner.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Certified.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.
  • Prosci® Change Management Certified.


  • Work Ethic: Self-Directed & Tenacious
    Self-directed, dedicated, disciplined, and quality-conscious. Tireless work ethic in solving complex problems. High degree of tenacity and follow-through.

  • Strengths: Strategy & Execution
    Exceptionally skilled at developing strategies, using foresight, implementing ideas, and creating structures to meet goals.

  • Talents: Synthesis & Insight
    Excellent ability to synthesize and organize ideas to clarify complex issues, and offer insights and visions to define the essence of a problem or solution.


Work experience

May 2014Present

Corporate Leadership & Talent Development Consultant


MedSynergies, an Optum company, is a national leader in bringing hospitals and physician practices together to elevate patient care and improve financial performance.


  • Advise on all aspects of learning to clients and senior leadership to support learning & development initiatives. Consultations include: strategy, measurement, needs analysis, and course and program selection and implementation.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders on how to achieve desired results efficiently & effectively, addressing root causes of performance gaps rather than symptoms or side effects.


  • Program manager responsible for (design, development, implementation, & sustaining) corporate university/academy that aims to develop employees & high potentials (Sales, Operations, and IT) and teach them business acumen, healthcare revenue cycle, physician healthcare practices, and company’s product lines.
  • Developed a detailed, executive-level Succession Planning presentation (including a “Talent Profile” template and a “9-Box Grid & Key”) for managers and executives.


  • Developed a change management workshop (Organizational & Individual Change and Prosci/ADKAR Change Management Model) to train and equip workshop participants with an understanding of and appreciation for change, as well as the needed skills to manage that change.
  • Created a detailed Change Management Plan with a project plan that walked stakeholders through integrating Change Management process and methodology into a Talent Management Project.

College Professor

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association, one of six regional accrediting bodies in the U.S.

Role: Through the subject of health and wellness, I instill in students the belief that no matter how old a person is or how many health problems s/he faces, everyone can make positive changes for a healthier future. I empower students to learn about health risks, develop plans for change, and make healthy lifestyle changes in their daily life. Most of all, I encourage my students to always believe that they can change their own behaviors as well as become an agent for a healthy change in their own families and communities.

Key Objectives:

  • Engage and lead students using didactic and facilitative techniques to help them sharpen their academic skills while learning practical, relevant lessons about health and wellness.
  • Facilitate the learning process by analyzing, organizing, and translating the information to be learned into a format that matches the student’s current level of understanding. This allows students to build upon knowledge that they have already learned.
  • Equip and empower students to use critical thinking skills, teaching them to learn to “fish for themselves” without having to rely on others to “fish for them.”

Senior Diversity Trainer

University of North Texas

UNT is one of Texas' largest universities with 36,000+ students. It has a total endowment of $143.4 million (FY 2014).

Role: Helped design, deliver, and evaluate diversity initiatives for the university. Collaborated with senior-level executives to coordinate and develop orientation and training programs and ensure alignment with university strategic goals.

Key Results:

  • Ensured successful delivery of diversity education and training programs throughout campus including development and implementation of policies and procedures in the areas of training, faculty and student rights and responsibilities, and new student and faculty orientations.
  • Fostered a teamwork environment conducive to positive dialogue across all departments. Personal efforts were cited as a driving force behind new students’ interests and retention in multicultural activities.
  • Created and delivered Ally Training program to support faculty and staff in creating a safe zone for highly diverse, minority group members. Wrote and designed the ALLY Training manual covering issues including safety, discrimination, expert insights, and rights information.

Project Management Accounting Specialist

Nestlé Waters North America

Nestlé is the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. It is ranked by Forbes as one of the world's most valuable brands.

Role: Helped project engineering managers track and guide materials management and service process to build bottling facilities throughout North America.

Key Results:

  • Consulted with senior project managers ensuring 100% accuracy & timeliness of value streams.
  • Evaluated and reconciled numerous international, $20+ million construction projects.
  • Effectively negotiated with subcontractors achieving 10% cost and time reductions.
  • Managed allocation of budgets using SAP R/3 GLOBE for WBS (work breakdown structure) elements to ensure appropriate project funding.

Disability Services Advisor

Collin College

Collin College is a public, higher learning institution. It serves about 53,000 credit and continuing education students each year.

Role: Served students with disabilities. Established academic and mental health support system, enabling students with learning, emotional, and mental disabilities the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Key Results:

  • Developed and delivered quality disability services to student population at Collin College. Implemented programs and policies in the areas of advising to students and training to faculty, to improve college learning experience for students and college teaching experience for faculty.
  • Promoted teamwork-based environment to drive better interaction with & services to students. Personally cited by students as the dynamic force behind improved advisor-student relations.
  • Counseled students in getting the appropriate level of mental health care. Proctored and administered tests for students on all campuses needing special testing arrangements.
  • Delivered presentation on alternative education for students with disability, helping them and their families to understand their rights and options.

Crisis Intervention Consultant

CNMI Public School System

School system in North Pacific Ocean comprised of 20 schools and 12,000 students across three islands.

Role: Helped school district in servicing learning and emotional needs of students. Worked with administrators, teachers & staff to create policies & procedures. Developed and headed orientation & crisis management training programs and effectively handled crisis issues in school & workplace.

Under organizational development framework (i.e., top-down plan to strengthen employee knowledge and skills & improve overall health of the organization), designed and implemented pro-active approach to crisis management in school system that included:

  • Focus on prevention and strategies for defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.
  • Developing crisis management plan & communication: (i) Prevention: three levels of prevention for inappropriate behavior, ranging from school-wide positive behavioral expectations to specialized individual systems for specific groups or individuals, (ii) Collaboration: collaborative team approach to prevention through the involvement of key stakeholders including the individual, family, staff, and administration, (iii) Person-Centered Plans: Relationship-based approaches foster person-centered, respectful interactions between staff and the individual.
  • Training individuals & teams in physical crisis intervention, to be used as a last resort (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training delivered to over 800 individuals).
  • Empowering educators and community about crisis management: (i) 3-hour presentation to the local community, and (ii) School Crisis & Acute Traumatic Stress Management Handbook.


Leadership Development
Talent Management & Talent Development
Organizational Development
Training/Learning & Development
Personnel Selection



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Philosophy

Baylor University

Activities and Societies: 

  • Caritas of Waco
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Waco Animal Shelter

Master of Arts (M.A.), Counseling Psychology

Texas Woman's University
  • Kate Adele Hill Scholarship

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Capella University
  • Dissertation: Gender and Conflict-Handling Style as Predictors of Indirect Workplace Aggression
  • Graduated with Distinction


Dec 2015Present

Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner

Prosci, Inc.

Change management is leading & managing the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.

Aug 2016Present

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma combines two powerful process improvement methods: Lean (reduces wastes) and Six Sigma (reduces defects).

Sept 2016Present

MBTI® Certified Practitioner

GS Consultants

Trained in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment.

Mar 2017Present

DISC Certified Practitioner

Assessments 24x7

Trained in DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) assessment.


June 2007

Executive Director’s Letter of Appreciation

Crisis Prevention Institute

Letter from Director of the Crisis Prevention Institute for delivering Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training to hundreds of individuals in the school system.

June 2007

Certificate of Appreciation

CNMI Mental Health Planning Council

Given for “Public Service, Volunteer Work and Advocacy in Improving the Lives of Individuals with Mental Health Disability, and most especially for Children with Special Needs.”

Project: Leadership Development

Project: Leadership Development organization was interested in creating a leadership workshop to equip team members and high-potentials with tools and skills to become effective leaders.

Solutions: (1) Designed workshop curriculum (including topics, course length, descriptions, evidence-based leadership competencies, delivery mechanisms, and objectives/learning outcomes), (2) Located a leadership assessment, Leadership Skills Questionnaire, to identify participant's leadership skills and provide participants with a profile of their leadership skills, including their strengths & weaknesses, (3) Added a Mentoring module containing Six Mentoring Dimensions, and clearly identifying and outlining the mentor’s role and the mentee’s behavioral expectations.


Project: Talent Acquisition organization required help to educate and train managers and team members and provide them with tools and skills to better manage change.

Solutions: (1) Developed a half-day change management workshop (covering Organizational & Individual Change; Prosci/ADKAR Change Management Model & Change Curve Model; Leading Change at Every Level) to train and equip workshop participants with an understanding of and appreciation for change, as well as the needed skills to manage that change, (2) Recommended change management as a critical part of a leadership workshop.


Project: Mergers & acquisitions and responses to changing business needs contributed to a declining quality and attrition of talents for a $100 million-a-year revenue cycle management and physician practice management organization.

Solutions: (1) Created a “Talent Profile” template and a “9-Box Grid & Key” to facilitate Succession Planning meetings and High Potential selections, (2) Recommended (a) Developing competency definitions and measurement scales, (b) Evaluating potential hires using assessment tools, (c) Improving recruiting process to better attract & select talent, and (d) Creating a bench strength summary of critical roles.


Project: An educational organization required assistance with improving employee knowledge and skills to better manage hostile & violent crisis situations.

Solutions: Over the course of 3 years, I developed, implemented, and continually refined crisis management program addressing: (1) Respectful interactions & different levels of prevention, (2) Collaborative approach through involvement of key stakeholders, (3) Physical crisis intervention to be used as last resort.



International Coach Federation (ICF)

International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest coaching organization. ICF’s core purpose is to advance the art, science, and practice of the coaching profession.


Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM)

Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM) is a society made up of PhD psychologists who work as executives, managers, leaders, & consultants with executives and managers in organizations.