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Reconstructive Dentistry, Remineralization Technology, Aesthetic Dentistry


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Most recently, the Consumer Research Council of America has named Steven R Fox DDS one of America’s top Dentists in 2013. NY Magazine mentioned Dr. Fox as being one of the leading doctors in halitosis treatment and thanks to his peers and Connecticut Magazine he was also recognized as one of the top dentists in the north east.

A highly sought dental professional in Manhattan for more than 30 years, Steven R. Fox, DDS, is recognized around the world for his research in reconstructive dentistry. Over the years, he has served in a number of important dental developments. Working alongside the Assistant Surgeon General of the United States and a Nobel Prize winner, Steven R. Fox, DDS, led the advance of remineralization technology, a key technique to restoring calcium loss in teeth.Providing top dental services to patients in a wide range of areas, Dr. Fox focuses primarily on aesthetic dentistry. A pioneer of cosmetic intervention, Steven R. Fox, DDS, taught as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the New York University College of Dentistry and as a faculty member of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Throughout his career, he has worked toward the restoration of early-stage tooth damage, using advanced laser technology to identify calcium loss, undetectable by X-ray technology.Using a conservative approach, Steven R. Fox, DDS, saves tooth structure by approaching fillings with as little tooth elimination as possible. Implementing a nanocomposite material, the result is a strong, cosmetically appealing tooth, without excessive drilling. In regard to inlays and veneers, Dr. Fox also prefers less invasive procedures, such as porcelain restorations, with little to no drilling or tooth reduction.Over the years, Steven R. Fox, DDS, has served as a knowledgeable contributor on education in preventive, reconstructive, and aesthetic dentistry. His résumé includes television appearances on CNN and FOX, as well as such publications as Redbook; O, The Oprah Magazine; The New York Times; and The Wall Street Journal. He is the recipient of the United States Senate Medal of Freedom, and was selected by Ernst & Young as its Entrepreneur Of The Year in 1999. As a dental professional, he is a member of the American Dental Association, and serves as a Fellow for both the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists. For more information on Dr. Fox’s services, please visit his website at

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