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Emmy award winning videographer and Associate Producer with 20+ years experience in broadcast television production, promotions and commercial advertising. 

Work experience

Mar 1996Feb 2014

Videographer /Associate Producer / Editor / Lighting / Set Design

CTN Studios - City of Coon Rapids
  • Producer duties included: location scouting, planning, writing and marketing. Research production topics using the internet, video archives, files and other informational sources.
  • Senior videographer for in-studio and on-location productions of news, sports, variety and talk show television broadcasts, promotions and advertising. 
  • Edited recorded materials and graphics into commercial broadcast ready productions and promotions utilizing Final Cut Pro 7.0 and Final Cut Pro X editing software. 
  • Directed both live and live-to-tape events acting as both technical director and creative director using: effects, graphics, roll-ins, pre-produced stories, and live programming.
  • Oversee day to day production planning with team of professionals to produce quality projects and promotions in a fast-paced environment.
  • Designed graphics using Photoshop for news, talk show and promotional productions.
  • Recorded and edited audio material such as talent voice overs and nat sound for productions and coached talent on performance and quality aspects.
  • Additional experience included: teleprompter and floor director, as well as set up and operation of mobile production vehicles to gather footage for live and edited broadcasts.
  • Performed production support including: digitize and archive audio and video data storage for backup and future use, converted video to other digital formats and was responsible for posting shows to the internet, updated web page content and current schedule and show content. 
  • Designed and set up lighting for in-studio and on-location shoots utilizing scrims, diffusion, gels, filters and fixtures to achieve both accurate and creative lighting effects.
  • Developed comprehensive training instructions on operation and maintenance of lighting, audio and video equipment and conducted training.
  • Designed and constructed all studio sets including taking project bids. Delivered on time and under budget.
Oct 1991Feb 1995

Senior Post-Production Shooter/Visual Merchandiser

ValueVision, Inc.
  • Senior Shooter/Visual Merchandiser Senior Post Production Shooter/Visual Merchandiser for in-studio and on-location production of promotional and live broadcasts.
  • Collaborate with show and product producers and talent to create promotions to sell products on home shopping network and internet.
  • Gained experience with all aspects of television production, both in-studio and on-location including: camera set-up and use, lighting layout, floor direction, graphics, microphone placement and audio board, teleprompter, studio set design and building.
  • Trained to use cameras in many different mounts: stationary, handheld, track-mounted dolly, and crane-mounted.
  • Scouted sets and locations for potential projects and determined shooting and lighting requirements.
  • Assisted with writing scripts for promotional product broadcasts. Researched new video, audio, lighting and studio design concepts to stay current.
  • Stay current with new technologies in the field with on going training.
  • Diagnosed and resolved video, audio, graphics, teleprompter, or lighting problems and fixed or notifed directors of any possible problems.
  • Set up, and loaded video files and tapes for scheduled productions or broadcasts.
  • Recorded talent voice overs and coached talent on performance and quality aspects.
  • Trained new camera operators and talent on operation and maintenance of video, lighting, and audio equipment as needed.

Video Court Reporter

MacPhail & Associates
  • Record video depositions for play back in court in front of a jury.  
  • Required impeccable attendance, accuracy, attention to detail and professionalism at all times.



Adobe Photoshop Beginning & Advanced

Minnesota School of Business

Principles of Adobe Photoshop and advanced tricks of the trade to make full page and key graphics for the television industry.


Video Production & Technology

The School of Communication Arts

Immersive, 8+hr/day, 6 month course that covered all aspects of broadcast video production and technology.  Training included: ENG camera, shot layout, editing, lighting, audio, graphics, shading, story boarding, set design and construction, in-studio and out in the field.  My two professors were currently active in the industry and passed on many 'tricks of the trade' that have proven to be priceless in my career.  I graduated top of my class with honors and was picked up by ValueVision, Inc.home shopping network before I even completed my coursework.

Honors & Awards