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Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Social Media Manager

self employed

I have decided to use my skills with social media to start a self employed career as a Social Media Manager. I have experience in many fields of industry and their customer service side. 

I have been using Social Media for years and am not a stranger to it or its functions in anyway. I have helped many people figure out online/ technical problems before but never on a career basis, even in the Social Media world.  I have taken a training course with and this with my years of experience of basic internet and social media use, combined with the understanding of various industries and the customer expectations of these industries i am more than ready to fulfill your Social Media concerns and needs

Sep 2014Oct 2014


Midwest Firestop

Midwest Firestop was a firestopping company that focus on sealing wall and floor penetrations such as metal pipes and cable bundles. These breaks in the floor and walls would create easy access points for a fire to spread throughout a facility.  Special fire rated materials were used in specifically designed and tested systems based upon penetration type, wall or floor type and depth of the floor or wall being seal. I received a work injury of October of 2014 resulting in 2 fractured ribs and Regional management showed understanding and told me to take extra time off work and even had light work assignments for me until i was fully healed.

The Corporate office stepped in and terminated my employment via email, specific reason not sighted

Mar 2014Aug 2014

Overnight team


My duties with Target included unloading of nightly trucks and pushing product to the floor for stocking, and back stocking excess products in the small warehousing section in the back of the store. I left this job for a very good opportunity with MWFS.

Jan 2013Feb 2014

Circuit line Assembly, Reboxer

AMBU (Formely King Systems)

AMBU made breathing circuit apparatus's used during surgery operations to gas patients and provide a breathing airway. I Started on the Assembly end of the product putting them together by specific methods and chemicals such as industrial glues based on product schematics/ paperwork.

I was offered a position as a Reboxer after several months which focused more on the inspection and packing of the product as well as transportation to the warehouse end of the facility for shipping.

The company started receiving many warning and violation letters from OSHA and the FDA near the end of my time with the company and the change in management from king systems to AMBU, i took a job at target for fear of company shutdown and job loss.

Aug 2012Dec 2012

Warehouse Orderfill for Tractor Supply Company

First Call Temporary Service

i was Assigned to Tractor Supply Company to provide extra temporary labor. Duties included filling orders to be shipped to store to refill their inventory. I rode a electric motor Pallet jack and used a automated command driven headset prompting order items to be picked and loaded onto pallets which were filled and dropped off in staging areas for loading by another department.

Aug 2012Aug 2012

Warehouse Order fill for Formica

Elwood Staffing Temporary Service

I was assigned for temporary extra label for a counter top laminate distribution center.  The warehouse received daily trucks of whole loads of like product which was stored in designated areas to be picked for order fill.

Order fill would pick according to paper sheet orders going to designated spots and picked specific amounts of each type of laminate by order need.

Dec 2011Jul 2012

Verizon Wireless Customer Service Representative

ACS (Affiliated Computer Service)

ACS was a third party organization call center doing incoming Verizon Wireless Customer Service calls.  There was a 2 month paid training course where all current technologies, devices, and call center scenarios were discussed and tested on as well as multiple system platforms needed to solve the various issues customers had.

I was offered a supervisory position due to my performance upon my decision to leave the company, but i turned it down as it was actually a pay cut to take the position and i was not interested in continuing a career in the field.

Feb 2011Dec 2011

delivery driver

Best Way Cleaners

I started employment here pressing pants and quickly became the delivery driver tasked with taking clean and pressed items to drop off/pick up locations located across town.  Duties included double checking all items before loading and making sure they were properly bagged and sealed for transport in the company vehicle and collecting and transporting all orders and clothing items back to the main store for the next day cleaning.

I left best way to take the opportunity with ACS due to the pay being offered




It was my first job that i started part time while finishing High school. I was cross trained across all shifts and all of the following positions: grill, fries, sandwich making, front window food present/handout, and ice cream machine items. I finished my active status with them working 3rd shift and was trained in all late night cleaning and sanitation operations which included cleaning all surfaces in the bathrooms, dining area and the drink station. 

Cleaning operations behind the counter in the food prep area included sweeping and moping all floors, acid scrubbing the grill nightly to get all food debris off to avoid cross contamination during breakfast prep and properly storing all food condiments such as lettuce.ketchup, etc and washing all dishes used during the day.

I maintain employed status but have been on leave for sometime as i got new employment and work odd shifts for them from time to time.


Aug 2006Jul 2010

General Diploma

Anderson high School

General high school studies and Diploma


Microsoft excel
Have used it in jobs for keeping track of work data and to turn in for reports
microsoft office word
Have used ever sense i was in school and long after for a variety of projects including reports and resume creation

What i will Suggest to you Immediatly

If you dont already have a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Account i would implore you to let me start there as Facebook is one of the Most popular ways right now to get proper Social Media recognition.

Twitter can get you the recognition but Twitter has limited function but is very fast paced and can be used to pull audience to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. 

LinkedIn is basically your business's professional Social Media Profile and is the best way to get the Proper recognition.

Combining these 3 social media platforms is a great way to get your foot in the door into the world of Social Media and from there the opportunity can be limitless as long s you have someone knowledgeable behind the wheel