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Steven Palumbo has spent the past few years working in the medical devices sales field where he was a highly successful OR med-surgical & clinical diagnostic sales executive. Steven Palumbo got his start with Beckton Dickson Surgical Systems, first as a surgical sales analyst, and then as an opthalmic surgical consultant. Steven Palumbo continued to work his way up through the company, becoming an Opthalmic Surgical Sales Trainer (Eastern Region) in the start of 2003. Steven Palumbo held this position until late 2004 when he switched back to a Molecular Diagnostics Sales Specialist. Steven Palumbo stayed in the Molecular Diagnostics Sales Specialist position for two years, earning recognition like being named a Rookie of the Year Candidate in 2005 and being a part of the Quota Club in 2005 and 2006. 

Steven Palumbo transitioned to a new company in February 2007, taking a position as the Molecular Diagnostics Clinical Sales Representative with Nanosphere. Steven Palumbo stayed in this position for over three years, and not only spent time selling but also trained a team of 5. In Dember of 2010, Steven Palumbo transitioned to Meridian Bioscience to work as a Technical Sales Representative. Achievements for Steven Palumbo at this job included a 1st place finish within the Eastern Region, and in 2011 he sold 22% over plan in Q2 and 18% over plan in Q3. Long story short, Steven Palumbo's success as a salesman is well-documented. 

Steven Palumbo's skill set is more diverse than that of the majority of salespeople. In 2011, Steven Palumbo handled the marketing and public relations for his father Vittorio Palumbo's book "A Memoir," which was the #1 best-seller for the Harvard Bookstore for 52 straight weeks. Currently Steven Palumbo works as a client consultation specialist and has also returned to a modeling career that he started several years earlier. Steven Palumbo's credits include a guest appearance on TLC’s “Miami Ink,” and photo shoots for Express and Bose. Steven Palumbo’s hobbies include upkeep on his motorcycle, and he also has several tattoos.

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