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I am an analytical and critical thinker.  I enjoy problem solving, as well as conceptualizing new ways to perform activities that may improve processes. I am self motivated and managing, having worked from home for 4 years, as well as having been in charge of my small military detachment in wartime Mosul, Iraq.  Proficient in Microsoft Office products as well as Adobe Creative Suite products.

Work experience

Mar 2012Apr 2016

Multimedia Specialist, Virtual Systems Specialist

FurstPerson Inc.

My primary responsibilities involve Product Management, including Outage Management, Product Development, Quality Assurance, System and Software Management, Technical Writing, and UAT/Beta Testing. Until 2016, I was the sole in-house designer, handling Audio/Video Production for sales and marketing materials, as well as Digital Media Design/Production for client facing web pages and materials. From 2012-2016, I was the sole handler of technical support via email in multiple languages, utilizing Google Translate.  Tertiary responsibilities included Accounting, CRM Management, Research, Data Analysis, Qlikview, and training new employees and developers on the system.  The below highlights areas where I was able to leverage existing technology in an otherwise novel, unconsidered way, in order to meet a client expectation without costing the company development funds.

  • Used Recommendation logic to direct profiles to specific self-schedulers in a multi-job application 
  • Used multiple diagnostic hurdles to enforce OS specific PC requirements  
  • Used Recommendation logic to direct profiles to specific BBRs in a multi-job application 
  • Created custom hurdle assessment for manual determination of automated interview results 
  • Added ability for client to set applicants to complete through admin actions 
  • Created a phantom assessment to trigger results for Computer Requirements scan back to Taleo 
  • Created a dual-portal login system for candidate record generation by client 
  • Created self-contained diagnostic loop without exiting the participant from the application process 
  • Created repeatable training and practice tests for new simulation assessment 
  • Created means of showing otherwise concealed assessment responses in Participant Details using formulaic scoring
Sep 2002Sep 2010

Specialist - 14J MOS

US Army National Guard

Served as a member of a manual early warning network (MEWN) section in operations and intelligence functions.  Detects, tracks and identifies aircraft, correlates tracks, and broadcasts early warning information.  Career highlights include:

  • 7 medals and commendations for exceptional leadership and service during Operation Iraqi Freedom (see awards section for further information)
  • Supervised lower grade soldiers and provided technical guidance to the soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties
  • Inventoried and destroyed classified material and performed security functions.
  • Designed and fabricated a cooling system for the SENTINEL radar, saving the Army $500,000/yr per radar in theater, as well as increasing operational up-time from 60% to 97%  
  • received a letter of commendation from the General in charge of Air Defense
  • Received a SMART award from the Army SMART program
  • Operated and performed preventive maintenance checks and services on the team vehicles and power generation equipment
  • Performed map operations, including helicopter traffic planning
  • Operated over radio nets



Credits not applied

Valencia College

E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce program


Jessica Napoli

Lisa Gulizia

Matthew Braden

Nicholas Goetzinger