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Hello! I like think life is always positive. I always think there is a positive to a negative situation and vice versa, and life is balanced if you watch it closely.

I think that measurement of a person should only be about someone's actions, like how they present themselves, not by their experiences, not what they look like, not what the dress like, or how they talk.
As you might learn I'm a pretty honest person.

I love talking to people, I love making them smile, and making others happy.
I also love helping others as much as I can.

I see myself as pretty hard working.
If I am told to something at work I am more than happy to do it no matter what it is.  I prefer not to be idle, and am happiest when I am working on something.
I learn quickly and I am experiential learner, meaning that words don't work the best with me but actions and experiences do.

Work experience


Electronics Technician

  • Diagnose incoming repair requests
  • Repair electronics efficiently and effectively, including replacing components and advanced repair, such as soldering and using a heat gun
  • Assure quality of repair via a thorough test
  • Help customer select the best accessories for their needs

HomeGoods Associate

  • Primary responsinility involved managing truckloads of retail items to be sold in the store
  • Unboxed retail items and assembled furniture and accessories
  • Maintained cleanliness and safety standards in the back room of the store
  • As needed, assisted customers on the retail floor
Aug 2015Oct 2015

Firehouse Subs Emploey 

Firehouse Subs
  • Processed customer payments via cash and credit cards
  • Maintained cleanliness and health standards in the sandwich making area and all over the store
  • Prepared sandwiches per customers' individual orders
Aug 2014Sep 2014

Temporary Web Tester

  • Performed web testing for Omniwallet, a bitcoin bank.
  • Successfully completed a temporary contract.

Junior Developer

Prototypic Inc.
  • Assisted in the development of a website.
  • Designed and created a game using the Unity engine.
  • Assisted with various projects



High School Diploma, Expected June 2015

Applied Sciences School, Raleigh, NC


Knowledge Of Electronics

I know A LOT about computers, phones, and electronics. It's something that I love to learn and know about. 
With the experience that I have now from working at uBreakiFix I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I now have more knowledge than ever.  I have experience with phones, tablets, computers, all the way to vacuums. I love figuring out how things work, and am a natural with electronics.


I'm a very sociable person. I really like talking to people. 
People also interest mea lot and I love to hear more about them, what they're going through, and really understand the person. I am outgoing and friendly.


I made a demo game that Unity had preinstalled  that would show the camera up above the player. So I managed to play around with Unity and got used to it.  I also changed the perspective of the camera to be in front of the character in that game. Then I exploited the game: I modified by putting it into my phone. 


When something is not working or I've bugged or "glitched it", I'm good at problem solving and troubleshooting. When I was working at Omniwallet I found a bug that broke the "my addresses" page completely. The page wouldn't show any data.  Then, every day at some point when I was working I would  try to recreate it because when I find something that interests me I must find out more about it, and I obsess over it.

Bug Finding
I am a bug magnet! I am good at breaking, glitching, and figuring out what I did so I recreate it.  I'm naturally analytical so I focus a lot on how something is working and how it behaves. In short I push an app, website, or honestly anything, naturally. I then I know what  I did so it can be easy for me to find out if I can do it again.
Video Editing

When i was younger I made a few videos of me playing Minecraft with the video software iMovie. This got me familiar with iMovie and video editing in general. It is also something I enjoy doing. I also helped a friend by editing his recorded video for a school project. So I have quiet a lot of time with iMovie and I plan on doing more video editing in the future.

XCode and Xamarin
I've played and started making an app with Xcode and Xamarin. They both are tools for making an IOS application. So i got used to both tools and had a few hours with them. Then I started making an application my self. I was able to make opening windows, and pagination work in an app.


Christopher Buchanan/Homegoods

Chris was employee who I worked with most in the back of Homegoods. You can contact him at 910-514-4898.

Marcus Collins / uBreakiFix.

Marcus is a Manger at the uBreakiFix store at Brier Creek. You can contact him at the Brier Creek store at (984)-439-2637

Robert Gill/uBreakiFix, District Manager.

Robert was also a employee that works with me. He used to be a manger at other uBreakiFix locations. You can contact him at (919) 279-8490.