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Veteran entertainment industry executive Steve McPherson’s most recent entrepreneurial project involves the launch of PURPAK, a once-a-day powdered drink that provides a full range of replenishing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The catalyst in Steve McPherson’s decision to establish the company was a desire to simplify the array of daily supplements required as part of a focused diet and exercise regimen. At age 46, with a successful corporate career behind him, Mr. McPherson found himself obese and with dangerously high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. At this personal crisis point, he made a commitment to living a healthier, more meaningful life, with a renewed focus on his wife, friends, and children. Steve McPherson became closely involved with the TriFit family of health and fitness trainers and, in moving toward his fitness goals, became acutely aware of what he put in his body. Consulting with nutritionists, Mr. McPherson soon had a diverse list of pills, seeds, herbs, oils, and powders to take each day, putting back into his body what exercise depleted. The daunting experience of navigating the world of health supplements led to the idea of creating a single product that would fulfill his dietary supplement needs. The results are clear: Steve McPherson is currently an Ironman triathlon finisher who weighs 190 pounds and enjoys a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Mr. McPherson is additionally involved in two other entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2007, he took a love for wine that encompassed a wine cellar of 2,000 bottles and fulfilled a promise made to his wife of becoming a vintner. He currently operates PROMISE ( in partnership with a well-established Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon winemaker. In 2010, Steve McPherson additionally helped establish The Original MOONSHINE as a boutique whiskey manufacturer that utilizes authentic distillation equipment from the 1920.

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