Areas of Proven Business Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Selection & Assessment
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Engagement & Retention
  • Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • Succession Management
  • Strategy Formulation & Execution
  • Team Building/Development
  • Competency Modeling
  • Peak Performance
  • Stress Management

Leadership Profile

Results oriented, human resources development professional, experienced in creating shareholder value and bottom line impact through the execution of targeted human capital initiatives, linked to current and emergent business strategies. Significant domestic and international experience across multiple industries in accelerating profitable growth, culture change and strategy execution. Skilled in coaching and developing leaders, creating high-functioning teams and driving business performance through the strategic development and deployment of talent.


  • Northern Kentucky University, Distinguished Alumni Professional Achievement Award
  • Cincinnati Human Resources Professional of the Year Award, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
  • National Excellence Award recipient for CLASSE Network Programs and Activities, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
  • Role Expert: Models for Human Resources Development Practice, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
  • United Appeal Campaign, Distinguished Service Award, Northern Kentucky University


  • Co-Author: Stress: Living and Working in a Changing World, Whole Person Associates
  • Co-Author: Building Community: The Human Side of Work, Thomson Executive Press

Selected Community/Professional Involvement

  • University of Tennessee, Advisory Board-Department of Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • PeopleAnswers, Executive Advisory Board
  • Northern Kentucky University, Advisory Board-Masters Program in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
  • The Conference Board, Founding Member, Leadership Development Advisory Council
  • IAMS, Corporate University Advisory Board
  • Harvard University Business School, New Media Group, Advisory Board
  • American Society for Training and Development, Cincinnati Chapter, Board of Directors

Work experience

Work experience
2006 - 2008

O'Charley's, Inc.

O’CHARLEY’S, INC. 2006-2008 —Nashville, Tennessee.A leading casual dining restaurant company with 360 restaurants organized into 3 concepts, located across 23 states; 2007 revenues—$1 billion: 25,000 employees.

Vice President and Corporate Officer, Human Resources & Training and Development—2006-2008

·Designed and led the executive team-building/development process, which resulted in the creation of the business turn-around strategy and drove increased effectiveness, communication, and cohesion of the new senior team.

·Restructured and consolidated the leadership/training and development functions, resulting in cutting costs by $650K+, staff by 12%, while concurrently driving enterprise restaurant re-branding initiatives and improving the core management development program content and delivery.

·Managed the consolidation, vendor selection and implementation of an enterprise wide web-based talent assessment system that improved performance, reduced manager turnover by 4% and resulted in a total enterprise cost savings of $130K+ in year one.

·Spearheaded the development and execution of a talent review process for all vice president level positions and above, which drove organizational restructuring, the movement towards a performance-based culture and resulted in a 37% Topgrading of incumbents.

·Implemented 360 feedback assessment/coaching process, resulting in the creation and execution of individual development plans for the “top 100” leaders, resulting in 20%+ of this group receiving internal promotions during a two year period.

·Led team that created and rolled out “The Journey” Learning Map process, to communicate O’Charley’s mission/ vision/ values to all employees, resulting in 72%+ employees indicating that they understood the strategy, their role in its execution, and believed in the organization’s vision for the future.

·Identified and validated competency/performance based profiles for all mission-critical leadership roles, assessed all director level and above incumbents against those profiles, resulting in the identification of key strengths and gaps for all roles, which then drove the enterprise-wide leadership development strategy and actions.

·Led the team that conducted an engagement survey for all employees, resulting in the establishment of baseline metrics(including rational/emotional commitment, discretionary effort and intent to stay), delivery of feedback to employee populations and the development of targeted action plans to address key gaps and leverage strengths.

1998 - 2005

HILLENBRAND INDUSTRIES, INC. 1998-2005—Batesville, Indiana.A leading international manufacturer and provider of products and services for the health care, financial, funeral service industries; 2005 revenues—$2+ billion; 10,000 employees.

Vice President and Corporate Officer, Leadership Development— 2001-2005

·Led Topgrading initiative to build a performance driven culture, resulting in 80%+ of top-100 leaders functioning as “A players”, and a concurrent share price increase of 120%+ over a four year period (profiled as “best practice” in Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win By Hiring, Coaching, And Keeping The Best People, Bradford Smart, Penguin Publishing Company 2005; and Training Today: Building A Performance Culture Based On Talent, July-August 2002).

·Created an enterprise-wide leadership talent review process that resulted in the identification of “mission critical” leadership roles and talent/capability gaps.This process led to the creation of new development assignments for 60%+ of the top 150 executives over a two-year period (featured in Industry Week, December 2003 as “best practice”; and Training Magazine: Measuring Corporate Smarts, August 2002).

·Established a targeted executive coaching process to focus coaching resources on critical strategic initiatives and high potential leaders, resulting in a 50%+ ($250K+) reduction of coaching costs and enhanced execution against business goals (profiled as a “best practice” in Corporate Executive Board “Gold Book,” Maximizing Returns on Professional Executive Coaching, 2003).

·Accelerated development and “ready now” status of 120 high-potentials through customized leadership development programs.

·Designed, developed and implemented a leadership on-boarding process that reduced by 50% the assimilation time, and accelerated the performance of newly hired talent

·Led the design and implementation of Normandy and Gettysburg leadership experience programs that resulted in improved alignment, cohesiveness and performance of the executive leadership team.

·Designed and implemented a CEO/ Executive Leadership Team performance management process resulting in improved executive goal-setting aligned with strategic business initiatives, strengthening performance review and evaluation processes.

·Created board member search, evaluation, and orientation process that facilitated the selection of seven new directors, and enhanced overall board governance capability.

·Led creation ofPeak Performance Center (modeled after USMA/ West Point Center) which focused on the development of the knowledge, behaviors and attributes of exceptional achievers.Center targeted leaders in new development roles, on acquisition integration teams and high-potentials leading key strategic initiatives (Journal of Organizational Excellence: Hillenbrand Industries Builds Leadership Capabilities to Drive Its New Business Strategy, Winter 2003).

Director, Leadership Development & Performance Improvement— 1998-2000

·Established Executive Leadership Development function that was recognized internationally (CRF Publishing—High Performance Leadership: Leaders Who Inspire and Deliver, London, April 2003; and Effective Talent Management, London, October 2003) for “Best Practices” in Leadership Development and Talent Management.

·Developed and validated an integrated leadership competency model that was used in the identification, assessment, and development of leaders throughout the enterprise.

·Designed and implemented a pre-employment/promotion assessment capability that resulted in the accurate and efficient assessment and selection of 500+ leaders.

·Managed the enterprise-wide implementation of a learning management system used in the deployment and tracking of learning for FDA compliance and sales/ service development.

·Led the implementation of an ongoing workforce engagement initiative that resulted in enhanced leadership retention rates over baseline metrics and the improvement in enterprise “Manager Quality” as evidenced by pre/post survey results.

·Created a web-enabled, 360 feedback process and on-line development tool, linked to the enterprise leadership competency model and talent management processes.

·Designed and managed “leadership summit” programs for the top 150 leaders, to integrate and align leadership development actions with key business growth initiatives.

1993 - 1998

The Thomson Corporation

THE THOMSON CORPORATION, 1993-1998—Stamford, CT.A leading global provider of integrated information solutions to business and professional customers; 1998 revenues--$6+ billion; 40,000 employees.

Vice President, Human Resources Development— 1997-1998

·Spearheaded redesign of executive development strategy, processes and services for The Thomson Corporation (TTC), a group of 100+ operating companies resulting in development offerings aligned with revised organizational strategyfocused on accelerating growth, and leveraging operating company “best practices” across the enterprise.

·Managed The Thomson Development Program at Columbia University, a three-year executive program for high potential leaders.

·Designed and delivered team-building programs to facilitate the consolidation of 8 companies’ sales forces.

Director, Leadership Development— 1993-1996

·Developed/ managed a network of 60+ line manager trainers who delivered leadership development programs globally.Program network resulted in $2 million cost savings over a four year period, while receiving “superior” customer satisfaction/ quality ratings.

·Implemented leadership development program for 500+ high-potential managers at 20+ locations.Pre-post evaluations demonstrated that participants increased overall leadership effectiveness by 28%.

·Managed partnership with Harvard Business School Publishing New Media Group.Implemented The Interactive Manager, an e-learning program developed by Harvard to 15+ sites worldwide, achieving 87% participant satisfaction ratings and resulting in 82% reduction in training costs.

·Managed the design, integration, and implementation of a global training management system, supporting 75+ companies at six sites.

·Launched and managed Thomson’s Performance Development Quarterly, a quarterly periodical targeting 4000+ Thomson leaders worldwide which provided content to enhance performance and ongoing development.

1988 - 1993


A leading publisher of textbooks and software for educational institutions; 1993 revenues $115+ million: 700 employees.

Director, Training and Organizational Development—1988-1993

Program Director, VistaSystems Division—1986-1988



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