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Steve McKinney, Ph.D. is the Founder and CEO of nSide, Inc. Dr. McKinney has spent the last 20 years working in engineering, programming, GIS, emergency management, public safety, homeland security, and most importantly, school safety. During this time he has developed and implemented many systems in law enforcement, public safety, school safety, health and human services, stormwater management, environmental planning and modeling systems, and various other engineering and information technology projects. He is a devoted husband, father, son, and brother, but always pursues his love of entrepreneurship, science, engineering, and technology. Dr. McKinney currently resides in Florence, Alabama with his wife, son, and daughter.

Dr. McKinney received a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental geographic information science in 1997 and a Master of Science degree in environmental management in 1999 from Samford University. He completed his Doctorate in environmental health engineering at the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 2009. In addition, McKinney has had extensive professional training in computer languages and technical programs.

In addition to Dr. McKinney’s many pursuits, he was listed as one of Birmingham’s “Top 40 Under 40” business people in 2005. He was awarded by ESRI “Vision in GIS” award in 2008 and the “Special Achievement in GIS” award in 2009 and 2010. Most recently he was featured in CIO Review Magazine as a recipient of the “Top 50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers for 2015”.

Specialties: School Safety Planning, Emergency Management Planning, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Technology Consulting

Work experience


Adjunct Professor

Samford University

Taught graduate courses in "GIS & Environmental Management Issues" and undergraduate courses in "Remote Sensing" and "Applied GIS"

  • Introducing students to the basics of Geographic Information Systems.
  • Providing an overview of relevant theory, software, hardware, databases, and applications.
  • Examining trends in GIS technology from the managerial perspective.

Assistant Director

Storm Water Management Authority, Inc.
  • Managing of 35+ employees.
  • Managing all daily operations.
  • Determination and management of 2.5+ million dollar budget.
  • Oversight of all departments including Engineering, Administrative & Financial Services, and Information Technology.
  • Responsible for interpretation of Municipal Phase I NPDES permit.
  • Responsible for implementation of Municipal Phase I NPDES permit programs to ensure compliance for 25 cities and Jefferson County.
  • Responsible for writing, reviewing, and presenting technical presentations and reports to political official, business executives, interest groups, and the scientific community.
  • Responsible for all grant writing and serving as Principal Investigator or Senior Scientist on all awarded grants.

GIS Manager

Storm Water Management Authority, Inc.
  • Managing of 24 employees.
  • Budget determination and management.
  • Conceptualization, design, and development of GIS databases and structures.
  • Conceptualization, design, and development of GIS interfaces and customized programs.
  • Managing hardware and software resources of GIS.
  • Assisting in coordinating contracts with GIS hardware, software, and data cabling.
  • Installing and testing of hardware, software and data cabling.
  • Managing local area network, basic operation and maintenance of the Authority's computer systems.
  • Writing and presenting technical division progress reports to the Authority's Executive Committee.

GIS Programmer/Analyst

Lucas Engineers, Inc.
  • Conceptualization, design, and development of GIS databases and structures.
  • Conceptualization, design, and development of GIS interfaces and customized programs.
  • Designed and generated maps for analysis.
  • Met with clients regularly to discuss needs in GIS design.
  • Trained Lucas Engineers and client personnel in the use of customized and standard GIS structures and applications.
  • Maintained Windows NT local area network for approximately 20 users.
  • Purchased, installed and supported all new hardware and software.



  1. "Top 50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers", CIO Review 2015
  2. "Special Achievement in GIS" Award, ESRI 2010
    1. "Special Achievement in GIS" Award, ESRI 2009
    2. International "Vision In GIS" Award, ESRI 2008
    3. "Top 40 Under 40 Business People of the Year", Birmingham Business Journal 2005


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    *Pending publication

    Professional Organizations

    • URISA – Alabama Chapter, President, 2006
    • URISA – Alabama Chapter, Vice President, 2005
    • URISA – National Chapter, 2004
    • URISA – Alabama Chapter, Board of Directors, 2004
    • Alabama Geographic Information Council, Technical Subcommittee, 2002
    • Stormwater / Wastewater ESRI User's Group, Board of Directors, 2000
    • American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, 1998
    • Alabama ArcInfo User's Group, 1998
    • State of Alabama GIS User's Group, 1998