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My interests range across a wide variety of fields. At DePauw University, I have not selected a major, but I have learned to enjoy finding deep social and cultural understanding of the material I have learned. Though I have not selected a major, I have grown an interest for Economics and Management. This connects to my involvement in the Management Fellows program at DePauw. I have not taken any classes dealing with technology, however, I am in ITAP at DePauw, so technology is definitely something I have both interest and skill in. 

From more of a non-educational point of view, I love sports. I play football at DePauw, and played several others throughout my life. Working in the sports industry would be a dream come true. However, my ultimate goal in my foreseeable future is to have a job when I graduate from DePauw in May of 2017. I believe I can do this through setting up small goals that will lead to the ultimate goal. Things such as making and pursuing connections with alumni and other members within my field of interest, actively searching for internships both on (specifically through ITAP) and off campus, and excelling within these opportunities will help be achieve my ultimate goal.



-Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars

-Dean's List

-Tiger Pride Honor Roll

-Holton Memorial Scholarship

-Trustee Scholarship

High School:

-National Honors Society

-AP Scholar

-Captain of 3 Varsity Sports


Microsoft Office
-Excellent in Microsoft Word -Advanced in Microsoft Powerpoint -Intermediate in Microsoft Excel  
Google Apps
Social Media
-Proficient in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Erodr.

My Portfolio

Work experience

Aug 2013Present


ITAP (Information Technology Associates Program)

ITAP is a highly selective technology-based internship program at DePauw. The program blends a liberal arts education with hands-on technology experience; allowing students to become extremely well rounded learners. I am currently an Apprentice in the program. and hope to become an intern for the program in the future. 

First Rotation: Digital Video

In this rotation I learned a great deal about film. I learned how to use a professional camera, use different camera angles for effect, edit video, analyze filmography, and in general, learn how to make an effective and professional video.

Second Rotation: Training Methods

In this rotation I focused on training individuals. This skill is critical in the workforce, because at some point, I know I will need to guide someone and teach them a program or skill. Learning about the different ways people learn and finding ways to effectively teach all different kinds of learners was something I learned to become effective in. 

Third Rotation: Digital Audio

In this I learned how to create a sound sound using Audacity. This sound was created through both previously recorded sound and sound I recorded myself. Mixing, cutting, and adding effects to these sounds was the focus of the rotation.

Fourth Rotation: Web Authoring

This rotation taught me all about web authoring and web design. I was taught how to create a website through Dreamweaver, using HTML and CSS. I was asked to create a website from scratch, using my own ideas. The project tested my creativity, and I believe I ended up with a successful project. In just six weeks, I felt that I learned a lot and came a long way, considering before this rotation I had never dealt with web authoring/design before. These skills are something I would love to continue to develop. The link to my website can be found below:

May 2013Aug 2013

Multi-Purpose Employee

Duke's Drive-In

Duke's Drive-In is an Italian Beef restaurant. Here, the primary skill I obtained was efficiency in a high paced environment. The restaurant was often extremely busy, and I was asked to handle multiple responsibilities. For instance, I had to take orders, call them out to the cooks, work the cash register, prepare any drinks, sides, or ice cream for the customer as well as bag the food. I was expected to do all of this for multiple customers at a time, with several more waiting in line. Though the experience was not filled with many in-depth educational skills, it definitely stressed the skills of working quickly and efficiently in a team environment. 


Aug 2013Present

DePauw University

Taking courses in a wide variety of subjects, with a focus in Economics.

Aug 2009May 2013

Graduated with Honors

Amos Alonzo Stagg High School

Amos Alonzo Stagg is a high school located in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. The school is home to roughly 2,400 students, who come from a multitude of regions across the globe. The school is extremely diverse and encourages its students to work alongside students of all different races and nationalities.