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Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Board Director

UK Enum Consortium Ltd

UKEC is the governing body for UK ENUM. The board position is elected. We work closely with Nominet who are the UK Tier1 Registry and will be working with registrars, number authorities and end-users (in terms of ENUM policy).

Mar 2005Present


Digital Lifestyles . Info
Write articles/opinions and product reviews, also freelance for
Sep 1994Present


NetTek Ltd
NetTek Ltd is a consultancy specialising in Internet and Telecoms strategy. NetTek hosts various services under, SMS services under and VoIP under
Feb 2008Jul 2009

Chief Strategy Officer

Textic Ltd

Textic produce accessibility as a service software which enables website owners to make their websites usable by visually impared users (which is a requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act). By adding a very simple piece of code to each page of the website, a floating toolbar appears in the user's browser which allows the users to change various things on the site - such as fonts and colours. It also allows the user to have the website read to them (by moving the mouse over a block of text) or saved to an MP3. Various languages are supported. The text-to-speech component is also available as a destinct service and a mobile client has been developed that allows the reading of text messages (or text and email messages on a Blackberry) without user intervention - which has safety implications for mobile users while driving.

Sep 2007Jun 2008

Project Partner

TCF Partners
TCF Partners provides a range of strategic business & financial advisory services to UK and international growth companies, often in the convergent technology sectors. TCF works on a project basis with specialist team members selected as required for specific project objectives. Its core competence is based on individuals with expertise in corporate finance, legal process, strategic sales and marketing, operational management and technology development - with decades of proven experience in each of these areas. TCF aims to work with companies to build shareholder value by refining business models, formulating strategic plans, identifying financing options, developing and managing transactions and exit events, including company sales, mergers and acquisitions.
Aug 2002Dec 2007

European Correspondent
Write articles and reviews for



Helped out with various infrastructure projects and advice

Jan 2004Aug 2006

Technology Advisor

Eight Marketing
Eight is a strategic sales and marketing consultancy with a focus on early-stage businesses and an emphasis on business development. The principals of eight have over 50 years experience in high technology sales and marketing gained from senior positions in international companies operating in CRM, DRM, enterprise systems, Internet technologies, security software and the mobile space.
Mar 1995Feb 2005

Head of Product Futures

Thus Plc

Product Strategy, Product Roadmap, Media spokesperson, regulatory consulations.

Instigated vPoP architechture (led to the development of non-geographic numbers), helped design Demon's initial ADSL offering and trial services (initial partner of BT).


Head of Product Futures

Demon Internet

Demon was subsumed into THUS in September 1998


European Technology Advisory Board

Cal-IT brings Californian companies over to Europe. I was part of baord which selected the companies. This is my 3rd time on the board.

Internet Consultant

Cellnet (Now O2)

Started int the frequency planning department as a software engineer, rapidly took-over managing the HP UNIX system that was being used, then network admin. Successfully rolled out Cellnet's wide area TCP/IP network across all sites (including cell sites).




University of Brighton
active in the students' union, stood for president (lost by 30 votes).


Scuba diving, photography, underwater photography, softball, reading, cinema/film


Over 20 years in the Telecoms/Internet Industry and before that in the Cellular world (mainly designed tcp/ip networks). Involved with Internet in the UK before there was a commercial presence, Internet streaming from early days (1st UK Real Networks customer), and set-up the first Internet Dance Radio Station (, also was involved with the 1st netcast of BigBrother (UK). Until March of 2005 I was employed by THUS, working in Product Strategy which covered all aspects of Telco/ISP (voice/data/Internet). Excellent knowledge of DSL/LLU/VoIP/SMS/GPRS/3G/IP/Telco/SaaS. I've recently been quoted as an "independent Industry expert" which pretty well describes me.



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


Institute of Engineering and Technology


Royal Institution