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Work experience

Dec 2006Sep 2009

Production Manager

Markey Machinery

Responsible for all facets of the manufacture of marine winches and their components, including production, scheduling, purchasing, coordinating outside vendors, quality control, maintenance, managing a production workforce of more than 30 hourly and salaried employees, negotiating with unions, hiring, reprimanding and terminating employees, initiating safety and environmental practices.

Responsible for document control and retention of all records of machines assembled including engineering changes during construction of each machine.

Also responsible for controlling the capital project that increased production capacity by over 120%.Responsibilities include mentoring a new engineering team in good manufacturing management.

Managed company’s production through several record years (operating at over 200% normal capacity) while also coordinating the new facilities building project with outside vendors.

Restructured warehouse and work order release scheme to conform to MRP demand schedule.

Continually troubleshoot production operations to identify potential mechanical or quality control issues leading to lost work time. Mentor Union shop personnel in manufacturing techniques.

Responsible for consulting with engineers in design reviews, in order to simplify manufacture of products resulting in cost savings.

Responsible for assembling bids for large projects on short time-lines.

Spear-headed the construction of corporation’s newest manufacturing operation and offices, including direction of site selection, plant layout and design, equipment specifications, purchasing and all start-up operations and process controls.

Oct 2004Nov 2006

Manufacturing Manager & Sr. Project Specialist


Utilized obsolete equipment by redesigning and enhancing machinery.Result was a major cost savings to corporation versus cost of new equipment, and by maximizing equipment’s performance, quality control levels improved from 78% to 98%.

Improved delivery performance to 48 hours – the highest service level company wide.Achieved this higher standard through improved manufacturing processes, fleet management, and team-building management programs.

Conducted product flow analysis and established maintenance, time study and cost reduction procedures.  Reorganized plant layouts which generated an annual savings of $1.1 million.


Sr. Engineering Technician & Manufacturing Supervisor

Questar Corporation

Directed plant build-out functions and began production operations on time and within budgeted guidelines.Defined manufacturing and service objectives; recruited, selected and trained production team; established purchasing and inventory control.

Responsible for the management of the operation, including supervision, purchasing, process development and customer service.Also performed engineering functions such as drafting, plant layout and analysis of shop production, workflow and operational costs.

Interfaced with engineering and coordinated inter-departmental activities to meet production goals.

Ensured compliance with quality standards and governmental regulations.

Significantly reduced lead times and increased production improvements.Increased on-time delivery from approximately 30% to 96%.


Professional Education Courses -- Throughout Career

Emphasis in Total Quality Management (TQM) training, supervisor training, budget preparation, business management and Microsoft Office applications.  Special emphasis in industry safety.

Salt Lake Community College

Emphasis in management, engineering and drafting.


Community Service

Knights of Columbus -- Member in good standing.

Special Olympics -- Engineering and manufacturing of equipment for competitors.


In order to preserve the privacy of those individuals providing references, contact information will only be available as requested.


For Management. . .

Steve was hired in December, 2006, to fill the newly-created position of Production Manager for Markey Machinery, due to an unusual increase in our sales volume. 

In the course of our nearly three years of working together, Steve always delivered the best and greatly improved our manufacturing quality and efficiency through his  excellent, demonstrated knowledge, exemplary work ethic and dedication to the needs of the company.

If we had not experienced a significant drop-off in sales, he would still be with us today, coaching us through even more Lean Manufacturing endeavors.  His knowledge and assistance will be sorely missed.

                --  Blaine Dempke


                      Markey Machinery 


For Excellence in Engineering & Design, Problem-Solving and Attitude. . .

My name is Gaylord Smith, Consultant Project Manager for Salt Lake City Corporation’s Engineering Department. I am an architect by education and construction project manager by profession.

I have known Steve Fotou for twelve years and have hired him to undertake several specialized and intricate engineering and manufacturing projects that I was unable to do for myself.  Steve has demonstrated a first rate ability to accept projects of large and small stature and treat them as equals in terms of quality and having schedules. 

I remain inspired by his can-do approach to problem solving, which is the essence of my work. 

Steve is a straight forward person, speaks his mind, and is dedicated to high-quality workmanship and design in everything I have seen of his work and I did see a good deal of his work at Questar.

I ask that you consider Steve for any work dealing with management and/or design and engineering. I judge you will be pleased with your selection as he is honest with all. 

                --  Gaylord Smith

                      Salt Lake City Corp.


For Engineering, Designing and Management. . .

Steve was hired to fill a void in the design and development of one-of-a-kind automated machines.  Steve's talents are very unique because not only can he design mechanical solutions for automated processes.  He is also hands-on and will build the tooling necessary to fabricate any mechanical fixture or parts needed for automated machines.

Steve is a Master designer and manufacturer.  In addition to his core competency, his ability to perform multiple technical crafts was a great asset in maintaining existing equipment and processes.  These included but were not limited to: designing/building  projects, milling, machining, electrical, plumbing, pneumatics, hydraulics, process controls, and welding.

Probably the rarest quality was not just his unparalleled technical skills.  I believe it is his ability to be a positive influence in the work place.  He is a great communicator with all levels of the organization.  Normally, I find that highly technical skilled engineers and manufacturers don't work well with their non-technical co-workers and don't have the patience to communicate positively.  Not the case with Steve.  He has exceptional communication skills.

I would highly recommend Steve Fotou for you organization.  He will be a great asset to your organization.

                            -- Mark Watterson




For Achievement in Design and Manufacturing

Steve Fotou has a skill level and an ability that is uncanny.

He is an example of what a true old-school engineer and craftsman can do with new and modern machinery. The thing that sets him apart from most others is his ability to figure the problem out and to configure a solution in the time most others are still bewildered.

The term "good enough" is never good enough for him. He strives for near perfection and will settle for little else. A better choice would be hard to come by.

-- Bill Dezell

                  Client & Friend

At A Glance

Production manager with more than 20 years of proven and successful management, direction and coordination of manufacturing operations utilizing a broad range of manufacturing protocols, including LEAN MANUFACURING TOOLS SUCH AS KANBAN, TQM, KAIZEN, 5S, etc.

Engineer proficient in design and production of instruments, controls, engines, machines, and mechanical, thermal, hydraulic and heat transfer systems, utilizing and applying in-depth knowledge of engineering principles.

Highly effective in utilizing resources, improving processes, increasing quality and reducing costs by utilizing Technical Cost Modeling (TCM) techniques.

Responsible for delegating and coordinating large production staffs on multiple projects to meet delivery deadlines.

Results oriented with excellent planning, organizational and communications skills.

Accustomed to working in an extremely high-pressure, deadline-oriented environment.

Engineering and Mechanical Accomplishments

Thorough knowledge of machine design and implementation.

Thorough knowledge of all metals and their capabilities.

Vastly experienced in load testing and material stress analysis.

Design and development of metal and plastic products, which resulted in substantial savings due to prevention of manufacturing redundant and obsolete parts.

Responsibilities included putting prototype products into commercial production, maintaining a budget and meeting deadlines.

Thorough knowledge of a wide array of materials, including plastics, foam, rubber, copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other metals, and their ensuing characteristics.

Design and development of safety equipment, special valving, coal gasification, natural gas vehicles, natural gas cutting torches and all associated tooling.

Designing and building production machines and their related accessories.

Responsible for development of special dies and tools, fixtures, moulds and retrofitting up-to-date controls to older machines.

Proficient in designing and creating breakaway fueling systems, special taps, reamers, cylinders and pistons for high-pressure compressors.

Setting up new punch presses, drills, saws, etc. on production lines in an ergonomic and efficient flow for maximum yield and safety.

Managerial Accomplishments

Effectively work with and lead designers, engineers and production personnel on major projects and successfully deal with clients and vendors.

Proficient in lean manufacturing techniques and setting up Kaizen and Kanban systems.

Implemented quality control, cost modeling practices which accurately measured external inputs, predicted parameters and cost outputs resulting in reduced operational costs and maximized total revenue.

Coordinated subcontractors with in-house production schedules.

Review project proposals to ascertain time frame and funding limitations, determine methods and procedures for accomplishment of projects, staffing requirements and allotment of funds to various phases of projects.

Implemented and coordinated safety programs.

Assess, coordinate and direct facility construction projects, including buildings and machinery layouts to maximize production.

Recruited or requested assignment of personnel according to staffing plan.Confer with staff to outline project plans and designate responsibility.

Delegate employees and establish budget control systems for controlling expenditures.

Plan and prepare technical reports, memoranda and instructional manuals relative to the establishment and functioning operational systems.

Proficient in marketing companies’ products utilizing extensive networking resources and tested principles of marketing.

Conferred with project personnel to provide technical advice and assist in problem solving