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Work experience


Nuclear Security Officer

Exelon Nuclear
  • Protection of nuclear facilities, transport vehicles and special nuclear material
  • Met NRC requirements for physical security
  • The use of Non-Lethal weapons
  • The use of deadly force 
  • Power of arrest and authority to detain and search individuals and their property
  • Surveillance and assessment systems and techniques 

Production / Warehouse Manager

American Armature
  •  Audited existing processes, identified critical gaps and designed new corrective procedures retrained staff and increased production.
  • Wrote up new work procedures, trained staff and increased production.
  • Designed a new layout of production area that increased product flow and streamlined process.
  • Implemented quality control procedures that included visiting their business and collaborating with their staff to identify and solve issues.
  • Oversaw inventory, working with vendors to ensure timely delivery.
  • Processed payroll kept track of sick and vacation days
  • Produced short/long term scheduling and forecasting
  • Coordinated a new inventory system that simplified and easily identified mistakes and discrepancies.
  • Took an inventory from 18 month stock to a 3 month level freeing capital.
  • Interviewed job personnel and gave yearly reviews to employees. 

Shop Foreman

American Armature
  • Installed, serviced, and repaired electric motors, heating elements, hydraulic pumps using various hand and power tools.
  • Fabricated equipment by cutting metal and welding plates to lengthen life of equipment.
  • Loaded and unloaded pallets of product with fork truck onto semis for transport.
  • Plowed snow from parking lot and did some excavating with a skid loader.


American Armature
  • Re-manufactured Starters Alternators and A/C Compressors with hand tools and pneumatic equipment
  • Tested various components to ensure quality
  • Operated lathes, sandblasted, drill presses, and heavy duty testing equipment