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OneRoof Energy, San Diego, CA


Director of Training & Development

OneRoof Energy
  • Improved efficiency, communication and cross-divisional cooperation in all divisions of the company by building ‘World Class’ training.  Specific modules included Direct and Affiliate Sales Training, Train the Trainer seminars, Change Management seminars, DISC Assessment and facilitation, Customer Care training, New Hire On-boarding and training, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Created stronger access to essential training by retooling the Learning Management System (LMS), and eLearning modules 
  • Vastly increased comprehension of Power Purchase Agreement and overcoming objections best practices as well as customers’ FAQ’s.  
    • Facilitated training to SDR, Sales, Customer Care, Fleet, Install Coordinators, Project Managers, Project Coordinators
  • Reduced ‘Silo’ mentality through the company’s first Leadership Development Program including such trainings as:
    • Change Management 
    • DISC for Senior Leadership, Managers, Staff 
    • Performance Management
    • Interviewing Skills / Deep Dive
    • Corporate policies
    • Communication and email best practices
  • Improved sales reps’ performance through the origination of a Sales Manager Field Coaching System. Enhanced process resulting in an increase in report frequency and quality-related standards
  • Established, administered, and conducted completely new Sales Training initiative including weekly “Consultant’s Lounge” follow up trainings, laser coaching and best practice review 
  • Implemented eLearnings and enhanced Compliance Training through the utilization of our revamped LMS and programs such as Articulate, Adobe Creative, Pro Tools
  • Expanded Affiliate Sales and increased income through sales by way of affiliate-specific sales training and development.  
    • Designed process modules, games, resources, collateral, follow up webinars for each different affiliate centered around understanding and retention of our agreement and facing and dealing with common objections
  • Increased sales process instruction retention through learning resources that foster the development and implementation of best practices including training videos, manuals, webinars, laser coaching and spot-trainings
  • Increased manager effectiveness through “Train the Trainer” workshops, utilizing cross-functional management training programs (DISC heavy)
  • Increased learning retention through the development of library of eLearning videos and corresponding tests – videos were fun, interactive, and stuck with the learner


Jun 2013Nov 2015

Head of Sales Training and Digital Media

Verengo Solar
  • Leader in the planning and execution of recruiting – selecting, orienting, training, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and inspiring salespeople through self-produced multi-media and traditional training modules from completion to implementation. 
  • Decreased budgetary requirements for training by 71% through concerted evaluation of training effectiveness from individual and organizational perspective, and reorganizing of materials and training schedules. 
  • Built brand recognition through cooperation with Marketing to develop Verengo’s new multi-media marketing campaign. 
  • Ensured consistent best practices by moderating and facilitating both live and virtual learning sessions in 90-day launch programs as well as weekly training webinars. 

Manager, Sales Training and Digital Media (3/15 - 7/15)

  • Leader of Training Academy, material development, curriculum, mentor and internship program. 
  • Centralized training collateral through LMS portal development and implementation. 
  • Improved candidate profiling and selection through cross-functional cooperation with recruiting. 
  • Enhanced Marketing and Finance product comprehension through additional video training modules. 

National Sales Trainer (2/14 - 3/15)

  • Leader: training sections overhaul including development of topic-specific modules, enhanced media, feedback and testing. 
  • Innovated and led the first Intern Academy, culling the best talent in the area. 50% retention and hire rate after the program, including management promotions for those reps. 
  • Developed first ever multi-media training division for the company, including specific product training modules, weekly video training guides (“Verengo Minute”) and Weekly product update blog. 

Sales Consultant (6/13 - 2/14)

  • Winner: Best New Sales Consultant, Summer, 2013 
  • Outside sales reached double-digit closings in first month 
  • Achieved 45% DCR and 75% realization in first quarter 
  • Winner: Top DCR performer for South LA Group, January, 2014. 
  • Promoted to National Sales Trainer within 8 months of hire. 


Feb 2011July 2013

Executive Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant

Team Builders Plus / TakeFlight Learning
  • Enhanced corporate culture through Facilitation of DISC personality assessment and training. 
  • Team Building facilitator, Consultant in group dynamic culture shift - utilizing games, strategies, exercises, speaking and activities designed to unify groupthink and common ground understanding. 
  • Clients benefitting from my DISC profile coaching, mentoring and executive training designed to increase morale and productivity include: Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Situs, Price Waterhouse Coopers, 


May 2003Aug 2003

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

Advanced Neuro-Dynamics

Master practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy - certified in practice and training of NLP, DISC Behavioral Strategies, Corporate Culture, Team Building

Aug 1987Dec 1989

B.A. Speech Communication

University of Maryland

Debate, conflict resolution, corporate and societal culture shifts, statistics, metrics, Mass Media