Steve Kretchmer

National Hauling Manager

  • Genoa WI


A driven National Milk Hauling Manager with extensive job experience and educational background.  It is with high confidence and excitement that I'm  pursuing this opportunity to be hired and professionally fulfill the job responsibilities of the National Dairy Pool Operations Manager position. 

Work experience

Work experience

National Hauling Manager

Jan 2014 - Present
CROPP Cooperative, La Farge, WI

Management of a twenty-five million dollar hauling budget and relationships with forty contract milk haulers. Supervision and coaching of two Hauling Coordinators and one Logistics Coordinator with responsibility of structuring, optimizing milk routes, and daily contact with milk haulers.  

Hauling & Quality Manager

May 2000 - Jan 2014
CROPP Cooperative, La Farge WI

Hired in 2000 by the Production Department to coordinate all milk route structure and management of hauler relations across the United States. Other responsibilities included scheduling milk routes into plants in our newly East Coast region including routes in ME, VT, NY and PA.

In 2002, I was moved into the Dairy Pool Department and my job developed into two basic areas of both farm hauling and farm quality. I continued coordinating all milk routes across the United States. Additionally, I  arranged quality testing at labs, advised dairy farms on milk quality, entered farmer quality data , entered hauling cost data and communicated with milk handlers' field staff across the country. In the years to 2014, we built the Hauling and Quality Department by hiring Hauling Coordinators, Quality Coordinators, and Administration Staff for processing quality data and hauler invoices. By 2014, I was managing, and coaching six employees.

Lab Technician

Apr 1997 - May 2000
Milk Specialties, Boscobel WI

Formulated ingredient usage in calf milk replacer and other bagged livestock feed. Lab duties included bacteria plating, petri-film testing, and Mojonnier fat assays on finished product. Nutrient and physical properties testing of ingredients were performed.

Milk Hauling Driver

Apr 1992 - Apr 1997
Setterlund, Martin and Kinch,  Avoca WI

During this period of time, I was an "at home father" while working as a part-time Milk Hauling Driver on weekends. The last years from 95 to 97 I worked full time as a Milk Hauling Driver.

Membership Services Specialist

Jan 1989 - Apr 1992
Foremost Farms, Baraboo WI

After graduating from college. I was hired by this milk handler to troubleshoot quality issues on member farms, prepare dairy farms for regulatory inspections and procure nonmember dairy farms to ship milk to the cooperative.

Herd Manager

May 1981 - Sep 1984
Kretchmer Dairy Farm

Managed family's 200 cow dairy operation and became experienced in all phases of dairy herd management, including: operation of milking equipment,  mastitis control and other herd health issues, ration balancing and breeding. 



  • Great understanding of CROPP principles and mission
  • Excellent communications skills in dealing with hauling relationships, milk quality relationships and milk handler field staff relations. 
  • Over 10 years experience managing both the Milk Hauling and Farm Quality Departments at CROPP    
  • Experienced in supervising up to six people while managing the Hauling and Quality Departments
  • Accomplished in problem solving in situations involving hauling issues and farmer quality issues
  • Extensive knowledge of hauling routes structure and current plant locations   
  • In depth knowledge of quality testing relationships with labs (I negotiated most of them)
  • Extensive knowledge of federal and state regulatory rules
  • Successfully applied continuous improvements protocols to Hauling and Quality departments
  • Effectively collaborate with Production, Regional Pool Managers, Quality, and Accounting Departments at CROPP
  • Accomplished in the use of Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and Power Point
  • Great understanding of CROPP milk handling relationships
  • Experienced in the operation of dairy plants



Bachelor of Science, Dairy Manufacturing

1984 - 1989
South Dakota State University

Major Coursework included:

  • Dairy Microbiology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Dairy Chemistry
  • Formulating Ingredients for Finished Product Batches
  • Raw milk and Dairy Product Testing 
  • Dairy Product Processing
  • Dairy Farm Management

Dairy Products Processing Training at South Dakota
State University Dairy Plant included:

  • Operating pasteurization and separator equipment
  • Operating cheese, butter, ice cream and fluid milk processing equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitation of equipment 


  • Four month processing plant internship at Jackson Ice Cream plant, Denver CO 

 Major Achievments



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