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Software Craftsman often used in Architect and Lead Developer roles. My passion is to continuously deploy quality, tested software that is used by customers. I believe that software development must be pursued inline with the goals of a company and the wants of the customers.  I believe that "Day One Deployment" and Continuous Delivery is the best way to achieve this.  I started the Coder Consortium ( Software Developer enthusiasts meetup group about six years ago as a place where software engineers, architects and managers could get together and discuss best practices.

Work experience


Software Architect

Cloud Services
Software Architect at Tallac (4 months) I was brought in to Tallac with the goal of improving our applications and development lifecycle to scale to the next level. My first achievement was to automate the provisioning of our development environment so that a new environment can be set up in minutes instead of days or weeks. I used Vagrant to provision the Virtual Machine(Virtual Box or VMWare) with packages and other environment settings and Docker containers for external dependencies(databases, cache, queue, etc).

Devops Engineer

Networks-Healthcare Cloud Computing
DevOps Engineer at ClearDATA (11 months) ClearDATA Networks provides it's customers with healthcare IT solutions in the cloud. My achievements at ClearDATA include building out infrastructure to improve the continuous deployment pipeline for a number of applications to help increase the task throughput of development teams. Building automation for customer on-boarding for a number of cloud based RESTful and automation services, reducing the time required from weeks to minutes, reducing the operations labor costs, increasing accuracy and creating repeatability and an audit trail. I used Jenkins and the then workflow plugin(now called pipeline plugin) for workflow engine and SaltStack for cloud and VM instance provisioning. I built RESTful micro-services and deployed them to Docker Containers managed by Mesos/Marathon and later by Amazon EC2 Container Service(ECS) to manage and configure customer services. Building RESTful micro-services for the financial group to automate customer invoicing of cloud services

Senior Programmer

UC Davis Medical Center
Senior Programmer at (1 year 2 months) Page1 Building, updating and maintaining internal J2EE applications for the UCDavis Medical Education programs of Nursing and Medical MD). Our technology stack includes Maven, JSF, IceFaces, Glassfish, Enterprise Java Beans(EJB), JEE5 and JEE6, Oracle DB, and MySql DB.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at (10 months) Ruby on Rails development; MySQL and NoSQL datastores; Big Data processing and analysis; Mass email processing using Scala, AKKA and Cassandra; Message based event systems

Lead Developer

AdGlue Sacramento Press
Lead Developer at (2 years 1 month) AdGlue was a product for creating a uniform ad purchasing solution for small to large online media producers. My part was as technical architect, build manager, and lead for some of the systems. This was a big data project where we worked with a number of Data scientists to implement a pricing engine based on projected traffic. The solution had a number of different components including an Ad Server that I initially built, an ad purchasing engine where I worked with a front end designer to build(I worked on the back end). And a real-time big data system for analyzing traffic patterns. These tools had to integrate with customer's infrastructure. We built these systems using a number of technologies including Grails, Storm, Hadoop, Hive, Pig and Amazon's cloud infrastructure. As build manager I used Gradle and implemented a number of custom pluginsincluding an Avro to Java generation plugin. I set up the deployment pipeline using Jenkins and the provisioning of the Amazon EC2 instances using Chef.

Lead Developer

Sacramento Press
Lead Developer at The (3 years 1 month) The Sacramento Press and Adglue were launched by the same parent company, Macer Media. At the Sacramento Press my job was to develop the Web Application and integrated dependencies of the

Senior Developer

California Independent
Senior Developer at System Operator (11 months) Working on a number of projects in the Energy Domain including outage management, billing and energy logistics and transmission. Our primary platform was Java and we used mostly Grails for web applications.

Lead Developer

Lead Developer at (2 years 9 months)

Lead Developer

Western Area Power Administration
Lead Developer at (1 year 11 months) I worked under a number of different Contracting companies at the time I was at WAPA. I worked on the Power Billing application, a customer billing application built using Struts 1. x and EJB 2.1. I started as a Senior Developer with Architect and Designer duties for all parts of the User Interface for the application. I eventually became the development lead for Testing(QA, QC) and before I had left had been promoted to Lead Developer which also required Project Management and Business Analyst Duties.

Account Executive

Account Executive at News & Review (1 year 1 month) I sold Advertising in the classified section of the Newspaper. My duties included maintaining a database of 150-300 prospects at all times, making approximately 150 calls a week and setting up 12 appointments each week.

Co Founder, Software Engineer

Odin Software Solutions
Co Founder, Software Engineer at (1 year 1 month) Commenced business operations, including acquisition of a fictitious business name, business license, checking account, and legal Partnership agreement, as well as organized a system for invoicing and payment to each of the partners and potential employees. Developed Functional Requirements and Specifications for client projects.\ Identified Business Rules for software design. Designed and built database utilizing MySQL database server. Developed web applications with the“ Model 2” or MVC methodology using homemade framework along with JSPs, Servlets, Java and Hibernate along with JDBC calls on the back-end. Wrote client proposals, negotiated contracts, and wrote a project contract. Maintained constant contact, and built a good relationship with clients. Organized the office, including filing, tax preparation, and scheduling contacts. Page3

Software Engineer

Rhino Systems Inc
Software Engineer at (8 months) Helped design and build software applications for both in house and client use using a number of different platforms including Java, JSPs, Servlets, Swing, J2ME Palm, using Oracle 8i on the backend. Set up and maintained servers running Tomcat, JRun, and Weblogic. Supported all desktop computers and servers in the office. Provided help desk support for Gold Country Communications(Auburn internet Service Provider). Developed Functional Requirements and Specifications for client projects.




University of California


Santa Rosa Junior College