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I'm often referred to as an old head on young shoulders, I've developed and honed my skills alongside some of the smartest guy's in the business. I have lead and collaborated on many projects over the last several years which have given me invaluable business skills.

I'm an extremely enthusiastic all-rounder who offers any business a different way of thinking, I don't see problems, just solutions which allows projects to flow smoothly. What makes me tick is understanding the how, why and what people think whilst interacting with products or services.

I've worked with small companies with 4 employees to the bigger companies which have grown rapidly from 49 - 2000. I've been on the journey with start-ups which have gone from seed funding to acquisition, so I know what it takes to get to rockstar status!


User Experience

Persona's / Reporting / Analytics / Information Architecture


Axure / Sketch / Balsamiq / HTML / Bootstrap / Photoshop / Illustrator

Front End Development

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / Javascript / Cross Browser Testing / Optimisation

Back End Development

PHP / MySQL / Codeigniter / Symfony2

Code Management

Git / SVN


Agile / Scrum


Team Player / Good Writen & Verbal / Enthusiastic


Mar 2015Present

Senior UX Architect


This role is one which is made for UX Unicorns, working technically with achitecture principles right through to design and UX principles to create a truly customer centric product in which the user is not only considered, but is at the forefront of every requirement.

Considering low level architecture requirements to design fast, informative and information rich products which create an on-demand user experience for the customer. This in a nut shell allows the business to provide all information the experience requires, rather than the underlying services or database design not being able to support what the customer expects at the forefront of the product.

This is definitely the future for user experience architects where customer and user experience are joined with technical capability to improve how underlying services are designed giving a better end to end experience which provides fast, informative and information rich experience at the face of any online or offline product.

During this role I have facilitated and learnt Symfony2 a PHP framework used by most enterprise level organisations, carried out user research for customers which provides valuable insight into how their industry works in order to design a seamless experience which fits between how they carry out their roles day to day.

This has been a challenging role since its pushing the boundaries of technical user experience and encompassing all technical and design skills into one.

Feb 2011Mar 2015

Technical User Experience Architect


Truphone presented a unique opportunity and one I was keen to get on-board with, when I joined Truphone the company was 49 employee's strong and grew to nearly 2000 by the time I left in 2015.

My skills and experience meant I was trusted at exec level to manage and lead projects and medium sized teams for a multitude of projects. Some of the projects I worked on whilst at Truphone and listed below:

B2C Purchase Path
This was a unique project which didn't have any lead, with a 28 step buy process taking customers on average 15 minutes to complete meant the company was losing sales and potential subscribers. After installing Google Analytics and running some user research it was clear where users were feeling the pain.

This project required a redesign of the process, wireframing, UI, IA, re-development of all front-end assets (HTML/CSS templates), user testing and full implementation. During this process I was expected to carry out all of the above in order to reduce drop-outs, increase ROI and upsell products which brought return revenue.

After the project had completed, it took customers an average of 3 minutes to complete which resulted in the company seeing an increase in activity of 23% in the first month and 37% in the second month.

WebRTC / GSM Product
This project saw Truphone produce a real time calling app which was totally browser based, I worked alongside my team to lead and develop this application in 4 months in time for Mobile World Congress where our CTO James Tagg demo'd this project.

The project involved heavy UI, IA, UX. We also battled a huge wall of technical issues with this being such a new technology and with a limited number of browsers supporting it. The UX had to degrade gracefully to meet expectations within the bounds of technology.

B2C Rate Checker
Telecommunications companies by law are regulated to provide it's end users up-to-date tariff and pricing. After some user research and conversations with CS it was apparent that the largest number of enquiries were to do with inaccurate pricing displayed in a confusing format.

I redesigned the underlying architecture for the rate checker, producing a working prototype with a fully compliant UX layer over the top, making the pricing model simple to interrogate and understand for end users.

This reduced customer service calls for this issue to all but a few, CS were extremely happy and this freed up time for assisting customers with higher priority items.

B2C / B2B Portal Redevelopment
This was a 2 million pound project which saw the existing portal's undergo a total redesign from architecture, UX, IA, user research, existing systems, data migration. This was a rip out and replace project covering every aspect of my ability.

My role in this project was to delve into the underlying architecture supplying requirements from a user perspective, those requirements were gained and matured through a series of stakeholder engagements and customer meetings. Running workshops, phone interviews and online research with the aid of external products to review and tweak wireframes and designs.

The final result on this project delivered a full service customer portal allowing customers to manage every aspect of their account from new users to new service contracts. Prior to this the process required manual hand holding from business development managers.

I covered dozens more projects at Truphone, but these were the main projects which utilised all of my skills and it takes other companies of this magnitude years to do what was covered in under 11 months.

Jan 2009Mar 2010

PHP Web Developer

Red Bullet

My main responsibility here was PHP development, before this i'd always been a developer with curious knowledge about design and usability. Red Bullet was a huge eye-opener and things here were all about User Centric Design.

I was able to stand by and watch users use the websites we'd built and watch their frustration when trying to acheive certain tasks / goals throughout their journeys. This is where my love for all things usability started and I quickly gain valuable insight and feedback and re-worked certain aspects of design / development to improve the user experience and put those smiles back on the faces of those using our products.

Jan 2007Dec 2008

Junior Web Developer

Inspire Advertising

This was my first exciting job in a local agency specialising in web & print, my role here was to head up and maintain the web side of things and this included multiple skills including: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Design, SEO, Hosting Management and eCommerce platforms and content management platforms such as WordPress.


Sep 2004Jul 2006

A Levels

The Thomas Aveling School

Business Studies & I.C.T

Sep 1999Jul 2004


The Thomas Aveling School

Achieved 9 G.C.S.E's all A - C's

Extra-curricular Activities

When I'm not working, you'll find me:

  • Building my own car
  • Playing drums with some local celebrities
  • Offering my time to local charities to teach young people music and social skills
  • Eating chicken in Nandos :)