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Work experience


I.T/Membership Coordinator

American Educational Research Association

Assisted in coordinating and managing a 250K AERA Website Reconfiguration Project of revamping the company website; regulated 600+ hours of site migration and layout structure of the site.

Trained content managers within the companies set wireframes while administering web requirements.

Responded daily to online technical request, membership issues, and logistical support across multi-disciplinary areas of the organization.

Coordinated in writing procedural manuals for vital membership data collection.

Maintained timelines, monitor deadlines and coordinated scientific meetings for qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Maintained the company site by performing periodic content and framework checks to ensure the fluidity and user-friendly access of the site for users.

Developed established strategies and procedures for processing prospective members’ applications are consistently followed.

Reported approved new members to the controller to initiate proper administration of their memberships.

Continually updated and corrected database records to maintain company integrity.

Prepared membership acknowledgment letters and sent out club invoices for annual review to exceed company numbers.


Real Estate Membership Manager

National Showings/Accushow

Provided customized property recommendations for customers, and coordinated showings between buyers, real estate agents, and owners to increase clientele sales for over 1000 listing agents.

Researched and resolved conflicts between owners and agents to ensure clientele satisfaction.

Created statistical reports, business forecast and business development strategies that aided the CEO in developing innovative business policies.

Conducted weekly team meetings to update staff on business progress and identify potential challenges.


Contract Manager

National Showings/Accushow

Managed 50 F.E.M.A. crews to successfully complete debris collection in designated areas after Hurricane Ike.

Evaluated crews’ productivity and collection processes to ensure project records met auditory requirements.

Allocated workload to ensure efficient cleanup process and evenly distributed payment across crews.

Provided guidance, reassurance, and empathy to the community to build public confidence.




Texas Southern University