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Steps to Success, LLC, is a dynamic provider of behaviorally-based consultation and educational services utilizing an applied behavior analysis (ABA) model. By looking at children's actions through a behavioral approach and attempting to determine why they engage in a particular behavior we can help find alternatives to inappropriate behaviors and teach appropriate ones.Steps to Success, LLC is different from other behavioral companies.  We maintain a small group of highly trained and well qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the behavioral field working with special needs, typical, and emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children of all ages. All cases are closely supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Extensive data are collected to ensure that the changes we observe in behavior are due to behavioral modifications we have implemented. Our staff receives ongoing training and attends behavioral conferences throughout the year to maintain our base of knowledge and to stay current on the ongoing research in behavior analysis.I founded Steps to Success LLC after working for a large company providing ABA services and working in the public school systems where I saw areas of weakness.  I frequently thought about what I would do differently in my own company. I wanted a company that provided high quality services and, expert advice to teachers, professionals, and parents, and families and had a low employee turnover rates, and qualified people who loved working with children.  That was the goal for Steps to Success and continues to be our mission today.

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