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Rapid 3D Solids

Rapid 3D Solids

An online business that created three dimensional plastic parts from a digital part file. The digital files are created from CAD programs such as Solidsworks or Autocad. These files were then processed by another software called CATIVA. This resulting file was then entered into a Dimension printer that created the part into a  3 dimensional part. A computer driven hot nozzle that was fed plastic string similiar to weed whip line then followed the digital file to create the part with .010" thick layers. The resulting part was within .002" of the original file that was created by the CAD file. Some parts were created and used as durable parts. When less than 50 parts were needed, it was more economical to create the parts in the Dimension printer than to create an expensive mold and then use conventional methods.

Vice Pres, Mechanical Design/ Engineering and Project Management

Stepp Mfg. Co. Inc.


Stepp Mfg. Co. Inc., North Branch, MN

                                Built Stepp Mfg. Co. from ground up to an excess of $5 million with

                                35 employees. Worked to create jobs with ever changing designs             

                                and continuous updates along with new technology. Created a department

                                based work flow with employees specialized for each phase of production.

                                Worked with Sales department and customer specs to design, document and

                                create necessary work flow thru the manufacturing cycle.

Chief Executive Officer

                                Oversaw all aspects of day-to-day operations and led the growth of this

                                expanding manufacturing company including client solicitation and cultivation;

                                marketing and sales; staff recruitment and management; risk management;

                                investment management; budget and cost management; Human resources

                                negotiations; infrastructure development and proprietary design development.

Business Development

                                Built company infrastructure, financial backbone and client base, to ensure

                                a seamless connection to other functions including product development,        

                                supply chain, IT and operations.

                                Established brand labeling recognition in federal, state, county and

                                city governments. Established Strategic Direction - Developed comprehensive

                                and realistic short and long range business  plans, and provided critical

                                leadership by identifying business needs/gaps.                       

                                Determined and established criteria for resource management (e.g. staffing,

                                funding, and equipment)

                                based on business objectives and operational needs.Maintained full risk

                                management responsibilities including placement of property, casualty           

                                insurance and evaluation of all risks to company assets.

                                Provided the analytical framework, financial metrics and benchmarks to enable

                                informed investment

                                decisions, identify trends early and capitalize on opportunities with minimal



Two year study with Certificate

Dunwoody Industrial Institute



Technical Skills

        Operating Systems:    Windows XP Pro, Bob Cad milling Program, CNC programming,

                                        Web Site creation, Remote Desktop Connection, Dreamweaver,

                                        Flash, Adobe, Digit-Watch software, Convert software, Dimension

                                        plastic prototype printer, Kawasaki Robotic welder programming and   


      Application Software: MS Office Suite 2003 and 2007 (Excel, Publisher, Word, Outlook),

                                        Open Office, Peachtree, Photoshop. Solidworks Design Suite,

                                        PageMaker and others.

Marketing & Sales

  • Defined retail presence and created product presentations to key retailers.

  • Design product line to fit customer specifications for better and stronger specialized equipment.

  • Interacted daily with design engineers and production personnel to ensure that products being shown and produced were what the customer and market demanded.

  • Conducted daily and weekly meetings to keep all supervisors aware of all expected goals to meet month end schedules.

  • Web site creation with Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Photo Shop and a host of other programs.

Team Building / Leadership

  • Anticipated and forecasted the impact of organization growth on staffing and system requirements.

  • Hired, Fired, trained and assembled critical teams responsible for production, designing, customer service, manufacturing and information systems.

  • Developed continuous training schedules for safety requirements, forklift training, O/H crane inspections, air quality and breathing compliance and preparing for OSHA inspections.

  • Encouraged and motivated staff by creating incentive and recognition programs, constant communication, performance/project feedback and leading by example.


  • Created and revised Bill of Materials, participated in product review and collaborated with the design team to understand and accomplish product concepts and initiatives.

  • Utilized a wide variety of state of the art production and manufacturing technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency to ensure market competitiveness and on-time delivery.

Built our First, Second and Third home

We expanded our skill levels by building our three homes. We did everything except framing and concrete work. We incorporated many Green features such as heated floors using electric geothermal heating and cooling and by super insulating the home. High E windows and automatic air exchanging were installed to increase efficiency any improve air quality . Our construction skills were expanded and our patience was rewarded with expenses that average less than $250 per month on our last home. Currently we are experiencing dramatic returns on our investment .