Stepney Edwards

Stepney Edwards


Stepney C. Edwards

[email protected]


University Of Pittsburgh – Bradford

Home Address                                                                                  Campus Address

708 Tinkerbell Rd                                                                             300 Campus Dr.

Chapel Hill, NC 27517                                                                     Bradford, PA 16701

Highlights Of Qualifications 

Active member, Engineering Club, 2011-2012

Treasurer, Engineering Club, currently

(As treasurer I am responsible for acquiring allocations for the club.

That money is used to fund various projects or contests that are assembled

by myself and the rest of the Exec. Board)

Campus Involvement 

·      Volunteer, Care for Children Event 2011

·      Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters Earth Day 2012

·      Engineering Club

·      Outdoor Club


·      Volunteer, Hope Gardens (community service) 2011

·      Volunteer, 2011 Chapel Hill Franklin St. Christmas Parade

·      Volunteer, Kramden Institute Inc. 2011 (Restoration of computers that are then given away to families and children)


Aug 2011 - Present


University of Pittsburgh

Relevant Coursework 

  • Calculus I, II
  • Physics I, II
  • English Composition I
  • Chemistry I, II
  • Statics & Mechanics I, II
  • Intro to Engineering (Computing & Analysis)
  • Statistics
  • Intro to Mechanical Design
  • Materials & Structures
  • Intro to Thermodynamics