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International Travel, Wine Collecting, Screenwriting, Mobile Technologies, Photography, HD Technologies, Web 3.0, Asian Manufacturing, HTML 5.0, Device Profiles, Collaborative Filtering, Contextual Search, Large Scale Datamining


Stephen Sherman is a skilled artist and writer based in New York City. Primarily a visual artist currently, he undertakes sophisticated media projects that involve combining and manipulating patterns in photographed images. Stephen Sherman begins a project by extracting patterns from his rich portfolio of travel photographs. After arranging a selection of patterns, he proceeds to manipulate various elements of the image. The resulting visual work is complex and multi-dimensional. Stephen Sherman takes his artistic inspiration from diverse sources including the contemporary maximalist and new-complexity schools of music, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jackson Pollock. Mr. Sherman’s works have appeared in galleries in Shanghai and New York City and have been purchased by private collectors from the United States and abroad. Beyond his work as a visual artist, Stephen Sherman has also found success as a screenplay writer. His first screenplay was runner-up in a Creative Screen Writing Magazine contest. Stephen Sherman has gone on to sell two screenplays. Stephen Sherman attended the University of Lowell, where he studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. An accomplished entrepreneur in the mobile-technology industry, Stephen Sherman founded 98Bluesky Media. Based in New York City, his company focuses on delivering strategic consulting serves for mobile, Web, and broadcast technologies. Stephen Sherman has most recently concentrated on assisting clients with contextual advertising, push/pull services, and social networks. His primary focus at the 98Bluesky is overseeing product creation, assembling talent, and managing a fast-paced development process. Further information regarding the personal and professional projects undertaken by Stephen Sherman can be found online at

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Stephen Sherman Studios
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98Bluesky Media


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University of Lowell