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Professional Experience



Trust Services, Securities Lending and Portfolio Management for insurance companies, regional banks and union pension clients

Business Analyst

Challenge: To provide reliable and accurate securities         

portfolio accounting entries and financial statements.


New Technology Solutions: Installed and configured SQL database system to replace the existing Microsoft Access databases. Developed custom applications to map each transaction code to the corresponding journal entry and chart of accounts for each customer’s accounting system. Pleased customers with quality of financial reports and journal entries fed to their systems.

Challenge(s): To provide Securities Lending collateral reconciliation and business monitoring reports to maximize profits.


Implementation and Strategic Problem Solving: The Securities Lending trading system was implemented with a rigorous cross-checking protocol that keeps all transactions properly collateralized and controls risk.Was the lead IT expert working with the software vendor to install the system and train the staff.Developed data queries and transactions matching programs between the trading system and the settlement system and cash wires.Because the bank makes its profit by investing this collateral, profit was maximized and risk was minimized by the use of these highly critical reconciliation reports.

Innovation: Created historical records of loaned securities in a centralized database. Created reports that are made available on demand to traders. Traders manage the bank’s relationships with stock brokerage firms (our customers) by making sales calls multiple times per day to react to market changes.With a report in the hands of the traders giving a precise picture of brokerage activity and trends, traders can offer the best market basket of securities to the broker.This, in turn, increases the number of successful loans.Provided brokers with tools that they needed to build trust in our bank’s high level of service.


1985- 2000

Credit Card Processing services for large multi-national banking company

Technical Planner



      To protect company from loss of data and interruption of data       

      center operation.


Project Management: Lead a project to create automated on-going baseline and incremental backups of data off-site. Wrote detailed scripts and procedures for Disaster Recovery at emergency processing facility.Lead team that performed periodic tested recovery capability.

Team Building: Lead a team that staffed a 24/7 help desk that recovers individual data files or entire processing schedules as needed.Established procedures that could be executed remotely on the mainframes in Baltimore, London, Brussels and Singapore as well as locally in Las Vegas.

Financial Analyst


Challenge(s): To build, equip and staff a large corporate datacenter. Second challenge: To provide ongoing financial planning for continually changing datacenter technology and staffing needs.


Strategic Problem Solving: Met with hardware vendors to gain insight into up-coming technologies for data storage systems.Negotiated with third party leasing company to rent bridge equipment while obtaining tax-advantaged leases on future equipment.Provided corporation with multi-million dollar long-term tax deductions while reducing startup costs for the new datacenter.

Sourcing and Interviewing: Worked with recruiters nationwide to find qualified candidates for dozens of startup datacenter operations positions.Reviewed resumes and conducted phone interviews and face-to-face meetings with candidates.

Team Building: Administered payroll policy and conducted performance reviews for datacenter staff.Dealt with occasional disciplinary actions when needed.

Financial Management: Created capital project plans, operating budgets and financial reporting for three large datacenters.


1973- 1985

Agricultural chemicals manufacturer, petroleum refiner, meat packer and grain marketer.

Data Center Administrator

Challenge: To implement cost controls for datacenter operations.


Oral/Written Presentation Skills: Built spreadsheet presentations and detailed cost analysis reports for upper management.


Bryan Buchholz



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Business Administration Executive

Team Management and Leadership

Proven ability to recruit, train and motivate teams of people.Collaborative style that encourages open communication and creativity from everyone on the team. Careful listener.Rewarded successes at the individual and group level.Set goals that challenge myself and team member’s abilities.

Risk Management and Disaster Recovery

Proven ability to meet regulatory and corporate risk management requirements.Anticipated and planned for a wide variety of risk scenarios . Proven ability to develop and document disaster recovery plans.Trained staff to carry out recovery scripts.Managed security controls within information infrastructures.Audited information access levels for all staff.Responded quickly to breaches of security.

Financing and Cost Control

Proven knowledge of finance and capital project planning.Experienced with securities and currency trading operations.Turned business from losing money to making money.Produced financial statements that meet GAAP standards. Developed effective budgets.Applied financial audit principles and controls.


Sep 1980May 1982


Sep 1967Feb 1972

Bachelor of Science