Stephen Leung


Stephen Leung97 58th Ave East Vancouver 1V7 2E4 778-384-9811 [email protected]     

Skills and abilities

Skill #1

  • Able to Speak Cantonese a little, but I understand it more than I can speak it.

Skill #2

  • Everything I do is neat and tidy, and I fix it how I think it’s perfect.
  • I always pay attention whoever is talking to me and I listen to them how they want things to be.

Skill #3

  • I always like to learn new things that’s interests me because I only pay attention to things that I am wanting to learn.
  • I like to learn about technology because I am able to understand it more quickly because I am always on the computer and if I want to do something I want I do research on it.

Volunteer experience

  • I have volunteered at Sunset community centre.

Education and training

John Henderson Elementary school 2002-2010 Vancouver, British Columbia

John Oliver Secondary School 2010-2015 Vancouver, British Columbia


  • Honor Roll Grade 5.

Work experience

Work experience