Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Previous Activities

Selection of past activities:

· Founded the highly-rated 3G information web site/newsletter

· Prepared & presented well received papers at leading industry 3G conferences over last 5 years

· Created two new online information resources - for mobile social networking <> and 4G wireless systems <>

· Commissioned by Oxford University to create & deliver new 2-day 3G courses, run successfully over 2002-2005

· Wrote Report on “3G Early Adopter and Launch Strategies” - published by Tarifica

· Produced 3G newsletters for trade association - 3G Enterprise Alliance (

· Raised the visibility of 3G application developers and User Interface designers amongst large 3G service provider audience

· Authored a report - “ 99 tips for a successful 3G launch “

· Developing a new SMS-to-Web based service for consumers and business users

· Speaker appearances - Mobile Video & TV, Berlin  - run by IIR - The Global 3G Market - Global trends - run by Informa - 3G Mobile Forum, Japan (January 2006) - Market Success of 3G, Oxford University 

Steve Jones - In the Media

::: Kashminder Singh - Editor, Mobile World, Malaysia, wrote: “My kind of 3G consultant: Celcom organised a 3g media seminar on Tuesday (21/2) and I was invited. They said that a 3G consultant was in town. To be honest, I went expecting to listen to yet another ‘consultant’ dishing out rosy predictions without facts to back his views. (others would call it bu##sh*t). Boy, was I wrong! Steve Jones of the 3G Portal knows how to make 3G successful. He’s the first consultant I’ve met that truly understands what needs to be done. To tell you the truth, if Celcom hires him, the other telcos will have one hard time trying to catch up with Celcom 3G. Yes, in my opinion, he’s that good".  (Original Quote)

::: Rob Griffin - The Independent (UK), quoted Steve Jones in an article entitled "How to profit from the 3G mobile phone revolution"

Respected industry consultant Steve Jones, who runs, says investors should focus their attention on the infrastructure providers - involved in areas such as base stations and phone masts - along with handset manufacturers and mainstream network operators. These, he says, include the likes of Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola, who, as well as being involved in potentially lucrative infrastructure operations, are household names.As well as having worked so hard on developing the technology, these companies have the required size, economies of scale and global presence to take advantage as customer numbers increase. "Two years ago would have been the best time to invest money in this sector, because everyone was very gloomy about the prospects for 3G, but this has changed," says Jones. "Looking ahead, it's likely to be the big boys that will be the principal beneficiaries if 3G does start to take off."

(see article here)


Skills and Interests

•    Various in-house & external training programmes in sales and marketing•    Effective communication & presentation skills, Team leadership & motivation techniques•    MS Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook & Explorer, HTML, CMS, Dreamweaver, SQL database skills•    Full, clean driving licence, able to travel freely (domestic or international)•    Interests include the Internet, mobile devices, tennis & ten-pin bowling•    Conducts regular speaking engagements at leading industry conferences on sales, marketing and strategy issues

What's been said about him

About his work:

"Steve's work is highly acclaimed by clients. He brings a combination and creativity that I have rarely encountered, leading to great results. Furthermore, his sensitive style gives him great success in getting his solutions adopted by the client organisation. Furthermore, he has a deep understanding of the wireless industry" <More>

Mike Ralph



"Steve Jones of the 3G Portal knows how to make 3G successful. He’s the first consultant I’ve met that truly understands what needs to be done. To tell you the truth, if Celcom hires him, the other telcos will have one hard time trying to catch up with Celcom 3G. Yes, in my opinion, he’s that good".

Kashminder Singh


Mobile World, Malaysia

About his workshops:

“To summarize, from my point of view the course was very useful mainly because I could learn more about marketing aspects; the approach of launching 3G; definition of target group and targeting the 3G offer. I was and I am positively impressed of your experience and knowledge.” Tomasz Gniewek, PTC Poland

“One of the most interesting and enjoyable courses I have ever attended. Value added by the presenters!” Mark Demaine, T-Mobile

Next Gen Wireless Credentials

Credible Influence when Counselling the Boardroom on 3G

• Within Mobile operators in Slovenia, Turkey and Netherlands worked alongside Board members in providing an understanding of how 3G would fit within their 3-5 year business plans.

• For the Board of a USA operator produced a business case recommending that no bids be made for 3G licences via their investments in wireless operators across Western Europe.

• Brought clarity to the Boardroom and Shareholders of a Belgium fixed line operator considering a strategy that would lead to entry into the 3G arena.

• Equipped local CEO in Germany with a plausible strategy for re-positioning from a Mobile Re-seller into a 3G Service Provider. This was successfully pitched to his International Board.

Originated 3G Strategy and Implementation Programmes

• Wrote the first and (so far) only publication that detailed the strategy and implementation programme needed to make 3G a success during its first 18 months following launch (Published by Tarifica in 2002).

• Created and co-presented the world’s first 3G Strategy and Launch Training course (on behalf of Oxford University).

• Identified an original strategy and detailed a 6 month launch plan for a pioneering 2.5G B2B service start-up that would subsequently move onto a 3G platform.

• Approached 3G trade association with concept of 3G newsletter, subsequently retained to produce and publish same to their membership.

3G New Product Design and Launch Management

• Conceptualised, researched and specified the new wave of 3G Person-to-Person services – that will take 3G to the mass market stage.

• Wrote and published (Summer 2004) - “ 99 tips to help launch 3G successfully “.

• Created 2.5G and 3G product & services road maps within the consumer & business sectors for mobile operators at different stages of their life cycle.

• Devised the product proposition and directed commercial operations (50+ staff) for the launch £250M start up company in the telecoms and entertainment sector.

• Led the marketing launch of a global mobile operator’s cash cow services to the business and consumer markets in Belgium, rapidly acquiring 35,000 customers in the 6 weeks following launch.

Multi-discipline Team Leadership necessary for 3G

• As Director, spearheaded launch of a pioneering telephony start-up providing video, digital audio, voice and data services covering residential & business sectors.

• Drove this same business from nil to over 70,000 customers in 3 years = 30% penetration, through building and managing a cross-functional team of 50 highly focused individuals.

• Led cross-functional team in a global wireless handset manufacturer to develop a winning mobile internet strategy for their customers.

• Project managed a multi-national team investigating regulatory, commercial and technical issues in preparation for a move into the next generation of mobile and internet services.

Well Respected Communicator on critical 3G matters

• Regularly presents at International Conferences on the topical issues concerning 3G such as 3G Tariffing, 3G Revenue Generation and Future 3G products and services (IIR, IBC Telecom et al).

• Presenting my original 3G training course for 3rd time for Oxford University.

• Contributed my opinion on 3G through articles and interviews to popular media, e.g. Business Week International, Financial Times and Global Wireless.

• Commended by industry specialists as a lucid and persuasive speaker, able to motivate and focus others during times of uncertain change in the wireless industry.

• Founded in 2000 the award-winning 3G information web site/newsletter –, with 140k+ unique visitors per month, 1 million+ page views a month and 10K subscribers to my daily 3G newsletter, consistently sponsored by 3G luminaries such as Qualcomm and Ericsson.


London Business School     1983-1985     MBA - Master of Business Administration    University of Bradford     1973-1976B.Sc. (Hons) – Business Studies (II.i)


  • Steve Jones is an independent specialist in both mobile data strategy and implementation. He has lead Workshops for Managers and Executives in the telecoms arena in USA, Europe and Far East
  • As well as extensive experience working with mobile operators in operational and consultancy roles, he has also contributed to the success of fixed network and cable operators.
  • He specializes in leading sales, marketing and customer service functions. His experience spans both the consumer and business telecoms segments across Europe and the Far East. He has worked with Orange, British Telecom, Nortel Networks, Singapore Telecom, South-Western Bell, Versatel, Si Mobil, Jupiter Comms (Japan), New T & T (Hong Kong) and Hutchison Telecom.
  • He set up the Internet’s top rated 3G knowledge resource over 2000 through to 2006 - And has now introduced He has regularly presented at international conferences and his first Report, published by Tarifica, “3G Launch Strategies” was the first to put the early adopters of 3G services centre stage. He also created world’s first non-technical 3G course “3G Business” that was commissioned by Oxford University. Another one of his workshops for Oxford is “Market Success of 3G and Wireless Mobile Service”.
  • Steve Jones holds a bachelors degree in Business Studies and an MBA from London Business School, England.

Other Work Experiences

Questus Wireless Consultancy   

Senior Marketing Consultant   

Nov 1999 to Jan 2002

Providing strategic sales and marketing consultancy to mobile phone start-ups and operators in Europe •    Responsible for providing strategic sales & marketing consultancy services•    Appointed to advise & guide client’s on marketing-related telecoms issues•    Provided leadership & mentoring to internal & external marketing teams•    Applied new working methods & processes to ensure best marketing practice•    Instilled a team working atmosphere to maintain staff morale & motivation•    Ran ‘top team’ meetings including board members to identify unique business opportunities •    Developed clear business plans to enable rapid market penetration•    Delivered recommendations on competitive new mobile service portfolios•    Developed mobile internet strategies for many leading European operators•    Completed marketing launch of mobile services within a 30-day timeframeNortel Networks   

Principal Consultant (Strategic Marketing)   

Feb 1995 to Oct 1999

Providing strategic marketing consultancy to fixed telecom phone start-ups and operators in Europe /Asia•    Received the ‘Managing Directors Award’ for outstanding achievement•    Sold services to many prestigious client accounts in Europe & Asia Pacific•    Liaised closely with clients at board level to understand their marketing goals & targets•    Created market entry & innovative sales / market development plans•    Provided key sales and marketing input to multi-million $ bid proposalYorkshire Cable (Telewest)  Sales and Marketing Director   

Jan 1992 to Jan 1995

Responsible for all aspects of top-level sales & marketing management•    Appointed to create sales and marketing (S&M) function for this new company•    Spearheaded launch of pioneering residential & business services•    Drove the business from nil to over 70,000 customers in 3 years•    Developed customer retention strategies, reducing churn by 50%•    Recruited & managed a cross-functional S&M team of 50 highly focused individuals•    Handled staff training, career development & performance appraisals•    Developed detailed business plans, strategies & market growth plans•    Handled budgets & monitored sales revenues, forecasts & profitability•    Produced & developed marketing collateral to support all sales activitiesPeoples Bank (part of  Provident Financial)    Marketing Director   

1990 to Dec 1991 National & Provincial (now Abbey National)  Head of Electronic Banking - Marketing   

1988 to 1990 British TelecomFinancial Services Sector Marketing Manager   

1986 to 1988

Recent Activities

· Oxford University: Ran for the 2nd time my 1 day workshop on “Mobile Social Networking"

· Oxford University: Ran for the 5th time my 2 day workshop on “The Business of 3G

· GEM Alto: Ran one day workshop for senior managment on behalf of Frost & Sullivan.

· Nokia: Ran half-day workshop on 3G for their Senior Management’s “ Thought Leadership” personal development course.

· Mobile World Forum, Japan: Presented conference paper and ran my “3G Strategy and Services” workshop for 85 delegates

· M1, Singapore: Ran 2 days of strategy and operational workshops for all levels from CEO through to Middle Management.

· Hong Kong: Met Giant Technologies concerning a competitive strategy to market 3G handsets in Europe.

· Celcom, Malaysia: Ran a 3G workshop for the company and the local media.

· Book: Commenced writing new book on “How to Re-Launch 3G Successfully”.