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President and founder of Rockland Management LLC, Stephen J. Moseley demonstrates creativity and dedication in his work as a private equity advisor. After graduating from Wesleyan University and before graduate school at Yale University, Stephen J. Moseley worked as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch & Co.After Yale Stephen J. Moseley returned to investment banking and became a vice president of CS First Boston, where he worked on health care acquisitions and financings. He was rewarded for many late nights toiling with financial models and purchase agreements with a promotion to CS First Boston's principal investment business... where he continued to toil with spreadsheets and purchase agreements while gaining operating experience as an owner. He later accepted investment and executive roles in private equity with Pacific Corporate Group (PCG) in San Diego, California. Stephen J. Moseley's investors and clients included sovereign funds, pension funds, and family foundations.In 2008, Stephen J. Moseley joined a PCG spin-out called StepStone Group, a private equity investment advisor with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. From 2001 to 2009 Moseley was responsible for commitments of over $20 billion to private equity funds and co-investments. In spite of the scale and time frame he was able to deliver a net internal rate of return to clients of more than 20%.In 2009, Stephen J. Moseley founded his own firm, Rockland Management LLC, to provide highly customized private equity consulting services in a boutique format and, accordingly, avoid the conflicts of interest that Moseley believes undermine the integrity and performance of large, integrated investment firms. In April 2010, in an article in Princeton’s U.S. 1 about the work he does and the details of private equity investing, Moseley admitted that investing in private equity funds is a difficult, if not “terrible way to make a living, but [he takes] satisfaction in knowing that it’s an extremely efficient way to deploy capital.” The hard work of private equity fund investing and co-investing has become a habit for Stephen J. Moseley, and it shows in his results and his clients' satisfaction.

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