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About Stephen J Cooney

Stephen J. Cooney is a retired commercial contract pilot. Over the course of two decades in the commercial aviation industry, he collaborated with a variety of groups and organizations, including the United States Forest Service during fire season, the Montana Department of Lands and other government agencies, and various aviation companies as an air ambulance and charter pilot. He also volunteered with Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue and spent time as a Hollywood stunt pilot and commercial skydiving pilot. Stephen J. Cooney currently leads a 12-person team participating in operations at one of the world’s largest oil fields. He and his entire team have received training in terrorist awareness and poison gas in order to effectively provide transportation services for major oil and gas corporations like Halliburton and Shell.

Stephen J. Cooney studied history and political science at the University of Montana in Missoula. After graduating with honors, he enrolled in a Kalispell commercial flight school as a student of aviation. He later completed a biblical studies master’s program at the Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburg, Indiana, and a doctorate in counseling from the Covington Theological Seminary in Rossville, Georgia.

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Retired Pilot


Jan 1995Jan 1997


Trinity Theological Seminary
Sep 1969Jan 1975

University of Montana