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Work experience


Webtech Business Solutions



Columbia University


Mr. Stephen Satz has always seen to it that he upholds his alma mater’s noble mission to embody the patriotic fervor that had originally inspired the nation’s quest for independence. That’s why at Webtech Business Solutions, which he owns, and at A Step Above Staffing, where he is President, Mr. Satz ensures that only the greatest talents available are able to become part of client companies’ staff. Stephen has consistently seen to it that employable talent is of the most spectacular quality, providing an optimum fit for the businesses that employ them. For Steve, this is the best he can do to ensure that the country’s business sector is as healthy, lean and mean as possible, which also ensures the nation’s continued leadership in the global business arena.

At A Step Above Staffing, Stephen Satz has been successful at attracting respected companies to invest in the staffing firm’s rich portfolio of services for meeting clients’ workforce management requirements. Providing dependable staffing across all departments and divisions of client firms, A Step Above Staffing has everything covered from office to marketing, finance to engineering, in addition to administrative, medical, information technology, architectural and plenty more that include consulting and outsourcing.

For Mr. Stephen Satz, ensuring that their clientele gets only the best employable talent for their varying requirements is a huge fulfillment that no compensation can ever replace. Utilizing his various teams’ special strengths and fusing them with in-depth, dependable experience, Steve believes that their clients definitely deserve much more from the talents they hire. This is why Mr. Satz has consistently inspired his staffing teams to offer only the best brains and abilities suited to every client’s business needs.