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Stephen Jackson

407B Collinsville Road  Troy,Illinois 62294

Work experience

Dec 2010Jun 2013

Environmental Services/Housekeeping

Environmental Services/Housekeeping
Washington, PA- Responsibilities Cleaning patient rooms as well as nurse stations and keeping them sanitary appreciating working in the cancer center. Skills Used being thorough about job, informative, compassionate and conscientious about my surroundings and others
Apr 2000Oct 2004

Prep Cook

Cracker Barrel

 Dishwasher/Prep Cook-Washington, PA- Responsibilities

Within a year of my employment I became a dishroom trainer, successfully responsible for training new employees on policies and procedures of the area.

Joined a task force of trainers to form a committee highlighting areas of success and areas that needed improvement to make the company run more smoothly.


Jul 2013Jan 2014

Licensed Practical Nursing

Western Area Career and Tech Sch.

Due to my own health issues and then subsequently my mothers, as I got better, i had missed too many clinical days to make up in the 3rd part of my 4 part semester before the term was up.  Due to this, I had to work to help  my mother pay bills for time she spent off of work.

Sep 1991Oct 1991

Certificate program

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Learning the music/video business.

Ended up leaving the school to pursue  music auditions in Oakland,California.

I was a singer, and main songwriter of a 5 man group at the time who had won regional competitions in 1990. During 1991 we sent our demo to companies in California and got a response from M.C.Hammer and some R&B successful groups like Babyface Records. If I didn't go, the four others couldn't go either. Hardest decision I ever made. Still regret it through hindsight.

Sep 1987Jun 1989


Canon McMillan School District

Basic education

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The obvious gaps in my work history between 2000  and the present are due to under the table employment and supplemental income by working cleaning churches and helping do personal care taker work independently between February of 2000, to April of 2015

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I am self motivated, confident, helpful and accomplishment oriented. I believe in working smarter,not harder. A job well done is a job planned and prepared for. I work easily with others and am just as capable, on my own. I look to be a great asset to your company.

Thank You,

Stephen Jackson